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>tfw too much of a brainlet to understand what happened in NT18
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Mikoto knew too much.

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Face it, she's Worm food.
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Do they have Koshien in the Hero Academia universe?

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Did Annie switch sides?
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Did you kill yourself yet?
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No idea. Annie a cute though.

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I believe that there needs to be a worker's strike for the animators in the anime industry.
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Remember, no communists.
Japs are too beta for something like that.
stealing is communism, thats why they need to be paid if they do well.

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Worship Nene's nenes
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Why is Aoba doing this?
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The final battle of the game results in Peko and the Queen both stripping each other naked and UNDERSTANDING happens.
They're surprisingly large and shapely.

>UQ Holder! 139 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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where is the ajin
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Someone dump.
here's a Karin for your troubles.
>UQ Holder 139

More like Negima 357, with all these side characters showing up it seems like we'll finally get to see Ken's true vision for Negima's final battle.

It is like watching ads for japanese candies.

The entire show is about showing you how awesome some japanese candies can be, and maybe make you eat some of them.

This is a fucking piece of shit.
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Not everything is a giant advertising conspiracy
Just tell us about why your country candy is better since the show seems to bother you so much.
i like it

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And here we are. The last volume. Shit happens here, so get ready.

For the random visitor, read this manga. More info in the next posts.
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Messed up the previous thread. Anyways.

>What is Houseki No Kuni?
A Manga from author Haruko Ichikawa. 28 genderless Gem People are the only habitants of the land in the far future, and they must defend themselves from the mysterious attackers that come from the Moon to capture them. Phos, the protagonist, is completely useless, so Adamant, their leader, asks him to make an encyclopedia which kicks a series events that make him start to discover whats going on with the world they are living in.

Think a seinen coming of age story.
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What we saw last volume:

>Phos wakes up 102 years later with Lapis head, two gems were captured. Triple sunspot anomaly appears, looks like a woman and Sensei know her, Phos gets tired of the pretending game and tries to get answers, fails. He meets by chance Variegatus, a descendant of Ventricosus who makes him remember everything. Phos decides to go to the Moon for answers.

For more info (Previous volumes)
-Volume 1: >>160572958
-Volume 2: >>160590998
-Volume 3: >>160657589
-Volume 4: >>160696839
-Volume 5: >>160783548
-Volume 6: >>160824013
-Volume 7: >>160871171
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If I sign that contract, can I fuck this cutie for all eternity?
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What contract? QB is dead.
You'll have to swear loyalty to the devil herself if you want her.
And I would. I'd do anything for her.
Who is this sickly looking whore?

Why isn't there a S2 of Barakamon yet?

We need to have the scene where the tomboy kisses sensei and confesses her love animated
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Me in the middle.
There's no season 2 yet? I literally just finished episode 12. Been watching it all the way right after I finished downloaded it. Loved the hell out of it. Oh man, now I'm in despair.
I forgot about that scene. Wasn't the manga version more innocent looking?

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I finally whatched this thing today... and now i regret.
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Sinon isn't the main girl

Then why complain?
Gary Stu Harem anime.

At least the games are fun

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“The beginning” is an instance of everyone’s impulse,like being shot by a gun.
Face those emotions yearning for a love that’s like hot burning sparks.
“The end” is everyone’s life tragedy,like falling into hell.
Idles, or the world, may become your enemy
but a wish is something you can definitely make come true.
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Rate my wife.
Bad idea, anon. It's a long, painful process to adopt one, but as soon as you do they'll multiply exponentially and you're legally responsible for all of them. Most Meganee owners kill themselves or have to give their hundreds of Meganees to a shelter.

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It's almost like they actively did everything they could to kill the franchise.
>Let's just air the same episode 8 times. Fans will love that.
>Let's just not write a book for 4 years and then radio silence for the next 6+
>Let's have the titular character's VA hate the main market that the show is sold to
Production board full of geniuses.
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drop bombs on brainlet scum
You forgot to mention that awful spin-off
Oh yeah, that was another big one.
>Let's announce a big deal "sequel" that's just a spin-off no one wants.
I can add another too.
>Let's announce a huge country wide event for the series and have something big as a reward, but make it a gambling game no one gives a shit about.
Good shit.

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Hey. Someone requested this, so here it is. Delinquent cats.
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I didn't trim the semi-transparent borders, so whoever will have to do that themselves with a Photoshop action.
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ITT: Literally perfect girls only
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