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Since Lulu won the CC how long until the kallenfags kill themselves
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But Kallen won the superior boy, Gino.
You are in for a surprise anon >>150662253

I'd heard about this series but I thought it was just "cute girls doing cute things" so I didn't get into it. But the other day I looked it up and there's an older sister character who smokes. Fuck this shit, fuck it to death. And on top of that it's unfunny and generally shit. I hate it so much.
How could anyone like this garbage?
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No, you're an idiot.
that's good

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So the TV series for this coming out in exactly 1 month.
Who /hype/ here?
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Into the trash it goes desu
>more like little bitch academia
>style over substance done right
I'm not hyped but I'll watch it, characters are cute and the action scenes are nice.

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Here's proof. Kaji is sitting in front of the city in both states.
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Stop making this thread.
Or at least change it up a bit - like photoshop a cowboy hat onto Kaji or something.
That is what's known as a 'reflection', anon. A less than perfect one, granted.
that's a water reflection of the city you RETARD

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How good is the Melty Blood manga? It's hard to find a working download of anything older than Actress Again that has the main story.
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feel free to respond, jerks
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Tsukihime Plus+ Disc

Tsukihime Fun Disc - Kagetsu Tohya

Melty Blood Re-Act Final Tuned

>Lunar Legend Tsukihime manga

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Why does everything in TYPEMOON seem to automatically get translated into French?

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Was it really that bad?
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Well, did you watch it?
Yes, it was an abomination. The original was at least a consistently enjoyable series.
I haven't finished it. Can you explain to me how it was an abomination? Did people just keep comparing it to the original or something? cause youre bound to be disappointed that way
How about watch it and find out

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How did /a/ react to this?
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Confetti and cake were involved
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It was a cause for celebration.

Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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Minorin is best girl
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Any ConRevofags out there still?

I was recommending the anime to someone else and I wanted to find that chart where /a/ compiled the possible character inspirations for each character. Does anyone have this picture?

Also, feel free to discuss the anime here. ConRevo thread.
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I didn't save many of those pictures from when the first cours was airing. This was the only thing I saved.
Yeah, I managed to get those. I wanted the charts with the supposed inspirations for each character. But I guess people didn't save it. No idea. Thanks tho.

Great animation, ok story and good character however not emotional enough and didnt have the impact i was expecting.

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Stupid, sexy 8man
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Iroha is also getting another daki
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Does anyone else need to be eating while watching anime to fully enjoy it?
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I need to be touching my dick while watching anime to fully enjoy it.
Then it sounds like you enjoy eating, not watching anon.

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Panty and Stocking, or Scanty and Kneesocks?
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Stocking and Kneesocks
Panty and Stocking of course.
Who even likes the Demon Sisters, I think those people are furries or something.

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So apparently this is still a thing. I stopped watching it around episode 8 when I realised I was consuming more generic shit for no particular reason. Anyone actually watching this and know if it pulls a miraculous recovery into not being shit?
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The blonde girl is cute.
35 episodes out? Really?

What did you think of what you watched, OP? Did the plot move along at a good pace or did it drag out with poor direction?
I was pretty much the same, except I only watched like 4 episodes. I really liked the first 2, though. It was unironically chuuni in a refreshing way.

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How much shitposting did this show dodge by being released at once?
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>How much quicker did this show fade into obscurity by being released at once?
Nobody cares about this show, it wouldn't matter either way.

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Did they
Mean by this?
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I'm literally shaking, /a/.

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