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Post 3x3

What is your AOTS?
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>What is your AOTS?
Haven't decided yet.
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Furippu Furappu
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I'm so unmotivated I haven't finished anything from this year.

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1. Sakurako Omuro
2. Ayano Sugiura
3. Rise Matsumoto
6. Yui Funami
7. Hanako Omuro
8. Mari Funami
9. Akane Akaza
10. ChinaTSUUUU Yoshikawa
9001. Tomoko Yoshikawa
9002. Mirakurun
9003. Rivarun
9004. Ganbo
9000001. Kaede Furutani
9000000001. boob monster
9000000000001. Shitose Ikeda
900000000000001. Nadeshiko Omuro
9000000000000000001. Nana Nishigaki
900000000000000000000000001. Chizuru Ikeda
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fuck you brat
Weren't generals banned or something?
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Good taste, OP

What are some anime that you guys keep on as background noise sometimes?
For me it's Haruhi, the best background noise anime.
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Why does she sit like that?
this was years ago but i used to play NANA in the background whenever it was completely silent and it'd be pretty comfy stuff
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takka takka takka takka

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Gugure Ending.jpg
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Well, looks like Gugure! Kokkuri-san finally ended. Honestly I'm kind of disappointed. I was hoping other characters like Tama, Jimeko and Yamada would show up in the last chapter, but nothing happened. Also, the whole thing with her being dead the whole time was kind of a cop out when you consider a lot of other aspects of the general storyline.

Still, it was a pretty fun series with an excellent anime adaptation. I will miss this one quite a bit.
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Spoil the ending for us anon.
He already did.
>her being dead the whole time

Meh, that's not even close to Kumeta level.

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Sanakan is best girl
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which one?
Alt universe.
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Fucking love tsutomu nihei

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Fall 2016 anime.png
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>Looks at Fune wo Amu's position
It hurts bros
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Nigga if there ain't nothing to shitpost about /a/ will never talk about it besides threads during episode of airing.

Great fucking show anyways.
Well, since >commie and there is no alternative except buying it from amazon.
It's garbage so there's no real loss here.

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How come the finest chefs across the galaxy could never satisfy Beerus but the equivalent of vending machine food snacks on earth amaze him?
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trans fat is outlawed throughout the galaxy
because it's a trash meme show
Earth's food is apparently its only redeeming quality. It is a worthless planet from gods' POV otherwise.

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>***,**8位/***,**8位 (**6,188 pt) 【Amazon.co.jp限定】ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 (スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き)(全巻購入特典:「久保ミツロウ描き下ろしマンガ(メーカー特典)」+「アニメ描き下ろしアクリルスタンド6セット」引換シリアルコード付) [Blu-ray]
>***,*42位/***,*39位 (**4,639 pt) ユーリ!!! on ICE 1(スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き) [Blu-ray]
>***,*77位/***,*67位 (**3,083 pt) 【Amazon.co.jp限定】ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 (スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き)(全巻購入特典:「久保ミツロウ描き下ろしマンガ(メーカー特典)」+「アニメ描き下ろしアクリルスタンド6セット」引換シリアルコード付) [DVD]
>***,*97位/***,*98位 (**2,101 pt) うたのプリンスさまっ マジLOVEレジェンドスター 1 [Blu-ray]
>***,102位/***,100位 (**2,558 pt) ハイキュー!! 烏野高校 VS 白鳥沢学園高校 Vol.1(初回生産限定版)(イベントチケット優先販売申込み券付き) [Blu-ray]
>***,103位/***,*97位 (**2,935 pt) ハイキュー!! 烏野高校 VS 白鳥沢学園高校 Vol.1(初回生産限定版)(イベントチケット優先販売申込み券付き) [DVD]
>***,110位/***,117位 (**2,894 pt) ユーリ!!! on ICE 1(スペシャルイベント優先販売申込券付き) [DVD]
>***,118位/***,109位 (**4,128 pt) 響け!ユーフォニアム2 1巻 [Blu-ray]
>***,148位/***,146位 (**3,952 pt) DRIFTERS Blu-ray BOX(特装限定生産)
>***,204位/***,202位 (**3,969 pt) 刀剣乱舞-花丸- 其の一(初回生産限定版) [Blu-ray]

Hibike is literally the only non-fujo show in Amazon's top 10 currently airing shows.
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This is the season the straight Japanese male lost his place in the anime market.
>muh sales
What's the context of pic related? Is this a birthday party or something? Isn't this anime about figure skating?

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Season/story arcs that took a series from incredible to absolute shit
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The arc in Boku no Hero Academia where All Might didn't die. The author better create a much bigger threat.

I disagree. I think the point of All Might's survival was to hobble deku's development- if All Might had died, Deku would have something to avenge. Things are pretty much the same for him.

Hands, however, lost his mentor and a number of allies. Now he has a very strong reason to improve himself.
>That English logo

Jesus fucking Christ.

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decided to get into Toriko to get my fill of buff anime men. What should I expect?
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It's like one piece meetes db but with food.
Read the manga.

Initially enjoyable universe, good buffness, good themes, but the series had production problems that led to major problems with the story later on. Characters are just dropped, stories cut short, filler... but it's passable.
First half better than second half but its not something I'd reread. It tries to throw in to many plot points after the Gourmet Olympics(or whatever it was called) midway through the story.

They just drop the main villain and all the tension, do a weird Food Illuminati subplot that goes nowhere and rush the story along. Then repeat the same mistake with the introduction of the final villain again.

If big dudes fighting monsters is what you want then the early bits are probably for you. After a certain point fights just turn into punch> zoom out to a full view of the earth with a big special affect on it> then the opponents reaction to the attack.

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>almost 10 years later and /a/ hates Villeta now?

Falling (unwillingly) in love with Ouji was her only flaw
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why is she so long?
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Falling in love with a traitor is a massive flaw, that and she is British and therefore uses tricks. I bet she isn't brown or even a woman.
>that body length

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everything in this fight was perfect. mad respect to Matsubara Toshimitsu
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Never heard of this.
This Manga is very promising but damn with that pace, he won't get the ending anytime soon. I don't have patience anymore.

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what do you think about this?
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lelouch is so fabulous there is no way he wouldn't have his own glorious resurrection.
that's Julius Kingsley
That looks cooler than contact lenses, I guess.

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3, 2, 1 KILLSHOT
Check this 5
That could be desktop material but it isn't.

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Who is your favorite male villain in Hunter x Hunter?
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> pic not related
Probably the King, simply because of how developed he was.

Pitou is definitely my favorite female though, and my HxH waifu.
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You posted him OP, also, pic related is my favorite female lead.

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