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>[Cocona] Flip Flappers - 13 [720p].mp4
Poor Yayaka ends up with the rabbit
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Yayaka best girl.
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They will have lots of babies.
i hoped for a better final episode but i was acceptable. 7/10

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Chapter is out.
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We truly are the Shingeki no kyojin
Are the Ackermen and the East Sea clan part of the Eldians?
Ymir confirmed retard, can't write a proper letter. DEAD finally.

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Chapter's out. Translation soon.

The Sanji suffering ride will apparently never end.
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Pudding will redeem herself
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No she won't. Neither will you Puddingfags.

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S2 confirmed. MC is the girl
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Already being panned on Japanese Twitter and Social Media because they confirmed Hestia has little screen time in this new season.
First, it's not s2.
Second, it was "confirmed" months ago.
Who cares? Unlike the main series, Sword Oratoria is actually fun to read. Can't wait to see it all animated.

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Mahouiku is horrible but discuss (I'm sorry if this isn't the correct image anon, I couldn't remember the exact image you posted and the thread was 404ing, forgive me)
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Rising 2.jpg
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Rising 3.jpg
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Damn, Shuu. You didn't have to deny her THAT hard. Better be careful, she might jump ship because of that.

Oh wait.

/our boy/ an heroes his own ship yet again. Truly a magnificent display of adolescense. Bravo KyoAni
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So after 13 episodes, can we still say, that shoeichi is, dare i say it...

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This is the real tragedy here
Let's watch Tari Tari guys.

New Fafner anime announced.
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Anyway, Xebec is the savior of anime.
Should be, I don't see any reason for doing something else.

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So, are they gay or not?
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but in terms of what you see in the anime it's just bait
Only people who grew up in a one or no male child home think this. Speaking as someone with a brother, the behavior between Yuuri & Viktor is very common between brothers. If you see something sexual, you're a pervert.
No, it's normal to grind against your bro while drunk and then buy an 800 euro marriage ring for him.

ToLoveRu Darkness 75 spoiler pics
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All in one second!.
The title is "sudden confession"..maybe is the time?

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Been waiting 10 years for this holy shit does time fly.
>The designs are mostly fixed
Thank God.

I am hyped. Still hoping for Materials confirmation.
>Those weapons

Fortress, is that you?

Buyfag Thread. Google the guide before asking questions.

Have you ordered your Limited Edition Bubble Wrap yet?
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It's funny that you mention that. I don't really have any shelving so I just put all my scales on this shitty fake wood bookshelf. I have the Alter Nico on the same shelf as the GSC Nico, and it looks pretty goofy especially since they have nearly the same pose.

I always hated putting 1/7 and 1/8 on the same level. Especially when a character is supposed to be smaller and ends up being just as big as the 1/8.
general still here?
not on jaypee?

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Was Kira really an effective villain in comparison to all the other side villains we saw in part 4? Or was he weak when it comes to the big villains of JoJo overall?
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yea he was pretty good
His sexy dad game was on point, and that's all that matters.
I've read that text somewhere before. If only I was motivated enough to think about it more.

He looks better with the black hair, though.

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No chapter this week.
Please don't flood the thread with fujo conspiracy theories.
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>No chapter this week.

this says otherwise

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Iida should be in this image

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shonen jump 6.jpg
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One Piece (Cover&Lead CP)
My Hero Academia
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club (CP)
The Disastrous Life of Saiki (CP) live-action Fall 2017
Black Clover
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Demon's Plan
Hinomaru Zumou(CP)
The Promised Neverland
Ole Golazo
Samon the Summoner
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma
Haru yo, Koi! (One Shot Part 2)
Amalgam of Distortion
Spring Weapon No. 1
Chronicle of Isobe ~Life is Hard~

WSJ Preview #7
Kimetsu no Yaiba (Cover and Lead CP)
CP : Samon the Summoner,Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
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Jump shouldn't be out this week.
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WSJ Issue #8
Golem Hearts by Osuka Gen (new series, Cover and Lead CP)
oneshot version: http://plus.shonenjump.com/rensai_detail.html?item_cd=SHSA_JP01PLUS00005144_57
Jesus gintama got pushed to the back. Looks like it's about to end soon... hope it's not rushed.

I can see Sorachi being like Hiramaru from Bakuman and crying about working on it and waiting for the evil editor to go away.

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Name Stands that can defeat Cream
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part 5.jpg
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>Name Stands that can defeat Cream
The Hand
but for reals, Sex Pistols due to how he got passed White Album
Killer Queen.
King Crimson
Hey Ya
Tusk IV
Gold Experience Requiem
Cheap Trick

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