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Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?
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Director change.

Bad ending.

Yayaka lost.

Not even top 3.
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>okay we can make episodic PI adventures or we can go with that plot you wrote, we can't do both due to time constraints
And then episodes 10-13 happened.
Shit writing all around, but the last 4 episodes were especially embarrassing.

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Damn, they chose the worst time possible to end the first season, it made no sense to have it end on these last two episodes.

It was still pretty enjoyable either way

season 2 when?
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It sold that poorly? I'm pretty out of the loop ;_;
I want to fuck the ace and make the dog watch

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Is there a cure or is this my life now?
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Moe, moe never changes
One of us.

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I realize I'm being a contrarian faggot, but does anyone else think 5cm is Shinkai's most overrated work (yes even more so than Your Name)?

The 2nd and 3rd part made me hate the male protagonist so much that it ruined the rest of the movie for me. I couldn't believe that Tanaki was still obsessed with Akari so many years later. And when his obsession with Akari made him blind to the fact that Kanae liked him, it pissed me off. I felt so bad for her and wanted this idiot to get over his childhood crush and like her back.

Then the movie jumps forward again, and this motherfucker is STILL obsessed with Akari. It's also stated his ex-girlfriend broke up with him cause he can't get over her, so God knows how many woman he's left miserable.

Everyone always says that it's heartbreaking that the train prevents them from meeting; but even if they did meet, what would they do? Akari is already engaged and I doubt she would leave her fiance for Tanaki. Everyone calls her a slut and says she should have waited for Tanaki, but why the fuck should she? Tanaki was too much of a pussy to send her emails and keep in touch with her. She's clearly the sane individual for moving on from a childhood relationship, and probably just views Tanaki as a happy memory rather than someone she's still in love with.

Maybe the problem is me and how I can't relate. I never had a very close female friend when I was a child, nor have I ever had a crush that's lasted more than a few months; so maybe there's a lot of people out there who can relate to Tanaki. At the same time, I still think being obsessed with a girl for over 10 years is dangerously unhealthy.

tl;dr: Tanaki is an idiot and he ruins 5cm.

Pic related, I love The Place Promised in Our Early Days, and I wish /a/ would talk about it more instead of 5cm all the time.
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Another thing I'm wondering is, why was Tanaki losing his letter to Akari such a big deal? They kissed so isn't that enough? Why didn't Akari give him her letter after they kissed?
The other day I watched Hoshi no Koe again after like a whole fucking decade due to entire Kimi no Na wa thing.
It was good, but not even remotely as good as I remembered it to be.

5cm did absolutely nothing to me to begin with, so you might be right. The trains were beautiful, though, and that's enough to make me happy.
I dropped 5cm midway into the movie.
It was boring. I don't get the hype about it.

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How was the third Season for you /a/? What did you feel now if you think about it?
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Hype as fuck. I loved it, I think there was excellent character growth.
It was good, but not as good as the other two
What didnt you like?

ITT: canon not-virgin characters (that aren't parents)
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>ITT: canon not-virgin characters (that aren't parents)
>that arent this other thing too
>that too
>next thread I'll get it right! I'll stop five things!
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bird gets her nest pecked every day and you fucking know it.
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Willit be as big as Kill la Kill?
Only 10 days to find out!
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I doubt the threads will hit the bump limit
It won't. Think of it as an S3.
Which witch has the best smelling butt?

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Fuck this stupid cunt.
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She did nothing wrong.
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How would you rate 2016?
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Solid 7/10
7/10 maybe
Depends on what way.
Anime was an ok year.
Anything else it was seriously shit.

Who is your King, /a/?
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This is the only reasonable answer
That one's newer by 20 seconds.


My body is so ready for this.
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Is it gonna be like Amagami where every girl has their set of episodes?


Stop pandering to cancer

Yes. But we're only getting 3 girls first for the first season since each girl gets 4 episodes. The other 3 are in another season.

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>very likely not a virgin
Why do people still like her again?
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You just stated the reasons why I like her.
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She's a virgin, like all 2D idols.
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>there are people here in this board RIGHT NOW who actually think heterochromia is a bad quality
>and they even get dubs for it

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2016 AOTY coming through
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Cutest OP and girl of the season at least.
you mean clearance of the year
i remember the ED more
>elevens have shit taste
who knew

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> [seiya] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 12.5 [720p].mp4
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>recap episode

Is it worth watching? Any new scenes? How much Yumachin?
It's literally just clips from the show.

It's not worth watching.

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Left? Or Right?
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Why would anyone unironically chose the pathetic beta on the left over rightly goodness?
Right is godly perfection. I'd go right all the way.
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why always hurt best girl?

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