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WAKE ME UP (wake me up inside)

CAN'T WAKE UP (wake me up inside)

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>OP image isn't even of the show

Shit thread
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Still on, they're going to fuck across the world.
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But also more Georgi in S2 and we didn't get no homo'd. I'm ok with this.

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Ritsu Tainaka is my favorite drummer
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Wasn't she like the biggest cunt of the bunch?
That's a funny way of writing 'best girl'
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mine too

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It's that time of the year again!
Rewatch ALL of Haruhi with /a/.

Every day from the 17th until Xmas.
20:00 GMT, 4 episodes a day.

On Christmas Eve we watch Disappearance.

Hope to see you there!


Starts in 2 hours!

Today : Endless Eight : 2-5
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>Today : Endless Eight : 2-5
I'll still be there though, obviously.
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>mfw i remember those plebs in 2009 shitting on haruhi because of endless eight

Ye are no true Haruhi fans
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>Endless Eight : 2-5

Is Asano really a hack, /a/? Why do the Japs hate him?
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I love him, but I'm no weeb
>Why do the Japs hate him?
Bonus points. He thinks he's trans.

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Are you going to watch her anime?
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Haven't been paying any attention to news about this. Will there be Cag?
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See the cast list for the anime.

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I love Autism. I wanna put a little helmet on there heads and a kiss on the cheek. Post autistic characters for me to love
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The dedication to his work and desire for organisation and speaking in literary terms (he gets angry when Josuke does his "I won't leave you bullshit ) make him the perfect candidate.
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Just finished this series today
hold me /a/
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Great manga but genuinely unsettling.
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>the ending when punpun meets his old childhood friend

Having him meet Aiko in his future life, who actually liked him, only to have him have such a strained relationship absolutely killed me. It ripped my feels out of my chest and burned them in front of my eyes

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raw is out
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>Gothic Lolita with killer Umbrella
>Baseball Tongue

Finally it has turned full shonen

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Eh? Mister, what are you looking at?
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Your short hair.

ur butt

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I finished the entirety of Aria (Animation, Natural, Origination and Avvenire) yesterday. I was on the verge of tears during Origination and Avvenire's respective endings.

How do I get over this melancholic feeling? I thought I could sleep it off but every time I get reminded of the undines I feel a slight, gentle sadness. It's like the post-K-On depression but worse.
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Start again at the beginning.

Watch one episode every couple of days.
The characters were too one-note and the show is too self-indulgent for me to feel anything after finishing it.
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You were supposed to learn to enjoy your own life: appreciate everyday pleasures, recognize the subjective beauty in your surroundings, and walk through life with a smile.

You can continue to remain sad if something about that is enjoyable to you, though.

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Name a better anime than the hibike

You cant
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Yuri on Ice.
He said better anon.
How's your first year of watching anime going, anon?

Idols were a mistake.
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They surpassed crane games.
They surpassed idolling.
They surpassed lol random.
What will the next season bring us?
I guess the staff decided to stop giving a fuck in the first episode already, and it was amazing. I want to see if they can do something as silly as this season to JK Meshi too, the second half of it went kinda apeshit at some points but they went back to sanity with CGG S1, and then all hell broke loose in CGG S2.
>What will the next season bring us?
Debt collectors.

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Nah, I'm lactose-intolerant
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I'm offering more than just chocolate.
I can't eat that

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Its that time of year again, dont let your Christmas cakes go to waste
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This OVA changed me.
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waking up with Sensei.jpg
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Cakes are my reason for living
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I will let her cry over her last failed date, then it's fugging comfort time!

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chapter is out https://yonkouprod.com/reader/read/fairy-tail/en/0/515/page/1
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OVA is also out.
Call me when niggerstream is out.
Aint gonna read some fucking Duwang tier translations.

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