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Starring Miyokata
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I want the Shufflins to dance the party rock anthem!

And I want to FUCK Marika
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Cutest weeb with worst pet.
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My wife Swim2 is so cute.

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Let's discuss this comfy series.

is the english dub any good?

is there a better cyberpunk series?
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>is the english dub any good?
>is there a better cyberpunk series
Psycho-Pass if you ignore S2
I wish Lain would sit in my lap and tease my dick.


Who is best boy?
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The one with the vagina.
So all of them

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>sexy lolis don't exi---
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If this doesn't look loli I don't know what is


More like Smugzaku am I right.
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Was he so skillful or he just had the most advanced robot?
I always hated when people shit on Suzaku for nuking Tokyo while under Geass but was fine when Kallen caused that earthquake.
it was because he was able to pilot that specific robot the best. put him in a sutherland and he's useless

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What if Lelouch is called L.L. now
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L.L. Cool J is hard as hell.
nah it would be ELL TSUU

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What's the appeal of this show?
Why do people like it?

It's the most insufferable slice of nothing happens ever imaginable.
None of the characters are likable or interesting, none of their problems matter in the slightest, and literally nothing in the show amounts to anything.

"hey let's do a thing, oh wait nevermind let's not - episode over"
"I like to suck dick - MC."
"let's go the a carnival, let's - episode over"

It's just highschoolers bitching about shit and the MC being an autistic fedora tiplord.
How can anyone like this.

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I will not explain.
>irrelevant problems
>high schooler bitching
Think, use that apparently not so small brain of yours. You're almost there, I mean you already said it yourself but didn't even realise it.
>What's the appeal of this show?
>Why do people like it?
Girls are cute.

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Your car is nice but I feel like I have some kind of DEJA VU
I'd rather drive a Prius, it'll save me on Gas Gas Gas
when you drive it it's like you are
running in the 90s

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Are you guys ready for Izetta vs Sophie showdown?
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No I'm ready for PUNISHED Izetta vs. Fine
Always ready, though at the moment I'm more interested in what's Fine gonna do
I demand more smug

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Would you date this 23 year old woman?
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Looks younger than she looks but maybe its because of her cute boobs though

I would
>Looks younger than she looks
With that perfect ass to tits ratio, I'd date her even if she was 70

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ITT: Anime where the dub is better
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>oh look it's this thread again
Gay porn with cars. Not fujo porn, but porn for old, hairy fags.

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>I don't have a son

How would their folks react when they find out?
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The dad is pretty supportive it seems.
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At what instance would he be supportive if his children's incestuous relationship?

He would likely rape Kirino, he seemed to be a little too into his daughter's body in the special commentary.
Some say he already knows. I think he'd probably be extremely pissed at first and maybe throw them out but eventually come to terms with it, he really cares about his kids.

Fuck off.

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Also if the ending of DBZ is canon in Super, don't we already know everything is gonna be ok all the way up to Goku (base form) vs. Uub?

Also why would goku care about Uub if he is probably defeated Beerus and become a SSJ3 Blue God by then?
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We knew everything was going to be okay because it's fucking Dragon Ball.
He did not need Uub because he needed a new guardian. He wanted Uub because he wanted a new guy to train.

Possibly because Uub is a human who can use Divine ki.
if it still sells money it will go beyond that ending and completely faze out gt eternally akira said if the show still sells the amount he wants the story may continue.

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What are his chances of winning?
oh my god that animation looks CRISP
Preview is Up

What's his noble phantasm?
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Healing. Can resurrect anyone he wants and heal any wounds.

Unlimited Bread and Fish Works
>endurance 2

He endured a lot on that cross dude

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