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Shouldve been canon
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I couldn't agree more if I tried.
faget shit
I will always be salty about them not being together until the day I die

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Hey. Dumping some Nishioka while I scan some more Nishioka.
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Have you had your daily dose today?

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Cute Papikaposter.
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I have now!
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It gets better..png
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Is Inari considered a great JC?
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Great for what?
>is Inari considered
No, no one remembers her show.

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Saitama > Goku
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She could go toe to toe with Saitama though.
no one can defeat Saitama
that's his fuckin premisse anyway
Whats the point of having a character thats able to one shot people.

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Leave Toppo to me.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
God, these DB threads suck.
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No, he's mine.

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Oh hey look, he stopped losing consciousness when he casts spells. Finally, that was always very annoying
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well they all are here to become stronger after all
I didn't see that in the final chapter
That's the Gaiden chapter, not the final chapter

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Let's have another comfy moomin thread
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I wish, but there's not much you can really discuss here. It's a show purely for children, so if you haven't watched it as a kid, you won't be able to get into it now.
@that guy who always recommends me to check rutracker for the raws - thanks

There are two torrents - one with mkv multi-audio tracks, and another in .avi.

Not exactly the same as the .mp4 files that were on nyaa, but a decent replacement for now.

>europoors overstaying their welcome as always

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Dumping the first volume of Manga by Okada Mari and Emoto Nao in hopes of some scanlator getting interested and picking it up.
From what I can tell, this is at least two love stories, one of them being between two childhood friends.
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it's that time again! bow and pay tribute to the one true Queen of /a/
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Does /r9k/ still care about her and thinks shes one of them?
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Last chapter.
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Don't hit on me, silly boys
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Best gurl.
But that's not Neko
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I thought that was Mary for a moment

What happened to Sports Anime? They all used to be full of Fujo pandering and Gay overtones but nowadays they all are full of Straight romance. I mean, what's the point of making a Sports Anime if you kill the Fujo fanbase in the first minute of the show?
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Don't fujos self insert as the girl?
Is /a/ nowadays filled with reddit memers that think fujos are girls that like anime?
Fujo = wants to see guys fuck each other
Otome/Yume = wants the guy(s) to fuck her

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Read the guide before asking questions.

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Stop dickbuying today!
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Remember to preorder official lewd daki of the best utawarerumono girls.
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Sure thing. Too bad I already placed a preorder for this earlier today. Haven't even played the game.

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What did they mean by this?
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Pues que vuele, que pegue y que esquive. Lo que se hace en una pelea. Bueno, si quieres lo explico más detalladamente
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