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>tfw you drop a series and check up on it monts/years later and confirm it's still shit

What the fuck is wrong with this author anyway? How can you literally have MC fucking a male trap in a harem manga and think it's okay?
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Fujoshits need harem manga too
>How can you literally have MC fucking a male trap
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that sounds incredible
truly ground breaking
wouldn't expect a pleb like you to understand

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General flip flap discussion thread with papika shit posting
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We seriously need some fanart with Cocona in the outfit that was kindly provided by Sayuri
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How do I decide whether Papika or Yayaka is the better girl?
Which girl has more pics in your folder?

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get out.png
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Post a character without actually posting him/her
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ryona thread?
Nao deserved that but she wasn't a slut
If it's female, it's a slut

Cute romance is best romance. What is /a/'s favorite cute romance?
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>What is /a/'s favorite cute romance
Love Lab
Horimiya up to a point
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Childhood romance is my favorite, tragedy is a plus too
>tragedy is a plus too
Wow, aren't we edgy.

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Someone please explain me how this fucker works? Shouldn't the true Sasaki Kojiro of the legends exist in the Throne of Heroes regardless of whether he was real or not? In every Fate work they tell that if a legend about someone exists, that someone automatically exists as an Heroic Spirit. Why was this guy summoned then?

Why the fuck Nasu overcomplicates things so much?
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In the Nasuverse, Sasaki Kojirou never existed. So the Grail plucked some random farmer who resembled the character in the legend the most.
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Oh great, I was waiting for a thread about explanations, can someone explain me how King Crimson works again?
That goes back to what I said in my own post. In the Nasuverse, even if someone never existed, as long as there are legends about him, he will exist in the Throne of Heroes. It happens with a lot of mythological Servants.

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What anime made you actually cry, /a/?
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mumen rider

A lot of them.

Most of them.

Oh fuck it all of them.

I think there's something wrong with me.

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>there are people on this board right now who prefer a fucking a clock or a retard over this piece of perfection

Explain yourselves
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DAL had a nice cast, the hate towards Origami was a bit exaggerated, though.
Moegami > shit > Old Origami
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Kotori > Origami

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.

Happy new year fishposters!
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Who was the most attractive anime girl of 2016?
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This little slut
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Definitely not that plain jane

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Rips are a lie.
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Someone please help Phichit.
Is Phichit a furry?
Why is Viktor the only hansome, the rest are the ugly

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So Ymir is dead, right?
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How the fug do the Shingekis have such a homo/fujo fanbase?
Just take a gander at the pictures posted on this thread.

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How many times has Pudding raped Reiju and then erased the memory?
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Why is crazy pudding so sexy?
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We are now in the year of SaNami!!
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Nami will fight pudding to get her beloved Sanji-kun back!

"Two tears trickled down the sides of Snow White's nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. She had won the victory over herself. She loved Puk Puck."
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The Peaky Angels wish for your 2017 to be magi-cool!
Daily reminder SW is a cuplet
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Come be friends with Lady Puk.

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