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Why are priests in anime depicted as very powerful?
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Realism. All priests are secretly superhumans go out and slay monsters and shit.
>Insert pedophile priests jokes here.
Because religion makes you strong

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>Don't worry, Lelouch. Nunnally is in good hands.
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Friendly reminder that Lulu wanted that to happen in the first season.

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Will there be a third season of K-ON?
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yes there is

it's called hibike euphonium
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K-ON is moar kawaii
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Is this good or is just normalfag tier?
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The animation is okay, but it's just fujoshi tier shit.
Would watch if I was gay or a woman.
It's amazing OP, a breath of fresh air 10/10.
The characters, the story, the animation, the feelings, the music, the sounds; everything talks to me, I don't know how but it does. And it's amazing because nothing talks to me these days.
OH! and the chemistry between Yuri & Viktor, I don't really know much about chemistry but I think it's great because they're 2 man.
it's a decent sports show regardless of the gay shit.

So, what does /a/ think of Scarlett Johansson playing Kusanagi?
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Garbage just like everything 3D.
I don't give a fuck that she's not asian, but I don't think she's a good choice, especially from the trailer.

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Magnadramon confirmed as Kari's Tailmon Mega in Digimon Tri. It could be Ophanimon, who is way better than Neverending Story Dragon, but NOOOOOO, they had to make that shitty dragon as her mega. Fuck.
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Cry more.
I said nothing more than truth.
What do you mean "confirmed?" They showed that shit ages ago in the movie.

How is everyone enjoying the new Pokemon anime?
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I enjoy Suiren.
what is the poke problem
and how do we solve it?
My wife Suiren is so cute.

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Say something nice about Mumei
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she was in a good show
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Best character in the show, but her brother ruined it.

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Who else is hype for /our/ guy, AKA the MC of R3, to make his comeback? I wonder how many kids he's made with Milly.
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>our guy
I don't see Gino on this pic
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Wrong pic op
Gino a shit

Imouto does not approve.
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I wonder if Koujo will sink his teeth into Yukina for the 6th time in this season.
Two more days for episodes 3 and 4.

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Someone explain to me why everyone hates/fears Pariston. Like, I don't know if it's just me being stupid and looking over something he's done or what, but all the dude does is lie? Being a good liar isn't really a good reason to demonize someone and claim that they're dangerous, especially when they're just doing what the situation calls for.

Also, why the hell is it on hiatus again?
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does anyone remember what that painting that delusional hisokafags were using as proof that he'd kill Chrollo was called?
I suppose it's because he's a wildcard. He's smart and manipulative and no one knows what his end game is, which means that everyone is cautious around him because they could be just a pawn in his plans.
>we haven't seen him fight/kill people therefore he's not scary
Nigga are you 12?

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Time for DICK SUCK
OVA out, get in here.
>[UrbanTbc] Kekkai Sensen OVA - King of Kings Restaurant Fit for a King [576p][SoftSub]
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No thanks this anime was a waste of time
You wouldn't download a car
DVD only release with the special edition of a manga volume, it's the best you're gonna get.

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Just caught up. How is it possible that a single mangaka does an entire genre better than all of Hollywood?
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Well, to be fair, Hollywood puts forth a lot of effort to appeal to the masses and make money. Anything designed with the primary intention of appealing to the common man will always be paltry to some extent.
That's true. A lot of people in the west treat zombie stuff as some sort of wish fulfillment which leads to appealing to the common man.
Even though after chapter 200 the manga isn't really a zombie manga anymore
how does it compare to the walking dead?

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/a/ doesn't like Shinka because she reminds you of the mother you never had.
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But Freud, I like Shinka, I have a mother, and my mother and Shinka are nothing alike.
I want to impregnate Shinka. It doesn't matter if she's a stranger, my mother, my sister or my daughter.
Touka > Nibutani > Rikka > kumin > dekomori

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klk was shit
nui was worst girl
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you seem disarmed by the implication that nui is shit

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