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If this is an adaptation of the 999 LN's I will legit kill myself.
oh shit oh shit ohshit

wait, wasn't a ton of Leiji Matsumoto stuff announced earlier this summer at some French event?

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In Australian Abyss, dad assembles you from a cartridge.
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absolutely glorious
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Reminder: Maruruk is for lewd
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Reminder, the bunny smells good!

This is a kids show
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what made you think that?
And this is a Nine year old girl

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Blade of the Immortal is underrated and as good as Berserk.
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The plot is meandering and the characters are poorly written. The only reason the dialogue is modern is because Hiroaki simply isn't talented enough as a writer to come up with period dialogue. The art and some action sequences are decent, and the premise is intriguing enough.

Basically a shonen story disguised as seinen.
I agree. It's almost the same story imho
Yea I guess they do have their fair share of Cucking.

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Why is Luluco, who is 13, sexier than her mom, a fully grown adult woman?
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Because you are a pedophile and should kill yourself immediately.
hi /v/
bye /v/
She isn't you idiot, Lalaco is hotness incarnate

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watashi wa shinen shinenzu!.jpg
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>urethra insertion
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>all kinds of bondage
I don't get this fetish.

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groovy trumpet
How the fuck did they make her sexier?

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This is Sagiri when she grows up.
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Stop posting the same thread over and over.
Until you like it...
At least post some webm in spoiler fag.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I kinda do actually
Fuck off faker
me too

This is a perfectly normal high school girl, please say something nice about her. I'll start: she's incredibly good at eating contests.
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It kind of turned shit when the perfectly normal boy turned up and it became ecchi
Sort of agree. Not a huge fan of the body swap neither.
Sumire is cute! Super cute!

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How many of you still prefer to binge watch anime instead of watching new episodes each weak.
And how many of you watch older shows on your backlog.
And how many of you only watch the latest stuff.

I personally binge watch anime and sometimes i may even postpone good anime for months.
And often hunt down older but good shows.
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It's been years since I binge watched anything. I watch both current and older shows but rarely more than a couple of episodes in one sitting. I find I appreciate and remember a series better if I let each part sink in for a bit before watching the next.
Binge watching may be the wrong word for it, but i definitely prefer to watch stuff after it aired in chunks of a few episodes at a time. Kinda like >>160898185 i like to give stuff some time to sink in for a bit.
For current anime there are maybe one or two shows i watch week to week, if that; often i watch a few weeks worth at a time.
For shows that aren't a top priority but that i'd like to talk about i catch up to them in the week(s) leading up to the final episode so i can be part of the conversation.
I've stopped with the week to week shit after Jojo 4. Severely undercuts the enjoyment of a series for me. Though I think watching one episode when it first starts just to gauge your own interest or whatever is fine. I do that occasionally then just watch the rest after it finishes airing.
Switching from weekly to "regular" was a little hard for shows I was invested in though.

I dont really binge nowadays but when I frst started watching anime in 2012 watching a 12 episode show completely in one day was totally normal. I think the longest show I binged in one day was steins;gate.

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Episode 6
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Is Mordred more like a mentally retarded girl or more like an irrational animal?
UTW subs are out.

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What does /a/ think of the Guren prequel spinoff?
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This was scanned? I can't find it uploaded.
Kissmanga has it if you cant find it anywhere else

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What anime released in the last year or so is the most popular in the doujinshi scene right now, I like to watch the anime before i fap to them
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Boku no Pico
Touken Ranbu
We don't lewd little girls here.

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