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Looks like we somehow ran out.

Have a refill.
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Is this a meme?
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Which original thought do you hold in your mind? What is not a meme?
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I brought extra.

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How come literally no one is talking about this or subbing? OVA 4 has been out for at least a week or two and here we are still with no subs.
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must be crap then
>implying they didn't sub it already and simply kept it to themselves
I hope it's not as bad as OVA 3 was.


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Post your waifumon, anon.
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which digimon series are worth a watch
Adventure, Tamers.
Adventure, Tamers, Savers.

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What makes harems fucking fantastic?
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the girls
Self-insertion fantasy.
You, the audience!

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>Wow, now I've actually become Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2™
Really Sunrise?
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So was he really the driver or what?
Lelouch faking his death is very much his character, an edgelord.
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>April, you really are Darker Than Black®
Umm Hei, racist and sexist much????

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Despite all this hateposting, A-1 is still the most appropriate studio for pic related. Prove me wrong.

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I can't because I don't get your reasoning.
Garbage studio for garbage spin-off what's not to get
Yeah, looks like shit, what of it?

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They did it, the absolute madmen.
Holy shit they actually did the stuff.

Kouhai was cute too.

What show are you most looking forward to next season and why is it Konosuba?
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This would be the primary reason right here.

However, there are several shows I'm really looking forward to; we'll see how it goes. It's good to not put all your eggs in one basket; let's hope LWA and Maid Dragon turn out awesome too.
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Final Explosion.webm
3MB, 640x360px
Because I need more EXPLOSIONS in my life.
it's a boring harem comedy based on a light novel get some taste

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Why did he lose?
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He also made Jotaro angry.

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>Most anticipated anime of 2017
>Most anticipated game of 2017

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>Vento Aureo
>Resident Evil 7
New Game+
All the fate shit
Nier Automota

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What ever happened to this series? It was really big and then nothing. Remember the girl wars? Remember the shitstorm over the MC pretending to be retarded? Will there never be a S3?
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the LN became such a shitfest that no one cares if it doesn't get a S3 anymore
Yukimura won
the author happened

What's the most underrated part of a qt 2d toon /a/?

Pic related. Disagree and my waifu will bite you
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hachikuji tooph.jpg
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Oh and I mean body part obviously
I disagree with you OP
now please bite me hard
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literally insta best girl

I just finished watching Kimi No Na Wa. how do i deal with the massive gaping void i now have in my soul?
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I just finished it five minutes ago.

It was pretty good, but I didn't feel especially attached to the characters or their bond.
This happens literally every time i watch any good anything

My heart is made of tissue paper
>he still has a soul
top plek

kill yourself desu senpai

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>Still not running a cafe with cute girls
What are you doing /a/
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There are people on /a/ RIGHT NOW who don't think Taneda will return in 2017.
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First 2017 I'm going to MARRY Sharo-chan post!
It's very hard to get into the food and beverage industry. It's even harder to get exclusively cute girls to work for you.

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So a just sa this so for the first 2017 (President Day) but NOBODY ware to tell that I would be OCCASTED by such uncanicated AUTICITICISM by the (Present Time) sherial Enement Lain, whose mane chanichature Lain’s ((MCLSEL’s MCL Lain) she Show TURE anische. This is the FIRT and LAST time to ever LISEN to /a/ AGANE for recc such bad results.

I tore the firt episode like breasy,, or SO you THOUGHT but I cudn’t BECAUSE at evely mo foent Lain she SPAWS anache to the Foulor every signal senond. So Spwicde Gill Kill Bill she then Hont Lane with grapeposting. But She what?? SHE GHOSE OUT aand wants MORE taims? Her POOR FATHERS want for few anischitteries but SHE force bank rupped the Cardit for no cause than Buy the Navi to Play STUPID MINECRAFT in HD. And you disgusting people call this appable

My foreheadhairs was but all gone by EP2 why the dunce parrty Lain goes Dressed with a COMPELT lank of Soschemial auarenes with clothes for NO FASSION (bet shes never even BEEN a club before). She conitues to dipspay such tarible taste in previous (EP1) and later (EP3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,0,1,1,1,2,1,3). The BARE SUIT se wares ware the MOST EFFENDI tool for RAMOVE mine foreheadhairs (They were ALL gone by THID apparence of BARE SUIT).

And That Chow (serial Exnt Lain) GLORIFIES Nofe other Then MURDER the #1 Cardinal Seven Deadly Sins (REALLY? Looks Like Not Just Fasiosm but also ORIGINALITY laccerated by this Televib). Main Sycopant lane kill following: The Sausage girl, The Drag Adiot, The Dumb Fucking Shooterman, Persona4 Dancing All NiGHTS, the GAYS, the Cast TDRK, EVERY Roswale, the ILLEGAL ALIENS, and MOST OF ALL JESUS CHIRST. This EGREGISH SACRELAGE RELEVATE THIS SHOW TO EDGY ATEISTH STRAS.
And Lane burchas disgusting PIZZA for eat and DODN’T TIP PIZZA MAN.

And SHE gets become PIZZA GOD?! HAH.

Who you recomend this FEDORA (or Schould I says BARE SUIT) Tarish to me, fuck YOU. Is the so of Edgy Ateisth FEDORA pizza trash. Never Watch Show For FIST YEAR AGAIN. /a/ for TRASH.
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Holy shit shut the fuck up about this ayy lmao autistic lain shit. You've been doing this for like 3 fucking weeks get a life you fucking autist.
ahh yes lets all Love Lain
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