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This is your nakama for the rest of the journey.
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Good. I like fish dicks.
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That'll be one boring journey
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This is best skelly for the rest of the journey

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One last thread for the best girl of the show.
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This won't be the last thread. There are still so many things to discuss, symbols to analyze, and flaps to flip.
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Can't argue with those quads.
Digits know

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Probably the last thread
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Did TSF Forefront get released yet?
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by the way
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my futa selection

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Season 2 WHEN!?

Also BD rips are coming out. Apparently there's an extra scene with Yurio and Yuuri, which is why I chose pic related to be the image.
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considering buying these doujin.

wanted a fatfairy too but they all had ugly art.
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S2 best boy with triumph and Chris will coach Seung-Gil on mature eros.
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Let's listen to best boy talking about best boy and singing best song.

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Gonna post a randomly chosen collection of oneshots or individual chapters in a longer series that can still be understood.

Feel free to talk about or recommend any recent oneshots.

This first one is Beta!, by Urasawa Naoki (Monster, 20th century Boys), which was included in the collection, NASA.
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What would you do if you owned Asuka for one day (24 hours)?
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Put her in the trash where she belongs.
Probably be arrested since slavery isn't allowed in my country.
I'd go for a walk, talk, have dinner and watch things with them.

Provided it's not too traumatic I'd like to ask what it's like to pilot an EVA.

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Old one was getting full
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>you will never see redeemed Kira vs punished Giorno animated in your lifetime
I just finished the Miracle Man arc. Why is Joshuu fucking based?
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>fanfiction is cancer but it's okay when we do it because LOL IRONIC

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How well are local police versed in monster species? You would think that would be important, but it seems here that bike cop wasn't aware of dullahans
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To be fair, it's at night and the head is having an orgasm
I don't blame the poor chap
Dullahan are also a fairly rare species, so it's like a village cop in China finding an African in his outskirts.
>hi there citizen I heard some strange noises are you ok?
>oh a decapitated head? Well that might be a dullahan so it's ok, please don't stab me while I foolishly assume you aren't a madman

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Why is she even allowed to be a goddess?
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She's absolutely useless and offers nothing valuable to anyone. Sounds like god to me.
she has a nice butt
It's a livin'

At least we'll always have the first 9 episodes. That's something, right?
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>9 episodes of lul so random

Those were shit too and the reason the project flopped
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How many threads are you going to make faggot?

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ITT: Manga that deserve an anime
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I need more of Tomo's Tomos in my life.
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At least SauceNAO still works.

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>[6:26 AM] PlatFleece: Tell the thread I'll release QUEENS Chapter 2 on New Years
>[6:26 AM] PlatFleece: so Puk Puck can ruin New Years too :stuck_out_tongue:
>[6:26 AM] PlatFleece: promise to Wedin again

Also I want to MARRY Mariko!
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I want to be sexually arrested by Patricia.
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What if Nemurin went berserk and started killing everyone she met on the dream world?

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Why did she shoot Reiju in the first place?
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Is Nami Sanji's prize this arc?
Because she's a crazy bitch
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Why is Jinbe the best husbando?

Which re:zero girl is best, /a/?
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Every thread until Rem wakes up.

She's steamy
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Why aren't you worshiping her yet, mortal?

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Name a cuter JoJo.
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happy gappy.png
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Gappy makes me happy

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