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Am I the only one who cared about this animu
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Nah you just keep missing the surprise thread.
Best girl.

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Spoilers for chapter 41.


Looks like a flashback chapter for Angelica. Also, extra illustrations for C91.
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2017 April
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Armed Girl's Machiavellism Chapter 33 out http://www.yuncomics.com/archives/1856763 and yes best girl win
Manga Gets Anime Adaptation ???When??
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Fuck yes.
where's she going?

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I noticed the volume extras were posted earlier so here are the translations. Putting on the trip so editor-san can find this thread later in the archive.
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>How Rindou-senpai warms up after getting home

>Sfx: K-chak // whoosh
>Sfx: Shuffle shuffle // rustle rustle

>*Mute and drastically slower movements due to the cold weather
File: 1483154177497.png (188KB, 764x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>Souma, Snow Mountain mode
File: 1483154241057.png (158KB, 764x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>Souma: …wait, it’s cold! Freezing!!

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How did she survive?

Not that I'm complaining. Loved Kazumi.
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She didn't, neither did the MC, or the other girl. In my opinion, its one of the worst. This cunt, has never made a series with a good ending.
Idk what series you watched. Haven't read the manga, it's not in English and I don't read stuff off of a screen. I need paper in my hand in a comfy bed.

Cthulu show up?
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Animu girls and bikes.jpg
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>Let's make the same series twice with different bikes
Who is the best moé biker gang, /a/?
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Right is cuter.
>Almost the same facial expressions
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Onsa is best girl, but Hondas are best bikes

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vol2 cover.png
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How can one girl be so best?

there's no way she'd lose, r-right?
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>this could be a kyoani girl soon
how did this happen?
Wait what
God I hope not.

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Happy 2017.jpg
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Here's to a happy new year for everyone. Also reminder that January 1st is Reinhard's birthday.

What are your thoughts on the newest chapter? From the way things ended on chapter 82 i'm expecting Roswaal to start sperging out about Echidna, or maybe he'll simply provide an explanation? Surely not all that simple considering he got a reaction out of that specific question.
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Reinhard wants to celebrate.jpg
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Here's a comic i just typeset in relation to Reinhard's birthday as well.
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Which would you rather spend new year's eve with?
Why not both?

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become meguca
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2017 i will become meguca
NEDM: Not Even Dead Megucas

>Umaru aired 2 years ago
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No fucking way this cannot be happening
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>it's true
who /古人/ here?
S2 announcement this year, r-right?

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Why do people prefer Jojo Over pic related?
It's much less autistic and decent plot, outside of the extra arc with Roah/Ken-oh's kid.
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No good scans in english
because people like different things
Fair enough I suppose.

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These are your garbage meme girls for tonight.
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your mom's pic is missing
That's Winter.
>girls that no one will remember in 10 years

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Why aren't there more morally grey main characters? They're always god tier protagonists.
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Writing character hard
Spend most time learning kanji to write thoughts down
Best weight gain in anime.
She isn't grey her heart is pitch black
She just isn't a villain

>anons suggest I give Sailor Moon a go
>tell me Sailor Mars is the best guardian
>ok sure anon
>start watching
>first ten episodes are an absolute drag
>fuq this
>Sailor Mars comes in
>its actually pretty good now

Is anyone else on the same page? Is it because she calls out bun-heads shit and doesn't put up with her when she having a sook?
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Keep watching. The series doesn't get its legs in until the whole cast pops up. And yes, Rei is amazing for calling out Usagi on her shit.
Usagi is my favorite and I thought the first few episodes were fine. The show actually slowed down for a few episodes when Rei appeared and didn't pick up again until Rei started going out with Mamoru. And even then, it was more about Usagi's jealousy and Mamoru's reactions to it all.
Did he tap that?

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