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Why the way that he did to become stronger in 4 months made everyone so buttmad? Is really that hard to accept the fact that his race has a stronger version of the zenkai boost, but no one ever achieved the gold form because their egos are too big to acknowledge the importance of training?
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zenkai has nothing to do with training
It just felt kind of ridiculous how fast he got that power boost. I can accept him being that ridiculously strong since he's suppose to be a prodigy and was already a strong motherfucker since he was young (and never trained), but they really should have made that training last a year or something.
Is it? Do you not remember the power jumps in the Namek Saga?

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Infinite Ryvius is objectively the worst anime of all time, but what in /a/'s opinion could hold a candle to it?
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>Infinite Ryvius is objectively the worst anime of all time
it's Lord of the Flies IN SPACE, what makes you dislike it so much?
I'm pretty sure that the worst anime of all time is actually Tytania.
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You have objectively shit taste

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What does /a/ think about Another?
is it a final destination parody?
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For parody it was too serious, what not good thing
This. It was too ridiculous to take seriously, and it took itself too seriously to be considered camp. Any scene where a character wasn't dying in some ridiculously bullshit manor was directed in the most boring fucking way possible, with characters that make dishwater look charismatic. The show just didn't work.

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What's with the meme-tier "open" ending?

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I loved this movie even though it's not as good as Your Name.
where can i watch it?
Is the movie ending different from the manga ending?

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Imoutos or Onee-sans?
kaa-sans and baa-sans need not apply
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Imoutos for hugging
Onee-sans for fugging
nee-chan > imouto

>best nee-chan
doing, nurturing
airheaded, ditzy

>worst nee-chan
bossy slob

>best imouto
loyal, dutiful

>worst imouto
spoiled brat

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Let us revisit a great gem of the summer as we are near towards the end of the year.

It wasn't as great as it could have been due to a large concentration on the SoL with the twins as opposed to the severely few diving scenes shown.
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It was fucking awful. Teko was a terrible main.
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Just pretend that Pikari was the main
Comfy soundtrack 2bh

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New episode and chapter are out in case anybody still cares

Also Superior ship will be getting their own spin-off novel
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>Mayura isn't main girl
I'm still mad.
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Does it matter when she is getting a better boy than rokushit along with her own novel?

Say it /a/, who is the best tomato
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This one.
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Literarily who?

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1. Sakurako Omuro
2. Ayano Sugiura
3. Rise Matsumoto
6. Yui Funami
7. Hanako Omuro
8. Mari Funami
9. Akane Akaza
10. ChinaTSUUUUUU Yoshikawa
9001. Tomoko Yoshikawa
9002. Mirakurun
9003. Rivarun
9004. Ganbo
9000001. Kaede Furutani
9000000001. boob monster
9000000000001. Shitose Ikeda
900000000000001. Nadeshiko Omuro
9000000000000000001. Nana Nishigaki
900000000000000000000000001. Chizuru Ikeda
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>1. Sakurako Omuro
I have to say Häagen-Dazs is pretty good desu.
Eating it right now
Wonder why it says made in France and not USA
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indeed, anon

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>/a/ now hates Yuri
>They like Yaoi

What happened?
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I hate both.
What now?
They both have their own board to shit up.

More girls browse /a/ than guys

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Shinji Ikari ain't no busta.
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All you had to do was to get in the damn robot
is it bad that the sound Misato makes when she drinks beer gives me a massive boner
No anon, it's just as the master intended.

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semen demon.jpg
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ITT: biggest cunts in anime
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Ruri was a bigger cunt

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After 3 years of putting this off, I finally got around to watching it, EoE, and the rebuilds.

Why is this the greatest anime of all time? The 2nd rebuild wasnt bad, but what the fuck happened with the 3rd one?

>Evangelion Thread
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also Punished Asuka is pretty bad ass
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It's best to think of the Rebuilds as Anno's fanfic.
3.0 felt like it should've had the seinfeld theme going on th whole time

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Am I the only person with any love for Bakura? He's pretty adorable and is actually an interesting character unlike most of the characters that plague that series.
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Bakura in Japanese is a joy to watch and hear. It's amazing how much a voice and script can change my outlook on a character.
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I love him, he's my favourite ygo character. Sadly he got kind of shafted later on to make way for Marik due to the latter being more popular, I think Kaz himself said so in some interview.
Bakura fangirls used to exist so I don't see why or how you'd be the only person.

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Who is the best anime studio currently?
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Science Saru

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