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Does anyone want to talk about Kaoru?!
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Why is she so perfect? Why is her hair so entrancing?
She got messy pubes.

even faggot mods agree sex hair best hair

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Precure thread
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Kirakira will save precure.
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A ded show wouldn't have leaks would it?
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Precure 1-draw #964
Winter sports
The iceskating date should totally be more of a thing in anime.


What is she planning to do to her sister?
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She's planning to send her ass to the Shadow Realm
Tie her up and watch her boyfriend fuck her, hopefully.

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Post cute euphos
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What's this about Reina being in the pre-college class? When was it mentioned that she's an AP-aspie?
>page 6
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what is her problem.jpg
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You see a cute girl bawling her eyes out on the train

What do you do?

Can we agree that Hikari >>>>>>>>>> Yoshika
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No. Fuck off.
Cute boy.
Hikari does have the fatter ass so it's a tough call.

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I'm an 18 year old man who marathoned all 767 episodes of One Piece in less than one month by watching it for between 10 and 15 hours every day. Ask me anything.
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why is post time skip usopp so gay
How did you do it without taking any breaks from the show? I'm only 300+ into the show and I have been watching it since September.
Did you want to quit at any point?

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How do you guys list what you're watched?
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I dont
keep the files
I dont

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What would she do for love?
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Anything, but not "that"
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I want to flip flap her flophole.

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>MC vs rival
Gee I fucking wonder
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Baku has lost almost every fight competition he he has entered
The odds are on his side
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Anno is a hack
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Jesus Christ
I'd rather watch EoE than any Tarkovsky, not going to lie

Never have I agreed more with a directors statements and disliked his actual work
I like his films, and these pictures are total bullshit (but I think (hope) that's the joke).

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Help! I'm in love with Aqua-sama.
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Sucks for you yo
You like retards that much?
>loving whores

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Rare Putin.
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>soon Trump is going to be in manga
I can't wait. Also considering his "elongated" term, Putin is probably the most portrayed president in manga to date.
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Tournament predictions?
Oh hey, where did Kono Haruo first appear? Didn't realize that sweaty looking guy was him.

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Real talk, nobody watches harems (for long anyways) for plot or characters, it's for the waifus, the lewd, the cute interactions what have you. And one of the very last reasons anyone would get into or particularly appreciate it is the "MC", they're not all exactly the same, sure, but on average, there are very very similar, and at the end of the day probably one of the first things people forget about these shows if you watch a lot of them.

That being said; who are some harem protags YOU personally thought stood out?

Not saying who was MC in your favorite shows, I'm saying who was your favorite MCs regardless of what you thought of the show overall; my own "top MCs" and "top shows" do not all go hand in hand although there is some overlap.

I'd say the most memorable three for me are;

Haguure no Yuusha guy; his rapey antics and general smugness was cheesy sure, but like a 80s/90s action way which although being extremely cliche in general terms is quite refreshing and unique for an MC in terms of modern harems.

Infinite Stratos guy was simple hilarious. He fucking knows, he's like that guy from hanagi but like a sociopathic savant pulling it off flawlessly. A great cast of waifus and generally entertaining interactions during the 'downtime' episodes combined with ichika was very fun to watch

Tomoki from Sora no Otoshimono; great humor in the character interaction, one of the best executions of a 'forwardly lewd' but also genuinely 'nice guy' MC I've seen. also very Gurren Lagann vibe in the 'plot aspects' (kinda getting into the manga) where he's like some regular ass kid yelling at reality warping beings and jumping into their fights and then like eventually killing "god" with his bare hands for a plot reset after everyone died

>I didn't make the picture, I'm not saying these are the endall best harem or anything, it's just a decent picture of a bunch of harems.
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No one cares about your taste.
Then please enlighten me with your superior taste I'm not trying to tell anyone to watch or like anything, it's called starting a discussion

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Are you hyped?
How do they top the Boros fight?
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They can't, S2 will be full of shit Murata filler and won't end at any significant point.

ONE wrote the fillers
Wait, so S2 won't even cover MA arc?

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Best mech design?
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>over-designed super-robot tier garbage
>best design

Pick uno mi amigo.
What's good mech design?
>Giant jewelry that does not add any value to the mech.
>Small as fuck.
The head and torso looks good though, I'll give you that.

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