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Spoilers out. Have your first naked female.

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Armin a shit
Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki

Also, Hisu looks extremely great this chapter.
EMA a shit and manlet a pussy.

No new chapter this week since it's the holidays and also we ran out of raws (again). Have some omakes we missed.
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This omake is a crossover between this manga and another one that I have no clue what it is. They both have vampires so whatever.

So why are they going around murdering goblins and shit who don't seem to have done anything to anyone? What kind of murder hobo bullshit is this to kill all goblins on sight?
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I believe in the LN, the goblins aren't even from their world. They're leftovers from an invading army from another world brought over by the Undying King in his bid for conquest. That's why the human kingdom is basically an enclave and why they're kidnapping scrubs from another world to play National Guard while their actual army tries to regain land they lost to the monster army when it was organized and on the verge of exterminating the humans.

i cant wait to play breathe of the wild an re enact this scene.
I know for a NEET this may be mindblowing, but they'll starve if they don't work.

According to Japanese fans I've spoken to, Diamond is Unbreakable is the worst JoJo part and Part 5 is infinitely superior to it.
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No you haven't
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>worst Jojo Part
>AOTY 2016
0/10 Bait harder
Just goes to show how fucking shit most anime this year is.

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Pop Team Epic 26 and Honey Come Chatka 9.
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So, this is unarguably AOTY, right?
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More like disappointment of the year.
Even Chuu2 S2 was better.
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>even chuu2 was better
please at least put on some effort

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What is Mai for?
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Is that Takeda Hiromitsu? Fuck, I can't wait to see what he does to her.
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The same exact thing he does literally every time.
Hypnotize. Rape. Pee.

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>they actually played music
Now there's the real twist

What a time to be alive
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Are we getting a new season?
It was a one hour long S3
How are the currently available subs?

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Pick one
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Best Ending


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Why does /a/ turn on anime the general anime fandom adores?
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You don't want to have fun together with newfags do you?
Nobody likes casuals.
While I can't speak for everyone I didn't "turn" on anything, I simply didn't care for them from the beginning. I stopped watching SAO after the second episode when it became clear what type of character Kirito was and the only thing I liked about Kill-la-Kill was Nonon.

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While we wait for Queens 1, I want to MARRY Marika!
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Who do you think will die in Queens?
They should have done an AU side story of Alice in Wonderland with Grim Heart, Shufflin and Alice
I'd say 1 member of the Pfle/Deluge squad, 1 member of Osk and 1 member of Puk at the minimum

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This is my reaction to Evangelion 3.3
(You) can not fuck this up again

Play both of these videos at the same time:

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Same. I was legit staring at the ceiling.
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You can (not) redo is an embarrassment. In retrospect, it really is a catastrophic failure. It sold less physical copies than it's predecessor 2.22 which didn't even have half the hype. The only reason it made any money at all in the box office was because people was super excited after 2.22 and was dying to watch the sequel.

It made decent cash thanks to 2.22's hype, around 60M. It sounds like a lot, until you have a look at what an actually decent anime movie that isn't all pandering garbage can make. Enter "Your Name", which has as of now earned a staggering 220 million US dollars in the box office, and is STILL going strong.

Quite honestly, if anime wasn't a simple entertainment but serious business, people who liked, hoped for or worked on 3.33 should be dragged out in the streets and shot, and their families burned for good measure.
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I honestly wish that 3.0 was so bad it was good so I could get a good laugh but it's just bad.

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Who is the best JoJo villain and why is it Kira?
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this isn't a discussion because everyone agrees
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Best President disagrees
Pucci > Valentine > Diavolo > Kira > Dio > Kars > DIO

>almost 8 years later
>no anime has ever topped this scene as the worst and most anticlimatic anime asspull of all time as well as the worst anime ending of all time

Even though Bones did a good job with the Mob Psycho and Boku no Hero adaptations, this scene alone will always make me hold a grudge against this studio.
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>worst asspull

Why the fuck japs still do this "power of friendship" shit? It's the main reason that so many people hate the whole battle shounen genre
They barely, if ever, do thepower of friendship thing anymore. Not even OPs post is a power of friendship thing

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