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ITT: Scenes that made you cry like a bitch.
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And the last chapter of Aria.
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I don't get it. Where are all the males?

Everybody in this movie acts like a teenage girl, even the fathers. Who is even the audience for this? Why is the main 'dude' blushing in almost every scene?
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>not understanding TLS
>not liking TLS

Just get the fuck out already.
It's a movie for Japanese schoolgirls. That answers basically all your questions.

Why are Japanese Politics never talked about or a focal point in anime?
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Never seen Samumenco?
they do just not in the moe shit and shonen clones /a/ watches
You stole my post you son of a bitch

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Any one reading this? From the author of Fengshen Yi. This is their latest work
"Xi You" = Journey to the West
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I will try to translate the 1st chapter here, and since the Chink raw is hard to download, i will use the Vietnamese scanlate instead
Keep in mind that i'm an ESL and i will translate it from Vietnamese to English so bear with me
>This is a story about the time where gods reign
>"Deva" (taoist god), "Naga" (dragon), "Yaksha", "Gandharva", "Asura", "Garuda", "Kinnara" that together form "Tian Long Ba Bu" (Demi-gods and Semi-Devils). Each of them have their own seperate lane and often at war with each other.
>Human fear all those gods, and do not dare to come near their land
>Aside from gods, there also "Monsters", which also called "Ma". They all start off as a wide animal that gain intelligent through training (taoist practice)
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>Father, tell me a story please
>What do you want to hear?
>The last story which you haven't finished yet...
this thread isn't banworthy but i don't think you'll find much interest here
you've probably already got some viets elsewhere to discuss this, also obviously chinks
/co/ might give it a shot, but i don't think they even like their own board status, so beware of faggotry

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Boruto and Black Clover are both getting an anime next year. Which one do you think will be overall better, the new naruto or the naruto rip off?
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Black Clover is cancer

I legitimately want the mangaka who draws it to die

This is not a joke I hope he suffers
Taking a shit on the side of the road and motion capturing it will be better than the black clover anime.
I don't know, I'll be too busy watching something worthwhile instead.

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Would you eat a oishii you-kisoba?
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No, zura.
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You didn't forget about these Bakuons, did you?
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You won't let me
Those are some amazing bakuons.
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I'd never forget Rin.

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Tbh I think this could actually be pretty funny.
Maybe for 10 pages or so but what ever.

And OP, you forgot the tag, didn't you?
Wasn't there a manga like this where a girl is popular or some shit, but she doesn't have any friends because people think she is too perfect to hang out with them.
She then hears a rumor that with a mirror you can meet your alternate self, but then it turns out that her alternate self is a boy.
That boy also has a younger cousin who was into him or some shit

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>Case: [A-OWL]

>Donor: Yoshimura. Recipient: Amon Koutarou.

>RC cells behavior pattern: 230, 970, 5820, 10181…

>N.B.: Normal increase in RC-cells for the first two weeks. Kagune has started development on time. However, the subsequent increase in RC-cells was abnormally high. After RC-count reached 10,000, an RC suppressing medicine was administered to the subject. Further increase not observed. Further drug administration suspended. Writing off “A-OWL” as a failure. Experiment closed.

>Kanou’s notes: Such a pity, too. Although from a theoretical value standpoint it’s great that the case’s specimen was able to become a kakuja. If he was at least able to control it, that is.
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Fuck off.
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Good morning anon! We have five girls prepared for you. You can only pick one!
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Grown up Nattsun is mine.
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Far left a cute.

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How the fuck did this guy get away with slashing someones face?
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It was just basketball why did he take it so serious?

Basketball is serious business.

Doesn't he come from a very wealthy family?
Rich people always get away with things.

Yo, what the fuck?
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stop right there scum
Just a prank, bro.
Did you just watch this for the first time?

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Why do we love goblin slayer?
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because he slays gobins
2 threads at once?
Jesus fuck. Can you fags wait till a new chapter arrive before you go and splerg your spam cancer again?
Jewpress released the LN today.

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You guys don't actually do this right?
Why would you ever stream when there is always a superior alternative
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I don't have an AB account and a good internet connection so there's that.
>4mb internet connection
>hasn't stream anything in like 6 years
Not a fucking excuse, if anything, with a bad connection you should torrent way more than others people.
Nyaa and bakabt are more than enough for the vast majority of anime.

Why arent you changing your life to the better RIGHT now /a/nons?

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