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Which one of you faggots spent $10,000 on this?
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>implying any of us NEETs have money
/v/ most likely
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>le sexy cat girl paradise
Just fuck off already

Why was it so perfect?
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Dunno. To me at least, I found it fucking hilarious and refreshing. I genuinely laughed out loud at some parts and the characters really grew on me.
Deen finds a good source material

What would sex with Satsuki be like, /a/?
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I'd imagine she'd put up the facade of being in charge, but really has no idea what she's doing.
God, this so much.

What's the girl version of "back of the knee maybe?"

Can someone explain to an anime-only scrub like me why Saber is covered with nasty red veins in this?
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What have you never seen a Sith face?
It represents all the veiny cocks she takes.

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>decide to watch Hyouka since its fanboys can't stop talking about it
>hear that it's all about "subtle character growth" and "show don't tell"
>first scene of the show is the main character telling you his personality through the most unnatural forced catch phrase ever uttered
>the rest of the episode is spent telling you how LAZY oreki is, repeating this stupid motto multiple times

Why is the writing so shit?
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>subtle character growth
>in one episode
Don't forget, at the end of the show he can't even confess fo girl after all that "character growth".
Serves you right, don't hear Kyoani fanboys anymore.
You might be better off watching some generic harem shit kid, this show appears to be too much for you.

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>best drama of the season
>had better animation than One Punch Man
>no one talks about it because no muh action and muh mundane subject matter
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>watching fujoshit
If I wanted to sleep I would watch Hyouka, at least the girls are cute there.
I liked it too but was it really that well animated?

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Characters you feel irrational levels of hatred towards.
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God I fucking hate this bitch.
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Midori-hater Daisuki!
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The new year is here, but there's still a few more days before the new season begins. There's still one more chance to look back on the year before winter starts and we all go back to watching anime.

Categories include best anime, worst anime, most surprising anime, most disappointing anime, best OP, best ED, best OST, best scene, best girl, best boy, best seiyuu, shows watched, and shows dropped.


The poll will close tonight, you can go back and edit your response until then.
Results will be posted tomorrow.
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2015 results here:
And feel free to treat this like a normal AOTY thread and post your opinions after you vote. This will be the last thread, so once it dies the votes will stop. And who knows, maybe you'll remind someone how superior your favorite show was.
Saiki was the best short of the year.

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So for all the lucky bastards who managed to se this last year, what are the odds of Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name of nabbing Oscar gold or at the very least, get nominated.
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most likely

no chance
Zootopia, Moana and Kubo are all better
Any news on its total gp in japan? Did it beat Miyazaki's films?
no chance of a win. I don't think think kimi no na wa does much that is strictly possible without the realm of animation. It doesn't have the 'magic' so to speak. not that that makes it worse than the other nominees in my opinion, but if it's an award for 'best animated film' I wouldn't be surprised if the academy looks for something more zany


ITT: Post what you look like now that you've turned into a loli.
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I finally look EXACTLY like Syaro.
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Uh oh, looks like something went wrong...
Absolutely disgusting.

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So, is she just a glorified baby sitter? I haven't gotten around to playing the games yet.

Also, how are the other goddesses in her world compared to the "main" ones? Worse, Better, more or less on par? (personality wise)
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Pururu is Neptune's waifu.
There's a plot point in the game where the main villain faction is kidnapping children in order to make them monsters so Histoire of that universe turns the Basilicom into a Daycare. And Plutia being a fucking amoral bitch is okay with killing the turned children instead of trying to even attempt to save them.
Also the other goddesses are worse than the canon universe counterparts by a wide margin. The least changed is Blanc, but you really can't make Blanc that much worse to being with.
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Nep - 003.jpg
2MB, 5802x3958px

Spoiler text, yeah, can't say I'm surprised.

Too bad about the other goddesses though, I mean, I already knew they have worse fashion sense, but I would have guessed on par.

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Hope you're having a wondering new year /a/rc-v.
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>lectures you on how you suck at life
Biri, biri, bibibibibi buddies.
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What a cute couple.
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What a shit show.
Jesus christ he's so annoying
my friend told me that shirobako is a depressing show . why did he tell me that ? i know he wasn't messing

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ITT: Shit Tier Girls
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God she was so awful.
OP's mom
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