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How many times did you get into argument on /a/ that would result in one of the sides admitting that they were wrong?
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I don't argument on /a/.
I won't change my mind on anything, regardless of the facts that are set out before me.

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buy me geimu
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hold your breath for 120 seconds and I will
when did the default avatar in nyaa change?

Katanas are really strong, aren't they? How can these otherworlders and elves even compete?
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>katana cuts through sword
meh depends on the metalurgical level of the loca-
>katana cuts through dwarf made sword
Yeah, no idea why that namefag of an OP didn't mention that these swords were made by dwarves´.
I'm still in episode 2, as you can see in the picture I used.

So what's the deal with KnB? Is it actually just basketball meets Naruto or is all this zone crap metaphorical?
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It's an incredibly silly sports anime. I wouldn't say Naruto but there is characters who feel that no-one could possibly beat them. I had a laugh and got surprisingly engaged in the matches.
best basugay
ZONE is real.
Watch Tmac 13 points comeback.

How can we make this family friendly?
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Invent males, decrease boobs, kill Chinatsu.
Eliminate family
It already is family friendly
I watch YuruYuri with my parents and my sister every Friday night

Fuck you, why didn't you tell the kid dies? Fuck Miyazaki you fucking shit.
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figuratively the only overrated ghibli movie
This isn't a Miyazaki film though.

No, it's the best one of all.

New PV for Akiba's Trip. This show looks like tons of fun.

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Will this be surprise of the season?
Animation looks amateurish but ambitious.
Gonzo is saving anime

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Seriously what are the chances of a human body hitting the moon in that large space.
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Around 13%.
Op clearly has no idea what an asspull looks like.
Who gives a fuck? You want THIS of all anime/manga to be realistic?

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What's your dance animation?
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I can't dance.
This isn't /v/ my boy.
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what are you talking about

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This Yuri was cuter than everyone on the show, yet no one pays attention to him. Why?
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Because he's a little shit with a bad attitude and nobody likes a tsundere that's too tsun.

Except Otabek apparently because I guess Kazhaks are into that kind of thing?
Has no personality other than being "comically" angry.
Shit taste. Yurio a CUTE.

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I think I understand why the women in Naruto bothered me; generally they were weak

im not talking physical strength; for example, Temari and Ino are nowhere near being the strongest, but they're still solid characters I enjoy watching. Compare them to people like Sakura(whining about Sasuke), Hinata (meek because cousin), Tsunade (scared of blood) who all have a odd hint of supbar aura. The boy ninjas suffer from trauma too but its more inspirational than inhibiting for them, allowing them to be cool in their fight scenes

is this a valid viewpoint? If so, im sure this can be applied to other series if you know of any
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>sakura.chiyo vs sasori
How did kishi drop the ball so hard after that
Because he doesn't have a talent at writing female characters being competent.
just like the real world, women are not made for war. exceptions are wierd

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Wouly any of you actually eat at his restaurant?
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I would very gladly so for real
>eat extremely tasty food
>get healed in the process

I think I could deal with some temporary pain.
*Would eat

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Sunset rocket pencil chapter 2 translation thread, a little bit late this time
Previous chapter:
Chapter 1: >>151137604
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For archival purposes:
Chapter 1: >>151137604
Yakumo-san wa Eduke ga Shitai: >>151048507
File: YRP_01_039.jpg (336KB, 1111x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Chapter 2: Playing pretend
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I wish 100 million yen would just fall down from the sky
10 million would be fine too
I’ll even settle for 1 million, but that’s as low as I’ll go.
When that happens, I’ll give you 20 thousand, Satomi.
Alright, you are now forbid from eating snacks
I was thinking about giving you 20 thousand, honest! Give it back!
I don’t need it, that kind of fiction money.
Please hear me out, Satomi! I did come by to check up on you since we’re classmates after all!
Ebisu-kun, your feet…
Assets! It’s all about assets! The survival of these small retailers…

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Do you remember?
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Of course, best butt
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The foreshadowing was diamonds inducing!
Best Dandy!

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