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What if it worked?

Wouldn't you feel like an ass?
wait, how did she regenerate her broken pelvis?

I just finished this masterpiece /a/
Where the FUCK is my second season?

Also Nenecchi thread if you'd please
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>more neneposters
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You can't stop the dominenetion.
Dumb neneposter

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Asuka 245.jpg
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>longs for affection and love
>steps on all her love letters at school
>ditches her date for being "boring"
>decides to go home and kiss Shinji

What was she thinking here?
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>longs for affection and love from Shinji
Wait, I thought she hated Shinji?
This guy

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Seiyuu with most number of roles in Winter 2017 anime

5 roles: Yoko Hikasa, Saori Hayami, Kana Hanazawa, Suzuko Mimori, Mikako Komatsu

4 roles: Lynn, Ai Kayano

3 roles: Sayaka Nakaya, Rie Murakawa, Reina Ueda, Kaede Hondo, Ayane Sakura, Yurika Kubo, Aya Uchida, Sumire Uesaka

2 roles: Rie Takahashi, Sora Amamiya, M.A.O, Aoi Yuuki, Noriko Hidaka, Manami Numakura, Aimi, Yui Ogura, Maaya Uchida...etc

The rest of list here (also male list)
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Thank God HanaKana is still prominent, I was getting worried.
>Mimorin the only LL to continue doing voice work

Do the other 8 even have jobs any more? Nico was in that crane game show and that's it for all I know
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>no roles for Mai Nakahara

Fuck yes, still going strong.

;_; F-Fuck

Some of you are all right... don't go to the wedding tomorrow
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>candy jacketed
are they like hollow points?
Have you guys heard the theory about Nami being pregnant with Sanji's kid and that's what Vito whispered into Sanji's ear?
Do you guys want to here it?

Like her name, she is in fact Lovely, but I feel her arc is maybe third overall if we disregard SS+. What do you think about Haruka Lovely Morishima?
I won't make a thread for every arc, I'm just curious on current /a/'s thoughts in anticipation of Seiren
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Her WIDE FUCKING OPEN EYES always make her look like she's tripping acid to me.
That's one way to describe her eyes.
>Haruka and MC go on a vision quest
>Hibiki tripsits
>Cousin fucks heavy with them

would watch on repeat

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Who's ready for the second Boku No Pico?
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>released 2 days ago
>still no torrent

>sold out on release day
>has been three days since
>still no uploads
But why?
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a is fucking gay.png
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Can you faggots leave /a/? You're cancer. Stop shoving your gay shit in here. Bunch of anons doing ERP on New Years and then hoards of gay shit start rolling on.

All you trapfags need to get out of here. As it stands, the LEAST annoying group is the fujoshits. The yurifags are cancer too, especially with Hibikek now finished, but you guys are miles ahead of them.

For fucks sake, go post this shit in /h/ or something. Just get the fuck out of this board.

>pic related cancer

I summon Beta The Magnet Warrior in attack mode! Your move, /a/non.
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I activate pot of greed and end my turn
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I'll just go fuck your waifu then. Thanks for the heads up.

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New Tawawa on Monday image. As I had somehow predicted, its Jitome-chan (The shrine temple chick with the cold look and the bigger-than-LL-cup tawawas)
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Can Japanese priestesses get married and have children? Or are they more like celibate nuns?
For reference, she also appeared last year in a couple of images.
I thought you could be a shrine maiden without actually being a priestess. I'm unfamiliar with the rules governing that.

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I don't understand why Part 4 is so liked here on /a/. Its pure fucking filler. And thats saying a lot when we're talking about Jojo, which is know to have a weak storyline, but gets a pass because it has awesome characters and moments, and this is the worst part of this, no one is interesting and the villain only appear in the end This shit was boring as fuck. Part 3 and 5 are a lot better.
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part 3 is the filler you retard
The story is weak through all of Jojo, what is truly good is how charismatic the characters are and the moments that they create. All of Jojo is "stand of the week" kinda of thing. But everything in part 4 is bland, with the exception of a few episodes. Thats why i don't get why /a/ likes it so much.

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Are there /a/nons who actually liked Minus out there?
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since Golden Frieza was super mad at Goku, would Black and him have fought each other if Black came a bit earlier?

then again, Vegeta didn't fight Black all that much and he always had a bone to pick with Goku.
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>Bulma, Chichi, Videl
>Ranfan, 18, Lunch
>Vados, Gine, and Towa.

Fuck one vaginally (position and creampie of choice), anally (position of choice), orally (cum shot of choice: tits, mouth, face, ect.), and receive a tit fuck from the other. You can only choose 4 out the 9. Go.
none of the women in Dragon Ball are appealing

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Is Saunders tactics essentially the same as Nishizumi tactics? Or is the main difference the fact that Saunders is just haphazardly retarded as opposed to the Nishizumi zerg rush retarded.
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Saunders tactics boil down to their commanders OBESITY. Naomi a best burger.
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Gonna post a randomly chosen collection of oneshots or individual chapters in a longer series that can still be understood. If you don't feel like waiting, take a look at some of the oneshots I posted 2 days ago: >>151632364

Feel free to talk about or recommend any recent oneshots.

First one is an Asano Inio oneshot from Before Dawn and the End of the World.
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One of the things I liked about Fate Zero and even somewhat Fate Unlimited Blade Works was that the battles were done wonderfully. You actually had a sense that it was an actual strategetic battle that was occuring, as even that smallest detail that your opponent does not know can help you to win.

And then they just ruin that all here with everyone announcing their weapons and attacks before they even do them.

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So it'll be more shonen?
Caster Cu versus Archer was arguably one of the best fights in the series so far, up there with Sparks Liner High.
Rubbish shit series.
It breaks my heart to see fate saga turned into this shit. unoriginal most boring predictable MC + 3 grills, shitty animation on fate standards and its not even ilya or something else with fanservice, absolutely ZERO reason to watch this shit.

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