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What does /a/ drive?
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1. Girl accuses a guy of him peeking at her panties, then the two become lovers. At some point guy's childhood friend, as well as a clone of the girl show up.

2. Childhood friend dies after being eaten by a monster, while she was wearing a shirt with the word "flag" on it.
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Some guy buys a doll
It's wartime, and a man decides to start an enamelware factory. Things happen and he gets a harem.
pinocchio plays guitar baseball with robot aliens

Post anime that will never be finished
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Hand Maid Mai

Time for softness.
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Double dose of misfortune, coming right up!
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Kaga-san is pretty soft too
Musashi has a soft side, I think it's the softest.

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Why is there no vanilla tag?
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I imagine because it's hard to define.

Since hentai manga is more liberal with the purity deal, some vanilla stories have netorare/mind break chapters.
isn't vanilla and ntr the exact opposite?
You can have both in one story.
Of course they will be shallow dives, the NTR won't be able to go the whole "I love your cock more than anything" route and the Vanilla obviously won't have the girl as a pure virgin.

>[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Go - 11 [720p].mkv
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is it just me or was this the most aimless season yet
1-3 are way more aimless. This at least has the exorcism stuff running throughout. I wouldn't consider that a bad thing for an anime like this though.

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Why are tsundere girls so god damn popular?
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It's like fishing, it's not fun if you can just reel it in with no fight, there has to be a little bit of a challenge behind it.
Also, if you're able to date and still get some banter, that's just fun.
Not anymore. Otaku hate them nowadays.
So what you're saying is that your a masochist who enjoys facetious endeavors, subsisted only on appearances instead of real values.

Time is limited and so is your life, why waste it on someone who plays games like a child?

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>still no movie to surpass it

RIP animes and madhouse
Redline 2 when

Finally got around to watching Cyborg 009 after being on my backlog since the eartly 2000's.

Can we have a seventies thread for nostalgia's sake?
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Which one did you watch?
Staring off with English dub, then finishing off the the Jap original. Yeah, I know, dubs. But its how I remember it.
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>watching pre-2000s anime
why watch dead shows?

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The haruhi.tv page has been updated several times in the past 24 hours. Keep on believing in S3. Apparently the ?????? in the previous source code is HARUHI. Current version is: HARUHI HP EDITOR ?.?
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just stop.
they do this every year, since its the week the movie takes place, don't get your hopes up.

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Shokugeki chapter 196

It became a regular occurence that Saiba served the students at the dormitory his failed dishes.
Even though Jun joined the dormitory very recently, she already became a prey of Saiba's failed dishes
Saiba apparently is going to participate in the next year's World Young Cooking Competition, known as the "THE BLUE"
As Dojima and Azami are excited to hear the news, Saiba challenges them to a battle
Saiba wins the battle with ease. Dojima and Azami are frustrated that they lost.
Saiba: "This dormitory is the best place"
The next day, the students at Totsuki have assembled to celebrate Saiba's participatin in "THE BLUE"
But there are around 50 students that accuse Saiba of having bribed the officials from "THE BLUE" and that's the only reason why he is allowed to participate
Dojima tells Saiba to ingore them but Saiba ignores Dojima's advice and suggets to the 50 students to do a 50 vs 1 RĂ©giment de Cuisine and the one who wins will win the price to participate in "THE BLUE"
The 50 cooks get defeated one by one as Saiba demonstrates his overwhelming talent. As Saiba is getting bored, he tells 10 of them to come at him all at once. They say that there was no way to defeat the prodigy and seem to have given up but Saiba grabs them by the neck.
Saiba: It must be pretty easy to call someone a prodigy despite not knowing how difficult and challening it is to keep pushing the way forward huh?!!
Saiba: If you don't have any intentions to present your dishes, then stop it now!
Saiba: I will finish you off then!
Dojima: (When I think of it, it was since this time that Joichiro started to not show his smile anymore while cooking)
Azami: ...Wonderful
Dojima: People like to call him with different names
Dojima: A true Genius! A Pioneer! A Revolutionary! A Pioneer of Taste!
Dojima: But since this day.... Joichiro obtained one more name
Dojima: Demon (Ashura)
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Source: manganetabarespoiler
No wonder Jun hated him.
yeah, these are probably the legit ones.

In other news, Akira Ishida has been cast as Tsukasa in the upcoming OVA.

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This, I like this a lot.
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I think it has potential! Come on fellas what do ya think
What manga?
To you, The Immortal

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It is completely acceptable to speed read shonen manga.
Prove me wrong.
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It is completely acceptable to speed read any manga.
>shounen manga
here you shit
It is since shounen manga are shit and tokyo ghoul is shit

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ITT you put the entire plot of one anime in one image
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Shokoku no Altair TV anime official confirmed.
Based Turkey.
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Is this a Magi ripoff?

>dat art

is the story good?

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