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I would like to take this moment of yours to express just how perfect Kotobuki Tsumugi is.
And on top of that she plays piano.
Mugi is a miracle of the universe.
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She's the best thing about kon
I really really REALLY like her eyebrows
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I love Mugi so much. She is my beautiful waifu.

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"What are you planning to watch on 2K17 winter season" thread.
Konosuba S2
Akiba's Trip
Demi-chan wa kataranai(3ep try)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Little Witch Academia
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Is there a compilation with all the PVs?

I'l see about some of the first few episodes on some shows I am on the fence about
when does little witch come out

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Is it going to sell well, or is it going to flop? Given how notorious the twist is and Seo's reputation.
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the twist might help give it a push. I at least feel this is a bigger effort/production than the Kimi machi anime
How popular is the manga in Japan anyway?
it's gonna flop hard

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How come poor girl never wins?
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Because lazy neets want someone who can make it so they don't have to get a job
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>poor people
Kuroneko is not poor, though?

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what went wrong
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Quality out the wazoo. Also, ambiguous endings fucking suck. Otherwise, it was pretty good.
Roadtrip/Refugee arc went on for too long and the actual ending felt quick and anticlimactic.
nips should stick to Yakuza because all their american gangster shit is awful

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I just saw this steaming pile of shit
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Congrats. Do you want a cookie? Have a cookie.
What's so bad about it?
Everything. Also, literally what the fuck was happening. Very confusing series.

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>ecchi comedy

Is there a more inane genre combination?
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I just look up if they have any doujins if their popular enough
girls falling on people is the highest form of comedy anon
its patrician, you wouldn't understand
Harem Horror

I didn't really expect anything after the first season, but that was pretty damn good.
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>everyone got a happy end

thank the lord
Smile: recovered and protected
Is this yaoi?

Am I supposed to be rooting for this girl or something? Everything she does annoys me and make me hate her character more and more. She's manipulative, snoops through her boyfriends stuff, demands for him to be available 24/7, and doesn't want him to regain his memory.
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and this little bitch doesn't have a single bone in his body. He's a fucking doormat.

can someone just tell me if he ever gets his memories back, kicks Kouko to the curb and smashes that sweet linda-senpai pussy?
>uh oh, human interactions are too hard to understand
Stick with Naruto and you'll be fine.
but these aren't normal human interactions. I get that they're exaggerated for entertainment and dramatic purposes, but they could have made Banri a little less retarded

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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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Her face looks really especially cute in this particular picture but I can't figure out why.
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>with Oreimo after

Dropped so hard.

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NEW footage of the upcoming theatrical Lupin III film, The Blood Spray of Goemon has been released. It will not only star Goemon, but it will feature the debut of BLACK Jacket Lupin, as well as showing us Drunk Lupin. It is a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone and it will be released of February 4th, 2017.
original trailer
and as a bonus, the official dub trailer for Blue jacket Lupin which will also be released soon.
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how terrible.jpg
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>that Zenigata english voice

He had another VA back when they started dubbing Lupin III in the early 2000s who was spot on. Sadly he passed away I believe.
I thought only the japanese Zenigata VA passed away?
Man that double sucks.

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Why are LN's always better than the anime adaptations? Why can't studios get it right?
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Animation, voice acting, and timeslots dictate a lot. Usually stuff needs to be cut in order to fit both it's budget and episode length.
Because animes are just an advertisement for publishers and their light novels. The intended purpose is to bring in new markets into reading the LNs not demand additional seasons of commercials.
Sacrifices have to be made when you adapt something from text media to visual media. Episode length, budgeting, production scheduling, all have significant influence in creative freedom in an adaption.

Look at Game of Thrones compared to the books, many significant details and plotlines are dropped just to have it all fit in a digestible tv series.

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>there are people on /a/ who haven't seen hibike
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judging by the current state of the board, that would be an overwhelming majority.
It was shit
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Post anime/manga you want to enjoy but can't because there aren't any raws/translations.
>tfw this isn't even on animebytes
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This series is so freaking long. How come neither this nor Glass Mask have been licensed? I get something like KachiKome because it's liked by adults and adults in the west don't care, but these could compete with popular shounen.
It's probably the art style. Most don't give older stuff a chance because it looks weird (?).
Dokonjou Gaeru
Fight da!! Pyuta
Dokonjou Gaeru
Adventure of Gamba

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How do we fix her shit attitude?
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Dick her.
All night anal gangrape by her classmates (males with their dicks, female classmates with Yukiforged titanium strapons).
She's perfect though.

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