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They all look like your dumb loli #453643574.

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One page thread
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What went so fucking right? She is just perfect and 10x better than Cuckura.

I for one am looking forward to her bonding with Naruto and having the NaruSasu love story we never got in the form of loli love.
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I just want to see more Orochimaru antics. Couldnt care less about Bort but more Salad is nice
i need more adventures of best mom (male) and best son
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This shit is still going? I thought Shippuden ended

>This is normal behavior for Japanese high school buddies.
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You've never non-chalantly asked a female friend if you could touch their boobs or ass?
My little sister is a Japanese Language teacher anon, I'll go ask her for you
I meant kissing a friend's bellybutton for "revenge."

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This loli gives you the looks. what do?

there are manga material to discuss here so don't delete
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Whenever my loli acts up, I first try a good dicking to reset her
translation when
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tomorrow, hopefully

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Is Kill la Kill the best Trigger anime?
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You should be ashamed for saving that
I wanna fuck a Ryuuko.
No! It was Little Witch Academia.

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Rei or Asuka?
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My hand gives me the sex for free.
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Asuka or Rei.webm
2MB, 720x404px

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Don't mind me, just being the cutest girl of this year
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Why is Hibarigaoka Ruri so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
Bullies aren't cute.

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First day on 4chan?
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what are you implying
Post Nene only

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So anime is basically a japanese cartoon?
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>Anime is ANIMation
Holy shit....!
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In Japan they even call spongebob and family guy anime.

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What is your honest opinion on Phantom World?
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I was one of the rare few who didn't drop it
it wasnt really that bad it was just mind numbingly boring
probably a 3/10 show
Neat idea but boring. Red and blonde were cute.
shit by KyoAni standards

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How did Ferid put Krul into the wall?

I mean, obviously, there was a perfectly good wall there in the first place. That wall probably had pipes and other shit running through it like in most buildings. I'm guessing he needed to make a hole, remove all the bits of broken plaster or whatever, put Krul in there, hold her in place, then apply some sort of fast setting cement or whatever, and keep holding her there till it sets.

Seems like a lot of trouble instead of just chaining her to the wall or something.

And why did he leave her clothes on? I mean, come on, that's pretty dumb.
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He just smashed her in there.
it's a clichè,
its intended to let the reader undestand what the peoples on the other side do to Krul while she is in this position.
Would it even bother her? Vampires here are supposed to be tired of sex and apathetic to it, right?

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So what exactly would you do with this amphibian?
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Protect her smile.
Impregnate that bitch and spread my seed around the world.

Fairly certain frogs can have up to like 1000 babies at a time.
Why is she so alluring?

Why doesn't Japan make more Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan? Do they hate success or the thought of in any way satisfying the wishes and/or most heartfelt desires of their fans?
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Its shtick got kind of old by the end of the OVA series, desu famalam.
I could've easily done 13 in that world with those characters if they had planned for that length and not shot their wad all at once like they did in writing for the OVA.

You can watch magical twilight. Dokuro-chan was so similar to that it was almost plagiarism.

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heaven or hell?
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The enlightened choice
DFCs are for sucking and pinching while stonkers are for fondling and motorboating

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