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Best Yugioh girl?

No monsters, beastilality is a crime and against 4chan's rules.
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aspect radio
She always made me horny whenever she had screen time. Its a shame there isn't really any decently drawn porn of her, I just use my imagination
>beastilality is a crime

Didn't seem to matter when I fucked you're mom roflmao

What is the recommended way of watching Berserk?

I'm retarded and started with the 2016 version
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Watch any but the 2016 3d garbage
2x speed with spanish subs on onepieceofbleach.com
original 90's tv series and then ignore everything else

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So are you reading the manga that went beyond edgy and achieved something wonderful?
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Exact same crop and 14 seconds faster?
Too bad the other isn't searchable.

Anyhow, chapter is good. Eating faces, though ...

just read this series a day ago up until the latest chapter.

Why does fat men always win against the handsome MC?
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Aki a shit and worst girl.
She needs a good slapping and some reality checks
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I can appreciate the catering for leg fetishes though

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how can she be so perfect, /a/?
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Because she's not spammed like GoB.
I love her, but please OP.
KnK was shit. Even Phantom Shit was better.
Literally poor man's Mirai.
Thanks to based Kyoani for inventing glasses.

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Let us have a talk about Yagyu Ninpochou /a/.

Plot is basically 7 woman of the Hori Clan taking revenge on the Ashina Clan that murdered their husbands/parents/relatives while being trained by Yagyu Jubei. If you enjoyed Basilisk you will undoubtly enjoy Yagyu Ninpochou too.
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picked the fuck up
Is that by the same author that did Rape Namek?

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Orginal Luna best Luna
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She's only 15
You'd totally hatefuck SINS Luna, though.

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Who is best boy and why is it Ryousuke
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>came up with Project Dick
>barely even raced then
It was Ryousuke, atleast, until they made him look like a gigantic fag in season 4.

Tbh the best character is Keisuke or Takumi.
>tfw fell for the Initial D meme
>it's actually fucking great

I started watching yesterday and I'm totally hooked, almost done with First Stage.
Is this show supposed to be as funny as I'm finding it to be until now? The corny romance/drama shit is absolutely hilarious.

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This year's the year!
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The year to finally conquer Mt. Ontake?
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tfw no yama friends to go hiking with
The year I will fuck Kokona.

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Which series is impossible not to binge all at once?
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Sword Art Online
One Piece

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Why are cats so obsessed with figurines?
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That's a hamster idiot
Nice cat.
No you retard. It's clearly a pomeranian.

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Did Gon go too far?
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>murdering, psychopathic inhuman monster gets what's coming to it
>Did Gon go too far
He didn't go far enough.
No, Pitou literally deserved it.
Yes, he knew kaito for like a 5 days

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Kuma Miko was the worst show of last year, with how much love it could've gotten, but what it did towards the end, essentially killing it.
It's pretty saddening since Machi was such a nice girl and Natsu a interesting bear.
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I want to benis her bagina
I see no problem with the ending. Giving up is a valid option
Am I the only one who didn't like Natsu? The adventures of a miko and a delinquent would've been just fine for me.

This shit should have ended after the Frieza saga. Akira Toriyama even said so himself.

Everything was said and done. The tournaments, the Red Ribbon army, the strong devil-guy at the end of DB and his son and now the mystery of Gokus origin was lifted and he even got to fight his own relatives and a fucking super-alien. That would have been an awesome and fitting end.
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The introduction of Trunks with the story being different from what he saw in the future, the androids being stronger and cell existing was so good though. All these elements were thrown out at the same time so the tension was real. Sadly, It got boring after the cell games started. But everything before that was really good, the soundtrack was at its best too.
It should have ended after the Pilaf saga faggot.

Everything after that was just faggotry.
I don't think you know what a good ending is, OP.

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Why do people like Toradora? it's shit
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Here's the thing though. It's actually not.
its mediocre at worst
It's Keit-ai without the phones and AU.

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