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why is she is best girl of all over the anime ?
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Nice armour must be the BD retouch.
She's super cute
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Girls without twin tails need to be bullied

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Have you been remembering to Hibikeep it real, /a/?
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i've been remembering nozomi.
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A Rolling Girls thread?
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I wish the whole show had the quality of the middle arcs

Is this a healthy relationship?
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With this particular Homura yes, but antichrist Homura? No
yes. this is healthy. pure.
Not really. Homura is pretty obsessive and Madoka is clueless about their relationship.

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But seriously, S2 when?
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Ebina spinoff when
Sylphy spinoff when
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Hopefully never.

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Character's you'd fuck. No, not a waifu. I mean the type of girl you'd fill up once, give her enough taxi money to get home, and never call again.
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I'd string Hotaru along, using her as a fuck buddy while pretending to have feelings for her and perhaps an intetest in an actual relationship. A nice fuck is all a dumb whore like her is good for.
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She has a lewder body than my waifu by far, but I don't love her or care about her at all
She's like 35, nobody eats a cake that's 10 days past its expiration date.

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black undies.png
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Why did Mio seem so confused by this?
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Mio is so pure she thought that no color exists besides White, red, pink, green and blue.
Surely Mio is aware that other colors of underwear exist. She's 17 or 18 by this point, right?
mio hasn't had her period yet

I always thought that an anime hero was supposed to have big hairy balls.
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>MULTIPLE girls,a boy, and I want to fuck him
>pilots a cool fucking robot
>slays pu$$y
>kills bitches left and right
>pulls up to asuka's bedroom mcgavin style fingerpistol
>lives with a hot momma

shinji is alpha as fuck
Maybe you should stop thinking so much about anime boys' balls.
Shinji is the anti-thesis of the usual mecha main.

Do you think it will surpass Punpun?

DeDeDeDeDe thread
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it is very likely
I hate waiting for new volumes to be released. It looks like we'll be getting something in January, at least.
Did he start drawing his backgrounds?

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If you had a rough day, just sit back and watch this to restore your energy.
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thank you for giving me cancer you faggot
My wife Chino is just so cute.
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No idea what this is but thank you anon

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Anon, I'm pissed off because you don't worship me anymore!

Bring me offerings I like or else!
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Haruhi pleases old men for faith
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Pleases accept this Mikuru to use as you wish.
I have been offering you semen since I was fucking 13, what else do you want?

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New Game.jpg
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So I started reading this and I'm liking setting, story, characters. I'm fine with art, it's different, but I'm not going to say I love it. And in some places I think it's ugly. My biggest problem, however is the battles, maybe it's the art but I just don't find them cool to see. They are interesting but I don't like them aesthetically.
Image related, the current chapter I'm at.
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one of the moments I found ugly
The series just keeps getting better from there, you've only just met best boy Inosuke! I couldn't necessarily defend the fights because it's not necessarily what I read it for (though I love the art so I may find the battles more aesthetically pleasing in that sense)...Chapters 15-20ish is where the series really took off for me...I think the current arc has been fantastic
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this whole battle against the arrow guy is horrible

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O-O-O-Oyasumi, /a/.
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What? This is a english imageboard, please.
oya means chicken
sumi means finnish
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Oya is a console you dipshit, it's just in japanese.
Sumi is a short for sushi milk.

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That's not Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni / Koe no Katachi / Crayon Shin-chan 24 / Parade de Satie.
Koe no Katachi was better. Thank you based KyoAni.
no 720p no watch

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