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>you have been browsing /a/ for a decade now

How does it feel?
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like its the year 2027?
Wrong. I started coming her like a few days ago. I'm as much of a newfag as you can get.
it's just not the same anymore.

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Little Witch Academia.gif
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Fuck Lotte
Kill Akko
Marry Sucy
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I want sucy to give me a succy.
when is the movie coming out?
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thumbs up.jpg
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Fuck Sucy
Marry Sucy
Kill Sucy

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Shhhh, Shinobu is sleeping.
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that's so cute.webm
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snoozing shinobu (medium).jpg
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Is he the most useless character in any part of Jojo?
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Useless moe is never a waste of a char-
>must defeat the fiend alone
>two bros died
>no, it's not fucking ok, don't you see?
>third bro punching him
>do you understand?
>I was so wrong!
>pt.5: must defeat the fiend alone
JoJo was for schoolgirls all along.
He was practically the protagonist of part 3 tho.
did op even read the manga

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>tfw LN author is supervisor of anime and greenlight the anime design because he think LN and manga design for Tanya is way too cute that not very accurate for LN's description

>What I don't get is how the two PV's both look considerably better (and even then that's still worse than the LN designs). Pic relate is straight from the PV, and it doesn't have any sort of Chucky Doll look to it.
PV(or say anime itself) is always better than magazine pictures.
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One thing i don't understand is why use Austro-Hungarian flag?
It's Holy Roman Empire flag.
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>LN and manga design for Tanya is way too cute that not very accurate for LN's description
What a fag.

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Welcome to the Ballroom PV and staff list out


制作:Production I.G

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They didn't fuck the art style too much but who the fuck is that director?
I won't believe its good till I see them dance fully.
Good start.

when is this fucking idiot going to figure it out?
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Around the same time he manages to get her to be visibly embarrassed, since they're tied to the same thing - his density.
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I think he already figured it out. It's just that he'd rather embarrass her first before making babies with her.
He has... He's just in denial.

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they are not sticking to the manga...why
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this was evident from season 1

why are you surprised?
the only part that made me think that was the very end when the walls revealed the face...apart from that it was pretty much true to the manga apart from a few (minor) things
Every scene there was from the manga idiot

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>/a/ hates this with a passion
>decide I should watch it because gotta see for myself
>starts off decent
>MC is nothing special but not straight up repulsive by anime standards
>starts getting better as the episodes pass
>get to episode 13 or 14 or so
>seems like they are finally going to start clearing floors properly and advance the plot
>nope final boss reveals himself
>final boss defeated with Deus Ex Machina
>everything that had been built up is chucked into the trash instantly
>now he's gonna go be a gay fairy in another game

Why? They could have made something good out of it if they didn't throw out everything they had spent time establishing like that. I imagined it would finally reach the point where the MC isn't stupidly overlevelled and we'd see some real challenges, but no. On top of it all the new world doesn't seem to have that whole "you die here you die IRL" so what's the point.

Is this why /a/ loathes it (apart from it being popular I mean)? Didn't seem much worse than a lot of stuff /a/ usually discusses without problems until this shit happened.
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You know, I thought something about sword art online the other day but I forgot what it was.
Even the popular opinion with normalfags is negative now. Only the most normal of normalfags enjoy it.
Watch gay fairly land, then watch as the only half way decent character from that series gets a countdown to rape.

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a best
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I just cant contain my hype for this show. I'm scared it's not going live up to it now.

It's been a while since I've enjoyed a straight up romance. All since Amagami. Everything else just feels like a harem, romcom, or dumbass drama. 5 more days. Oh man.
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Why are people going ape shit over this? What about looks so god damn amazing.
>literally copying a promotional image for Amagami SS
This just makes me less interested in it. Amagami sucked ass.
By the same guy who did kimikiss and amagami. They are pure kino in romance anime.

This guy >>151661310 is probably upset it's not an isekai harem or something.

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why is she in a washing machine
Not gonna lie I have Tsugumi's voice clips from the VN as my computer's system sounds. No regrets.
Is this guro? Why is she in a washing machine?

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New Year, new drawings.
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1Mizunashi Akari referencee.jpg
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Hello everyone.
I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari wearing a black dress with either one rose or a bouquet of flowers in her hand, please.
My grandmother died 4 days ago and it was her favorite song.
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Requesting my Dragon please. I have some ideas, but if you have anything else in mind then I would love to see it.

--Her hugging a small plushie of me very close to her heart
-As a new years one, Dragon lighting up some fireworks with her fire breath.
--Since it's the year of the rooster I think her chasing a chiken that lays golden eggs would be quite cute.

Thank you very much and have a pleasant week.
Sorry for your loss. Hope you get something nice.

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January 1st, the dawn rises on the weekend waifu drawthread.

Go get her drawn.
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Requesting Kuukaku Shiba
Larger Reference: http://imgur.com/a/Od5KU
Requesting Kuukaku in a Playboy bunny girl outfit popping the cork off a bottle of champagne with a cheeky grin.
Also a huge thank you to the two people that gifted two Christmas deliveries last weekend.
Have a wonderful New Years!
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Requesting my kawaii kanojo Konata!

While I'm cool with anything cute/cutelewd/the-above-with-SI, a few little suggestions:
>Wearing a new year yukata, teasing about whether or not she's wearing anything underneath don't mind if it's a bit ecchi, but keep it somewhat SFW.
>As a catgirl, stretching like a cat butt is a plus
>POV laying down together on a hill watching the fireworks display together
>Holding a YES pillow in a cutelewd way

And, the most important part: having a happy new year!
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Colette Collection v1.35c.png
2MB, 1630x1066px
Kindly requesting Colette eating or about to take a bite out of a large burger
Alternatively, wakamekaze
or whatever else ridiculously cute

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New Fate Grand Order anime thread

How long until the rest is animated?
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First for Marie.
I hope Wicker Man gets to be in the rest of the OVAs.
I want to know why they just flat out killed the director like that, it felt like such a dickbag cunt of a move.

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