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It's that sushi time again again
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I need sushi time
It seems so.

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>if you don't like watching gay male characters that means you're closet homo
Can anyone explain this logic to me?
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No it means your afraid of gays you homophones
No, but I can explain how hating homos means you want to sexually dominate your mother.
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It's not exactly rocket science.

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Kazuma, Kazuma!
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yes i'm Kazuma
Fuck off reddit girl
Touma, Touma!

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>not just downloading the latest versions of everything separately
Why wait months for them to catch up when you can just be up to date yourself?
K cp was the name of a kiddie group I use to be a part of back in the USENET days. Good times. Helped a lot of young girls put away money.

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non-homo gay sex
Hibike Euphonium but for gays and women
Gay romance with skinny guys -> I don't approve. There's really no middle range in Japan between BL for women and full on bara.

Tosh will make a SnS Doujin for C91
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Explain further.
Hisasi isn't Tosh you retard

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I'm predicting that the reason the Universal Tournament Arc will destroy all loser universes is because there's an evil Zeno who pitched the idea. Maybe this Zeno will be the one who destroyed the other 6 Universes because of his "bad mood."

We've already seen in Super that each universe has its own version of Zeno (which is why the two Zeno become friends after the Zamasu arc). I imagine that at least one Zeno is evil and the rest are either neutral, find the idea fun, or are clueless/apathetic towards evil-Zeno's intentions. Kind of looking forward to seeing an evil, murderous Zeno get revealed if they go this route while all the other versions are busy playing patty cake and fighting over which universe gets to keep Goku.

They're going to use the Super Dragon Balls to revive all the destroyed universes anyway.
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I'm not too sure about that, I thought that they were going to attempt to revive Future Trunks' world with the dragon balls in episode 68, but they didn't

>They're going to use the Super Dragon Balls to revive all the destroyed universes anyway.
But if U6 is destroyed, some of the SDB will be gone, since both universes shares them
Why is Gohan soliked? I feel he and tien are the most boring characters in db universe.

Is this the biggest piece of shit ever?
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What a cool guy you are, SO COOL.
How did it end? I dropped it when it became a love triangle, i fucking hate that in my romance anime
They get married and Shizuku becomes a hot OL. Her mom is hot af too btw.
What's shit about that?

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What the FUCK was this edgelord's problem??? Why is the Fate series cursed with shitty, irrational protagonists?
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That is an evil cup, not your waifu
>watching Chuuniverse
>complaining about chuuni

Why was this show so well-received by normies? It practically dragged anime out of obscurity when it aired.
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Because it isn't as bad as some of /a/ says and it is an anime about games with a plot of "saving the one love" while being the strongest badass.
It is like a action movie with a game theme and cute girls, normies love this stuff and they forget it fast

Because 1-15 was pretty good and maybe normies didnt watch it till the end or they thought the beginning is so good, that the second part didn't ruin it for them
It's your usual 5/10 anime but was popular because it was a trapped in a video game setting. It wasn't the first trapped in a video game but it was new at that time, and it had a cool protagonist so normalfags ate it up.

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>Tfw a series's ending feels like the bad end of a visual novel.

also, I thought she was just imagining the rocks but that line by Yoshio at the end has me really confused.
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She imagined the rocks. Anime Yoshio is just a terrible person who's using her.

In the manga they don't actually visit the city. Natsu prays to the god to make Machi give up on leaving and she has a nightmare where city people throw rocks at her so she gives up on her dream for a while and we get a few SoL chapters on village life before she begins to get interest in the city and modern society again. The anime made her look a lot more like a nervous wreck and broken than the manga did.
Unironic masterpiece.
>Anime original ending
not even once
fortunately the manga is still ongoing

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>watching anime made after the year 2010
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meme girl
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>not watching jojo, 2011 hxh, AJIN[despite 3dpd animation], and cheating craft.
only watched that anime for the opening song

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>smiles you would protect
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As much as i could anyway

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What do you think of beach episodes?
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I usually skip them, unless something important happens.
They're cute in the hands of the moemasters.
I thought it's a shame this nigga will never do porn again.

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akame ga kill.jpg
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I think someone is missing from the picture.
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No Dragons Allowed!
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Tatsumi hair down left

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