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With the influx of rookies, does your seiyufuu still get many roles?
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Kayano Ai still manages to consistently get tons of roles so im happy
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My seiyuufu doesn't seem to suffer from the lack of work but she needs to have some quality role in some quality anime finally.

Can someone explain this scene please?
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She wants her boyfriend to impregnate Kudelia.
Ahab reactors have a byproduct of causing everyone to go clinically insane.
She's into cuckolding

This is Buchou, cheer her up because Hibike is about to end
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I like you Buchou mainly because you didn't have any drama bullshit like your other third year companions.
All I want is an OVA with the 3rd years as 1st years.
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will she show any emotions in the finale?

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Come and make or request anime/manga related art
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Requesting a hairstyle chart of Sagiri from Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san.
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Cute bees.png
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Requesting colors.

Kiira: http://i.imgur.com/qa1QKwR.png

Beedrill: http://i.imgur.com/4xSTWOD.jpg

Kricketot dinner?: http://i.imgur.com/NDz29al.png
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New years drunks.png
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Requesting a drunk BB-tan sexually harassing Husbando-kun at a New Years party

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Where are the chapter 8 rips? and goblin slayer thread.
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Cow girl gets gobbed?
who cares, dungeon seeker is more interesting
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This bait is so bad that it actually made me answer, 8/10.

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Motherly love is necessary.

Latest RW chapters have been dumped on the /k/ sister thread.

Remember to thank you content creators whether they be Translating, typesetting, editing, rendering, writing or dumping. Tis still the season.
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Mildly spooky.
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Who could it be?
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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

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I like Momo, but when people hate on her (every Thread) I just ignore it, so why cant Most of you when someone hates a character you like?
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Because that character is a main unlike Momo
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>tfw waifu isn't relevant enough to be in the top 20
>or relevant ever
Why did you make this thread

I worked on an Ochako meme gif and even I wouldn't be heartless enough to make a new thread in the middle of this entire fanbase's waterloo

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>Your waifu's face when you confess
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Tokiko is your waifu?

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Death Note was an okay anime
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Lelouch is shit.
SAO wasn't that bad
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You're gay if you like traps. No, it's not straight just because it's 2D and they look like girls.

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Hopes/expectations for One Piece in 2017?
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two in my ass and that's how my butt looks like
2017 is the year of SanjixNami!!
I'm excited
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Nami vs Pudding when?

Is this proper behavior for an elementary school idol?
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The ONLY proper behavior
Miria is such a good girl.

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This witch comes up, removes your checkpoint and stops you from saving your waifu, and says she loves you and that you saved her.

What do?
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Pat her head and tell her that she´s my number 5 witch
Every thread until Rem wakes up.
I don't think i saw you miss a single thread since you started doing this actually, so good effort.

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what's the appeal?
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The personality
>he doesn't want Shinka to spit in his mouth and whisper insults in his ear
What a fag
The hairclip

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did they fug?
He wish
thanks OP, it's pretty cute

Final episode today.
2nd season https://twitter.com/saikikusuo_PR/status/813068159301271553
Reminder to get the best version https://twitter.com/saikikusuo_PR/status/813068159301271553
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