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Where did Araragi get 3600 Dollar to afford this watch?
He can't possibly have payed for it by himself
Did he commit a crime?
Is this why he left the house in such a hurry the night he met Shinobu?
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3600 yen is not a lot of money, considering exchange rate.
His family is rich. It was probably a christmas gift from his dad or something.
Araragi family house's over the top visuals aside, he's family is pretty wealthy.

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> http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-12-27/isuzu-shibata-mawaru-penguindrum-manga-ends-in-january/.110385
It looked like it was freezed but now I'm so happy that ending is confirmed.
I enjoyed Yuri Kuma Arashi manga version very much so I'm expecting too much from this one. Also Utena manga was short but nice too.
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Godspeed you magnificent bastard.
You win your digits this time.
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What would you look like if you were transported into the 2D world? I'd reckon that I would look like pic related because that is exactly how I look like in real life.
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>because that is exactly how I look like in real life
E-even the hairclip?
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Literally me.
Scrawny looking like in every harem/romcom ever. There is a reason why they look like this.

I can't help but feel like an unwanted refugee, but /co/ has decreed that Chinese animation is not "western" and is not allowed to be posted there. I know that /a/ is for Japanese animation, but if all things are equal, then /a/ would be the board for eastern animation as well. So... even though China and Japan really don't like one another, what do you think about Chinese animation?

I've been watching a lot of 虹猫蓝兔, which has four seasons, a mini-series and a theatrical movie all in direct continuity. It also has a number of unconnected cartoons, so the franchise has been getting new episodes in one form or another since 2005. This is a clip from season three.

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You dare post this chinese TRASH in our superior NIPPON board ?
You could've been forgiven if at least it offered little girls and fanservice, instead all I can see is furry.

Don't bother, majority of /a/ doesn't know or care about actual chinese cartoons.

Won't matter till a few years from now.

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The dream is real! So happy right now!
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What is it about?
Waltz and shit?
About ballroom dancing.
You can dance to a lot of stuff in a ballroom.

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Find a flaw.
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It's garbage.
/r9k/ the animé

Its shit. Fuck off.
Check the catalogue you stupid dumb phone posting piece of scum.

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It's time for the fucking worst time of the week, everyone - translating police titles in Baki
Everybody, gather round in a circle

Chapter 139: Versus The State

>Tokugawa: Musashiii!
>T: Come back inside the grounds!
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>T: Behind the gates, if you're upset,
>T: You can do whatever you want!
>T: But...
>T: There's a different rule of law outside the gates.
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>T: My influence doesn't outrank it.
>T: Saving you from them...
>T: Is no longer within my power.
>MS: You are so kind, Tokugawa.
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>T: Musashi,
>T: You can't survive outside the gate.

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Mother or daughter?
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They could have used each arch as it's own movie, or even use the Drama CD for materials.
But where getting a recap movie stiched from the aired show.

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Yep, that sucks.

I will watch it anyway, though.
We'll get a movie but a recap one.

Oh and the next volume is still far away, around mid 2017. FeelsBadMan
What? I though it was a movie for each volume? The Undead King for volume 1 and The Dark Warrior for volume 2. Is that not the case?

Coming 2017 spring.

>Hiroe: what kind of characters you want, Aoki-san?
>Aoki: just ripoff every characters from other shows, here is the list
>Hiroe: say no more Aoki-san
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Trainwreck confirmed?
Aren't we supposed to get a PV?
Yeah just wait for it, and sawano confirmed for music.

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You could always write a light novel anon-san.
If it's good then no one will care whether or not you're Japanese.
The same applies to manga. I believe in you.
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>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
MC is a Japanese fighter pilot in WWII. He's sent on a suicidal mission that results in his death. To his surprise, however, he awakens as if nothing had happened, shortly before taking off. The cycle of deaths repeats, until MC figures out that his destiny is to win the war for Japan by doing the impossible and completing the mission in one piece. More missions follow, and MC uses all of his skill and wits to become the greatest pilot ever and change history.
The title is Re:Zero.
World ends, groups of people are sent back to the beginning of time with their bodies and memories intact. They either become “observers” or “historians” (placeholder name), able to either observe the changing landscapes of the world (similar to the God of the New Testament) or change the outcome of the world (similar to mythological gods or the God of the Old Testament). The show follows both an observer and a historian throughout the entire history of this new Earth. Other notes: observers are able to influence the world, but not directly. They can “descend” to Earth and attempt to cause the lifeforms (protozoan all the way to highest evolved life) to change the world on their own. Historians can also influence others to shape the world, but prefer to do it themselves. Both observers and historians are immortal, unaging, and unable to be seen unless they want to be. Though the observers and historians are not opposing factions, the two main characters have slightly different ideal visions of the world (neither good nor bad: there’s no real “protagonist” or “antagonist” in the series).

Either that or a school romcom without a confession and way too many misunderstandings to be realistic.

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What went wrong?
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Not enough ass shots.
Lack of girls.
Tree trunk is still currently a bitch and Gion is still a fucking idiot.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6GI8kypnXg (region locked)
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Hell yeah, gimme more of that feecof waifu

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Are you man enough to pay 10k to see your waifu animated?
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That reminds me, how did the kickstarter for Kodomo no Jikan go?
what stops them from saying they couldn't finish it and running off with the money?
I love Nekopara, but I bet you some furfag is going to ruin this shit with their awful OC

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Today is the day

>New LN titled 'This Starry Sky is not enough for You', CM likely
>New LN titled 'Tsuru-ne' released
>Vol.2 of Robot Heart Update
>Vol.2 of Violet Evergarden released
>More info on Violet Evergarden adaptation
>2nd PV of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Also a few goodies and more info:
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Isn't it too early?
Don't forget Haruhi season 3
How long until KyoAnus publishes one good LN?
How long until KyoAnus finally makes one masterpiece tier anime? Even SHAFT has 1.

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