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Previous thread: >>151569693

Reminder that Eren's conciousness traveled back in time and told Kruger about Armin and Mikasa
Reminder that Eren is Bran Stark

Eren Kruger>>>>>shit>>Eren Yeger

Happy Birthday Bert ;-;
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Second for LH
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Together Forever

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Previous thread: >>151518950

We Do knot Always Love You chapters 1-3: http://missstormcaller.tumblr.com/tagged/WE-DO-knot-ALWAYS-LOVE-YOU
All the We Do knot Always Love You sketches: http://orihimefanclub.tumblr.com/post/155135805527
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>series final arc is a trainwreck
>editors tell you to wrap that shit up quick or else
>write half assed shit finale
>has to suplement it with fucking LN shit

This is the most kubo'd we've ever been kubo'd.
Hime/Yuzu/Karin translations when?
Ah, so there's one sketch previously not described, which is Isawa Genji.

I like Riruka's watch.

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>Shopping Mall Demonstration will never be animated
This is infinitely depressing.
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Awakened wings when?
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It's about time we had a Mikoto thread instead of focusing on Touma but the sad fact is it's most likely going to become a power level thread because 90% of the fan base doesn't realize this series isn't DBZ and refuse to accept it. The series is a metaphorical standpoint on relationships and overcoming obstacles together. It's teaching otaku that friendship is so important in life and despite your status and power you'll never be able to make it alone.

It's starts, waiting for the news for today.


>Uchouten Kazoku for April 2017.
>Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu for July 2017.
>Re:Creators for April 2017.
>Danmachi Sword Oratoria PV.
>Nanoha Reflection PV, for July 22.
>New Sokyuu no Fafner Project.
>New Seiren PV.
>Nekopara OVA Teaser.
>Schoolgirl Strikers new PV.
>Fuuka new PV.
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>Literally 90% of the porn doujins are based off mobage
Where were you when the anime medium was kill?
playing mobage
>maidragon PV
>uchouten kazoku date
Best ones so far.

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Who is your Type-Moon waifu?
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Too much semen spilled over Aoko.
Medea best Caster. Merlin's pretty good though.
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Sakura is best girl.

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bnha cop 1.png
66KB, 425x258px

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I want to "pop" Pop Step's cherry.

(if you know what I mean)
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>spouting about fujos every 5 second
I'm starting to believe that you are the fujo, anon
Reminder to ignore everyone who says anything bad about any poll.

All the polls were great because our favorite character, Bakugou-kun, was #1.

This is Rin Kurosawa she loves to dance and can't stay idle.
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I want to fuck Lala's mom
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I want to die.


Are you fucking ready?
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Feetfags will be all over her.

Yes, I am.
I just hope that MC isn't unlikable.

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Year of Brook
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Post SaNa for a SaNa thread
One Piece is all about the older generation passing the torch to the younger generation, or else just passing on pointlessly while the younger generation step into their place. The strawhat Luffy wears is a constant reminder of that. So is the repeated idea of "Inherited Will". Luffy is basically trying to do what Roger already did. To Decode the poneglyphs is to read a message from your ancestors.

The cast can basically be divided into the old guard and the newer generation. Whitebeard, Rayleigh and Sengoku as opposed to Ace, Zoro and Coby. Frequently the older ones pass things onto the younger ones. Consider Nami and her love of oranges because of Bellemere, Sanji being mentored as a chef by Zeff, Chopper and Hiruruk, Robin and her mother being archaeologists, Franky and Tom, etc.

Jinbe is firmly in the old generation. He's doesn't belong in the SHs. He's a passer-onner, not a receiver. He's Whitebeard, not Blackbeard, Shanks not Luffy, Zeff not Sanji, Bellemere not Nami. Someone will join in his stead, perhaps someone he's already passed something onto in some form or another. Maybe another practicioner of Fishman Karate
Pudding's a good girl

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Why is Pudding such a memer?
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She ate the Meme Meme fruit after all.
Pepe has the Meme Meme Fruit.

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The 1937th thread for drawing & requesting animu related things. Old >>151511451
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Lolis are best
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karas v garo.jpg
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Karas fighting Garo, in a city at night, or teaming up to cleanse the foul demon scum from the streets.
Use this thread:

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oku is scary.png
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What are the scariest things in JoJo ?
Pic unrelated
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It makes people gay, fuck you Araki, i was a strong and straight man before and now i fap to twinks getting fucked in jail
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Was it a stand?

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You asked for it.

>ghost in the taco bell
>ghost in the taco shell

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Arc 4 Ch.81 https://mega.nz/#!JMM3BDhK!ItILLQlUh1T7J3-c2mPUsl2BEKlNP6EgJtz6tXC7UeY

We got another translation by Lemon too
"Beatrice and Rem's Service is Tough"
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Nice general.
Was this the price for that info on Garfiel?
>Please recommend me more Rem content if I somehow managed to miss anything. I love Rem

Speaking of that, is he still doing arc 6 stuff?

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Cranberry is love. Cranberry is life.
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How can she be life when she's dead?
Leave this side of the red-light district to me.
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She lives on in my heart!

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