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Pic not related
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Mai Natsume.

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This is your goddess for this evening
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My first fap of 2017!
Armpits please.
I just want to be Dekomori and have Nibutani rape me everyday.

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Left or right?
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Hotaru is literally diabetes on legs. She's disgusting.
God Hotaru deserves to be in a better show.

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Would he have changed for her over time if that little shit Hayato didn't fuck with him?
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Yes, Kira is a gud boy, Hayato is the real villain
I mean, he'd try. But didn't he killed a woman after becoming Kosaku and cucking the man with his wife?

You mean that couple whose apartment he barged into? The part where he made the girl cut his nails before killing her? Didn't that take place before the fight with Stray Cat? And didn't he also have to hold back from strangling Shinobu? IIRC all these took place before the incident where he realized that he might be developing feelings for her.

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T.. Toshinou Kyouko will invite me to her new year's sleepover, r.. right?
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Of course, Ayano.
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Silly Sugiura-chan, all the student council members are invited to my sleepover at Yui's place!
I'm normally not a shipfag but I want Ayano and Kyouko to be together so badly why

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Sexual thoughts about Rika are ________
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Please step on me.

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Was he really a villain?
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Fuck off with your bait threads
Could OP possibly be more of a faggot?
It is a male is the manga. The anime changed her to a female because s/he was too much like a female.

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Be honest, anons. Do you think Love Live Sunshine will get a new season in 2017?
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Yes. It will be announced in February and it will most likely air in the fall season. You didn't it from me though, and my dad definitely doesn't work for Sunrise.
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For sure, I'm sure they'll want it ready for Summer 2017 if it happens.

Plus it's Sunrise cash cow.
Happy new year, tripfag.

>dat new magazine scan
Why is Megumin so lewd?
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There is nothing lewd in touching aqua's boobs. Aqua is not sexy no matter how you look.
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Alright /a/, it's new years. Celebrate the death of the old year with some hands.
Guide if you need help: http://arcturus.su/tenhou/index.html

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first for fuck off normalfags
Which one are you?
First mahjong of 2017
December 2016 was a good month, hoping to continue the run

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Why do anime fans not mind special edition changes while Star Wars fans sperg out over them?
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because TV to BD changes are usually objective improvements
As a hater of Star Wars, I can still understand them on this. Fucking hell how can CGI from 2011 look so bad?
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OPT 2017
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There's still 2 hours left in 2016 here, but it's alright. I'll post anyway.

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ITT: shows you watch for the seiyuus
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Yui Horie, Ami Koshimizu, Aoi Yuuki, Mamoru Miyano, Nana Mizuki, even Norio Wakamoto

Only big voice actor missing I can think of I wsh was in it is Yuu Kobayashi
None of them, since Nip names are impossible to remember.
I have a hard time with the VA's names unless they are repeated to a crazy degree like Sugita and Wakamoto. I'm terrible with names in general, bad about characters' names, and the worst with VA names. That said I like voices that get repeated with high quality. Like I just looked up Arai Satomi because she was the narrator in the most recent rewatching of an anime I like and I've enjoyed her in a lot of works with her distinctive tone and fun acting ability.

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For once, let's have a thread about a good manga.
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>let's have a thread about a good manga
Alright, OP, you start.
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I do not understand why this manga is almost unknown, with 39 tomes.

Good characters, good mythology, great powers.

The "infinite fortress" was, for 40 tomes, an absolute mystery, is not it the proof this manga is a masterpiece ?

It also has good waifu.
Shitty anime ending, that's why.

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New years release

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Oh cool.

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