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Spoiler week is nigh upon us and another trailer is expected to drop soon. Have you emptied your bowels, laid out the towels? Are you ready for the biggest ass fucking of your life?
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Armin a huge shit
>Reiner is finally going with full blown rage against his ex-muh friends now.
Feels good.
It is known

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It's out here:
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Does JoJo *really* team up with a Nazi? Isn't that a bit problematic?
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It's problematic if you are from tumblr or reddit.
Stroheim is waifu material! Don't say bad things about him.
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You must be on the wrong site. I'll lead you back to where you wanted to go.


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I want to go back 20 years just for one day.
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Remember when we were able to enjoy things unironically, and have friends?
No you don't.
Enjoying things ironically isn't too bad tbefahwym

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I am having a strong argument with a colleague, he says a Senzu bean would be fatal to a normal human. I propose this is incorrect since Yajirobe eats them and even ate handfuls of them before and he lived. Would any experts here care to discuss?
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This is from anime DragonballZ not the video game just the anime in general.
Why are you tripfagging?

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Is this the pinnacle of the isekai genre?
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If you mean that isekai keeps ruining fantasy and in this case elves especially, yes.

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I want to MARRY Marika!
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First for Dork QT
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My wives Swim2 and Nokko-chan are so cute.
I believe she adds "cchi"

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Manga volume 6 is out. Let's get some shots of the extra stuff.
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Notebook includes the whole year 2017 as a lot of extra info of the NPCs and quite some quality design for the calendars.
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BD FIX.jpg
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BDs are out. OP got changed, Mappa even edited the well-animated ep 1.
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Jesus christ, I thought ep1 was perfect. Where can we see new OP? (Or is it just the finished one from ep 11?)
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>all the jars gone

They took his family.
Your last tow generals were deleted. Take the hint already.

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Form has finally been named "Super Saiyan Anger."

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>female super saiyan 3 keep their eyebrows
So wait, who did it?

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ASUKA 231.jpg
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What do Asuka and Shinji do after Instrumentality ended and they end up on the beach next to each other with the LCL liquid? Do they go their separate ways or do they kill each other? Hate sex?
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They have a beach episode.
Playing in LCL water sounds like fun.

Shinji cries.

Asuka bitches.

Rei watches.

Everything is right with the world.

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Can't wait for the Anime to come back

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This is an Asclepius thread, only cool girls are allowed in here. Only two days left until the finale.
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nyunyu is a cool girl
There will be no preview tomorrow, I guarantee it.
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Any translation yet?

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What is it with manga/anime where the disgusting NEET failure character is "reincarnated" or "went to sleep and woke up" as a super genius/powerful/godly younger character in a new/magical place?

It's so blatantly a self-insert. It's pathetic. It has the same SHIT "story" over and over. RPG-like elements in a magical world where things always go the main character's way. Females throw themselves towards him, etc etc. Pathetic.

Example (just to name a few): ReLife, Re:Monster, World Customize Creator, Mushoku tensei - isekai ittara honki dasu, Tensei shitara slime datta ken, Death march kara hajimaru isekai kyousoukyoku
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Why are you MAD?
Its the average anime demographic left in japan, normies there swore off anime long ago, so anime evolved to cater to them
Its a commentary on society and its inherent failings.

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Where did it all go so wrong?
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Secondaries were in charge of the anime.
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abyssal wo recruitment.jpg
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Where are you getting all of these screens?
Such a misfortune.

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