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What are propaganda anime that I can watch?

pic related
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All of them.
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What exactly is Prisma Illya propaganda for?

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araragi bathroom.png
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Is it possible to have a bathroom like this if you're rich enough?
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What would be stopping you?
Architectural restraints?

I'm so jealous. I'm gonna work so hard for the rest of my life just to have a bathroom like this.
>Prefab steel quonset hut esque frame enclosing a few stained glass light fixtures, a bathtub, and some tacky modern art sculptures in a large but otherwise generally featureless uniformly tiled room
You could do up a bathroom similar to that one if you had a fairly decent project budget, a smattering of skill at crafting, knew someone who could get you specific parts, and worked on it over a few years.

If you are rich it would be that much easier, albeit 20 times more expensive.

Don't know why'd you'd bother with all that wasted space though.

How do you feel about loose socks, /a/? Do you think they will ever make a comeback?
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Fucking fag
you will do as i tell you to do, slut.
Fuck socks

thigh highs =pantyhose >no socks >socks

Let's talk about Monika Kurszewska
Why she is the best girl?
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Because she's dead.
There is no evidence tho
60% of the rounds are carried by machine potential. only thundercock, The vampire, Brismark and suzaku are skilled pilots and even then 2 of the 4 abused geass

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy

Stop this bullshit Japan
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It looks like a boy to me.
He even has a manly name for Slaaneshi's sake. How much of a faggot can you be to mistake him for a girl?
>manly name

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2MB, 480x320px

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Should I even bother?
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It's not horrific, but it ain't good. Masturbating for 12+ hours would probably be a better use of time though.
It has a feel of an early 00s fantasy anime.
It's a pleasant watch/

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Get in here you fags!


Stream starts in under an hour.
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Will there be any preview of the upcoming movie?
It'll likely cover information about the game, movie and novel. Not sure how much of each.
Season 3 announcement maybe?

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Perfect waifus don't exi-
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Wasn't she desiring big black cock?
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No more than you were.
I wish everyone would stop using that meme. It originated on dumblr originally, y'know.

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Gravity Rush anime trailer


3d is pretty disappointing. I hope they speak in their silly gibberish language though.
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If it's from Khara, then it's probably the same team that animated Cassette Girl.
As a massive fan of the original game, I'm actually glad it's in 3D, it matches the original style of the games quite a bit.
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Oh my.

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doesn't look like he drew the nipples
megumi is growing
a sign of desperation

I just watched Disappearance of Haruhi for the first time since 2010, and I noticed a few things I missed the last time. Can someone explain the following:

What was said while Koizumi and Kyon were hanging out after meeting with Haruhi?

What did Future Asahina say when she was sitting on the bench with Kyon?

Who was the person talking while Kyon was bleeding out?

Who's the best girl?
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Koizumi was jealous of Kyon
no idea
Future Kyon
>What was said while Koizumi and Kyon were hanging out after meeting with Haruhi?
Learn to read the subs? Isn't that when he said he was jealous.
>Who was the person talking while Kyon was bleeding out?
Kyon. He went back even earlier in time to stop Asakura after finding out she'd stab him and stop the plan.

Dunno about the rest because I haven't rewatched in years.

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I fucking hate it when anime has references in them. So damn stupid.
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The classics were so much better. Goethe or Shakespeare wouldn't lower themselves to referencing shit. They just made their stories stand on their own feet.
>referencing a 4chan meme
holy shit

>why did you tie my hands together anon-chan?
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Because I don't want you cowtits to come near me anymore.
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>that high quality art

>those heart pupils

I didn't. YOU did.

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I'm sorry, but can we talk about why the fuck Brave Witches sucks ass? It's so predictable it hurts, Takami a fucking cunt too.

Also Strike Witches discussion is allowed, I mean the love is alive and well in my heart.
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Shirley's boobs are alive in my heart.
>budget miyafuji
>not enough sanya and eila

How are sales, anyway?
Like everything this season that isn't fujo, pretty shit. It kind of deserves its sales though.

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