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What the fuck was that ending.

rip grandma tho
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Too complicated for you to understand.
of the manga? shit was straightforward as fuck. then again the anime too. what's the problem?
It felt empty, whole series had a bunch of touching moments but the conclusion had none of that

Why didn't he just kill Lelouch?
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he wanted his dick
Too self-righteous to do something like that
He tried his darnedest for a while.

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I never knew that the Japs liked giraffe this much
I want to give a full-body examination to this horse.
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Why do they have no redeeming qualities?
It really took me out of the show. They're really the only Friends that were just sort of shitty.

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How can anyone stand to watch anime without mecha or spaceships?
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I am watching an anime with a spaceship, it is pretty cool.
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I can't stand highschool animes
Pretend eveyone were actually mechas piloted by really tiny people

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Say something bad about this movie
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She is fucking irritating.
Insult my daughter again, I'll slap you criss cross motherfucker.
What kind of shitty parent lets their little brat run around and get lost in the woods?

Am I the only one that felt the second season kind of sucked?
They had an episode about competitive napping for fucks sake
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literally everyone thought so they shoulda kiss at the end of season 1 and stop it there
They ruined it with love triangle bullshit instead of further developing the relationship they already set up. And they made ishiki a black gay man for some reason.
>And they made ishiki a black gay man for some reason.
Nobody liked him anyway.

what is this face trying to convey?
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>Sketch-ecchi-gyaru-delinquent author making a promising looking story
Im pleasantly surprised, I really liked rough sketch senpais art but it felt kinda boring without any plot.
But this actually looks really good.
>Dat ass
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What happened here, why the bandages? Didn't she just fall on her back?

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Why didn't he just kill Naegi?
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He tried
You know why.
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Dude luck LMAO

This is offensively medicore.
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I agree.
It's supposed to be a close adaptation to the original manga, so it may be because of that. I haven't read it so I can't really say.
It's pretty close, so far. The problem is that the manga lacks heart - while the original series had tons of filler, they used those episodes to really pad out the characters.

That, and Venus and Mars are completely different characters from the 90's series.
Faithful adaptation of the manga really showed how shitty the manga really is

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Is this considered a crime?
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Definitely a crime.
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Based priestbro.
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Haven't they already had sex ed by fifth grade? She should know how it works.

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> Yuu Kamiya's real name is Thiago Furukawa Lucas
That's anime as fuck.
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No, it's the weeb as fuck BR author self inserting
what the fuck
this is amazing
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>dude basically lived his whole life in Japan

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The time is nye. Perfect anime to watch prior to the oncoming nuclear holocaust.
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You mean nigh
>actual post-apocalyptic portion is cut out of the movie
If anything you should be reading the manga
I read the manga already

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can you imagine if someone redid the anime to one piece? like bones or madhouse or some other studio with a higher budget than toie? So there's like actual movement and physics and a vibrant color palette and less still frames and tighter pacing.

Certainly the toie anime has plateaued in terms of viewers and new readers it brings one piece. If Oda knew what he was doing he would stop Toie right now and find another studio to reboot the anime. So why doesn't he do it?
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>watching One Piece

I surely hope no one actually does this.
well yeah because it's too slow paced and the animation isnt great. but if production ig did it, it'd be worth watching. rebooting the anime would be a good idea since like you said not many people are still watching the current anime.
>Reboot a show that would be(even with drastically better pacing) hundreds of episodes

Also I doubt Oda has that kind of control over the show.

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What's soon?
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>Put babies in me or you'll regret it, anon
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Can't wait for the game stream this month. Hoping we get more info on the game LE and the OVA it's supposed to include. And maybe even give us another deleted scene.

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DBS now belongs to Zamasu.
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He was too good for this show.
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>first to job
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Dbs posters ranking by intelligence and posts quality:

1. Briannefriends
2. Gokuchads
3. Cellfriends
4. Piccolofriends
5. Roshifriends
6. Tienshinhanfriends
7. Krillinfriends
8. Yamchafriends
99. Gohanpedros
100. Jobgetafags
101. Zamasufags
102. Caulifags (clinically retarded)

I think we all can agree on this one.

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