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What, why.....
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what am I looking at?
Just fuck my lips up

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Why is this shit allowed?
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>MC is kissing best girl allowed
Why not?
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But he didn't kiss Himeji, fucking baka.
You really are dumb enough to be in class f

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>1 million$ more till Keit-Ai BTFO's Spirited Away.
>Oscar Nomination Imminent.
Hype Train cannot be stopped
Why haven't you watched this in your local Cinema yet /a/?
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Because I already watched it online
I watched it for the 5th time at the cinema today. It's probably the last week it's going to be shown here and I'm already feeling empty. Time for me to put the OST on loop.
No singles policy

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Karate lolis in next month's LO
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karate dilf
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look forward to it
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TFW no cover art next issue?

Takamichi-sensei is too sick. Does he have a Japanese cold? Is he going to die?
I would be very sad if that were to happen.

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Who would win in a fight? The Idolmasters or the KOns?
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Aren't there way more Idolmasters?
If so probably them.
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Which group of idolmasters?
[email protected], they're outnumbered.

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name 1 (one) flaw
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pretty hard to read them subs in the first three episodes.
Retards can't read the subs fast enough so they complain whenever they watch it.
honestly why aint funimation releasing the blu ray in north america
i had to import it from the UK

What's /a/'s overall opinion of the classic quintessential Yōkai series?
Plus which was the most enjoyable animated adaptation? 4th, 5th, or Hakaba?
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I'm not super fond of Kitaro as a protagonist. He has too many different abilities that he pulls out of his ass to solve shit. It kills a lot of the suspense. Otherwise, it's a good series.

I do love NonNonBa, though.
Personally I like 3 Street of Mysteries the most of his series. But it's interesting how yokai manage to infiltrate their way through all his series. Particularly during Showa.

It's actually quite hard to describe many more recent series that have genuine yokai (besides maybe Natsume Yuujinchou). Even horror series, by people like Umezu don't really have the same quality to them. Whereas, when I hear yokai, I think Akai Yuki, Fallen Words, maybe Nagai at times or something equally of that time period.
Haven't read 3, Street of Mysteries yet. I'm in the middle of Showa right now. I'll need to check that out sometime.

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kore wa zombie.webm
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New season when?
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Never now. KonoSuba is the new hotness.
>Great MC
>God tier harem
>Hilarious comedy and gags
>Best show DEEN did in this decade
>But it sold like crap
Thanks, Japan.
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right spot.gif
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What was the reason for it to sell poorly?

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>Retarded villain
>Ruined Scar
>Ruined Winry
>Ruined Rose
>Ruined the homunculi
>Ruined anything to do with the Ishvalan massacre
>May Chang
>Muh happy ending
>Second half is full-on shonenshit

How is this an improvement over 2003 again?
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It isn't.
2003 is better and also has better animation.
Doesn't have a fanfiction 2nd half

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Just because you throw obstacles in the way of a romance does not mean that we'll care about it. But instead we have to endure this completely implausible premise. It don't make no sense. Now I'm no expert on love but I think I might understand a little more than Kinoko Nasu. To him, love seems to be only something from Romeo and Juliet. Something like an alien or a robot would view human love as. Like a guy who hopelessly pursues a woman by saying cliched love dialogue, then a woman who blushes and smiles but insists they can't be together because of whatever convenient social implications prevent them from it. This is movie romance at its most superficial and one dimensional. Two attractive people in beautiful locations. They must be in love. You see the thing is that both characters have no reason at all to love each other other than the fact that they are simply physically attracted to each other. So instead of making the story about them just fucking like wild rabbits, they imply some kind of deeper emotional connection that has never been established because they don't know each other. It's what the call a -contradiction-.
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I wasn't aware people cared about the "romance" in F/SN.
Nice shitpost.
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If you don't like Shirou and Rin, you can always go with Saber and Rin instead.

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ITT: we post worst girls from there series

I'll start. she did at least have a boner inducing voice.
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>Literally the true hero of the VN
>worst girl
Go back to planting thermals Yasu
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being Eva is suffering

Have you worshipped your goddess yet today, /a/?
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Threadly reminder that when the cavalry battle arc started a young Gavrilo Princip had just started the chain of events that precipitated WWI, assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand and causing Austria-Hungary to declare war against Serbia.
Can I worship yours?

Is there still a chance for it to win an Oscar? Even a consideration? Look, i even told /a/ tirelessly over the past year that it's going to.
Now i'm anxious about what i've said. What should i do, Kyoani bros?
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No, Kimi no Na wa will win
There are like 2 western animated movies that people loved. I don't think our precious animu is getting a win this year.
Without a doubt yeah

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What is his end game, /a/?
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probably getting his rocks off
Cuck every man on earth
Making two soccer teams and have them play against each other.
He's a big sports fan.

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Is Sayaka a good role model?
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No. She's such an idiot.
Madoka would be the only good role model.
No, that's why she's interesting.

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