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>Airing:Jan 7, 2017

Do you think they will get to the PLOT TWIST in the anime.
How will anime only fags react?
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I don't think the anime will have the balls to air it.

Like, where do you go from there? How do you end it?
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If they end on it,that's a hell of an advertisment for the manga.
which one plot twist? Fuuka is alive in latest chapter

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Could Saitama one punch himself to death?
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Doubt it.

Dude like that wanking his dick would tear it right off if that were the case.
he slapped himself in the face trying to kill the mosquito and nothing happened, however that same slap was capable of obliterating the mosquito girl - so I don't think he can
I bet you masturbate to Saitama fisting himself you faggot.

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>does everything without emotion and a cold, razor-like stare
Very non-suspicious at all

Why do all assassins in any media have to be edgy brooding mutes?
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What would you recommend?
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Something like this guy.

Because killing people is not a natural act. It's extremely difficult to do. Anyone who would do it as his job would be seriously fucked-up.

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Imagine a parallel world where countries are personified. Which country would you make a tsundere/yandere and what would some interesting countries be?
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>what is poland
It doesn't matter if it is a continent or country
North Korea is essentially a tsundere.

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Honoko by herself was better than everyone in Aqours.
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Yeah, she was great. I doubt anyone in Aqours could keep up with her.
By herself she has fucked more men than everyone in Aqours.

let it die

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Volume 13_P153.png
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Why does it have to be like this
Why are they so mean to each other
I just wanted them all to be friends
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Nozoki Ana2.jpg
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Reminder that the last chapter was pointless and contrived. God, what a stupid series
Girls are dumb.
I wonder why the author did it. It didn't even make sense. I like the rest of the series though.

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Where can I buy my own domesticated Shinka?
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I don't think they don't sell those domesticated, anon.
You have to do that yourself.
>I don't think they don't sell those domesticated
So, they do?
tfw no Shinka to choke

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It's dinner time boys. And chapter 4 is on the menu!
Still trying to come up with a way to translate the name. I fucking hate untranslated Romaji name with a passion. Makes it impossible to search or remember.
Doing a few stitches to lure people in. Tell me what you think
As always, if you spot any mistake then feel free to correct me.
Previous chapters:
Chapter 1 >>150528967
Chapter 2 >>150566599
Chapter 3 >> 150601948
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[no title]
Sorry, I’m not coming over today.
Chapter 4: The daily life of Shuuko Yakumo

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The Spring tournament is coming up so I’m staying over at the dorm. Sorry.
Yamato-kun have been coming over for dinner every night
For the past month or so

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What do you think of this guy's ideas? Did he do anything wrong?
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He failed
File: 1477586061253.png (168KB, 287x287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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did nothing wrong at all
He never had any.
He's just crazy and ded

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Cutest KyoAni boy since Oreki. Mochifags can fuck off.
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Haruhiko > Mochizou > shit > Oreki
Only his shota form
Screw you,Oreki was fucking adorable.

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Why are the main girls in shounen jump series such shitty, violent bitches?
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Japs like them strongk women who need no man.
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>Low quality bait.
Rukia is cute and best girl.

Sakura is better than Hinata at least.
Rukia is not violent please delet

Anime industry should go back in the 80s
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Give me the funding and I'll make it happen
Learn english before posting and getting quads
>trillions of mecha shows
>2edgy3me ovas
>every show has fuckton of episodes full of the pointless filler

let's not

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Who would win?
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a new challenger approaches
Those lolis look tough and mean I'll go hang out with those boys on the top.
>characters who are literal superhumans
>a bunch of little girls

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2017 will be the year of her glorious return.
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I hope so.
Yeah especially with Haruhi S3 coming out next year.
slut i want s3 right now

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This isn't kaguya
>gets sold out to old men in for money and political gains
Compare it to Ougi who got to bang a 10/10 browny for money and polical gains
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>implying pic related wasn't the only character who stuck to his ideals in the entire series

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