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In S3, we got a nice, quiet trip to Akari's home and saw what her life was like for the New Year's episode, and in S1 we saw Ichigo get huge. What do you think will happen in this week's episode of Stars? Will they go out to the shrine, or watch the Red-White competition? Or do you think they'll idle around the dorms?
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Hey mods, there was actual discussion in the last thread.
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What last thread?
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>thread for four on-going shows which come out and get subs all at different times of the week, plus a host of past shows and seasons
>no good

On topic, I wonder what Lily is doing.

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Webcomic updated again. Looks like round 2 of Genos vs Saitama is about to start
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And that's it

>genos fights with the bright light the entire time
>saitama uses serious candle blowing to put it out
Even if Genos manages to hit Saitama, his fist would most likely shatter doing so

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Only 6 more days until the anime starts!

PV 1
[YouTube] Little Witch Academia (2017) Trailer (embed)

[YouTube] Little Witch Academia (2017) Trailer 2 (embed)

CM 1
https://twitter.com/LWA_jp/status/811133840932499456 (embed)

CM 2
https://twitter.com/LWA_jp/status/811147046249906176 (embed)
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Staff list for episodes 1 to 3

Episode 1:
Storyboards - Yoh Yoshinari (Animator Superstar, creator of LWA)
Animation Director - Shuhei Handa
Animators - Kai Ikarashi, Takafumi Hori, Shota Mitsumiya

Episode 2:
Storyboards - Yoh Yoshinari
Animators - Kai Ikarashi, Masaru Sakamoto, Kengo Saito, Miso
PLUS KOU YOSHINARI (Yoh Yoshinari's older brother)

Episode 3:
Storyboards - Masayuki
Ep Director - Keisuke Shinohara
Animators - China, SUSHIO, Toshiyuki Sato, Kai Ikarashi, Kengo Saito.
They're all so cute.
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Last but not least, the interview with yoh yoshinari:


Interview with Yoshinari. Details:
>They decided to start from Akko's arrival to the school to work on the world building and the mysteries of Luna Nova. He felt that the world in the movies felt a bit small and wants to expand it.
>One of the reasons he decided to do a TV series over more movies is that there are many things he wants to do. For example, in a movie the focus would always be around Akko but in a TV series he can even give focus to characters like Amanda or Constance.
>Even if Yoshinari tried to trim it for a TV series, they still ended up having a large amount of unique mob characters on screen.
>Yoshinari wants to make a show for kids that can be enjoyed by adults because Trigger has done nothing of the sort.
>In terms of the story, he wants to balance surprising developments and delivering on the audience expectations. He mentions Gurren-Lagann as contrast, because Gurren-Lagann was a show that followed the usual pattern of super-robot anime.
>He picked Hori as main animator because Hori is someone that can animate magical creatures and make them feel real. He says that drawing magic is easy but drawing magic that feels real is harder.
>In terms of the feel, they're aiming for something that combines the feel of a Japanese magical girl anime with the more classical foreign image of a wizard (like in Lord of the Rings or Merlin from the Arthur legend)
>He hopes to be able to make the characters interesting and deep in the long term.

Who will win the 8manbowl, /a/?

Who do you want to win?
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Yukinoshita, and it's going to be grand.
The boy is the best option

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Happy Birthday, Yukino!
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Yeay. Can we expect an announcement today or tomorrow?
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>still remember last year's birthday thread for Yukino
Time flies by so fast.

Happy Birthday, Yukino!
Yukino a shit

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previous thread >>151714216
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2016 buyfag survey

Are there any Air Force buyfags here?

Is there room in the Airforce dorms for figures and a computer tower
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Best thighs of 2016.

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>loli isn't a body type
That means this is a loli.
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I mean,this is.
No, it does not. That is a cow. Cows are not lolis.
>armoured arms and legs
>femoral artery and centre of mass completely unprotected
that's not a loli, it's a shit design

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VAs fucking when?
I want to stir her pot.
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Is it realistic to expect the Season 2 announcement at the event in february or will it happen at a later event?
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Who knows. Since Kubo has wanted to continue since before first season started airing and she apparently had ideas how to do so very soon, it's possible. But it may also happen in April.
I think they could announce a second season by the event. But it would premiere at earliest 2018. I doubt they could churn it out in time before 2017 ends.

Also second season needs to be 24 episodes or I will riot.
It will be 12 episodes and again 3 season because she want more money

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Would it actually be possible to win the Holy Grail War with a Lancer? If I summoned him I think I'd just seppuku and get it over with
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Grailwar powerlevels have been 100% plot armour since the VN
if you summon him as caster you win
Casters are even worse than Lancers

What is the worst ending in Manga so far?

Starting with Kenichi, man, this was sure disappointing.

Be advised this thread will contain spoilers.
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regardless it was was still better than the shit he author did next
Cage of Eden's ending was pretty disappointing, being both kind of an asspull and leaving out some unanswered plot points. It hurts to have a series that gets you to start caring about it have such a shallow ending. Reborn! is another one that comes to mind that made me regret ever caring about it.
>Be advised this thread will contain spoilers.
>implying /a/ cares about spoilers
How long have you been browsing 4chan?

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In which excessive blood loss makes for a perfect time to panic.
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Let's just wait for the translation chapter to come out before new thread. If we're lucky, just a few more hours.
That is the face of a man who has experienced near fatal levels of succ
Gotta feel bad for the guy, cant fug any of the girls, cant go out and get with random sloots bc the girls might kill them, and probably cant jack off without one of them noticing. spooder would have some strange way of telling I bet.
The guys doing ultimate no nut his test levels must be thrugh the roof

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Is she a villain?
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I wasn't even sure if it was a girl for the entirety of season 1
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Regardless, Mori Arty has a butthole.

What a literal useless blank shit piece of garbage. He didn't do anything memorable at all, what the flying fuck?
Holy shit. Still better than Shirou for some reason though, probably because he's not a retarded ginger.
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So what does FGO cover? Is it all new shit?
If you didn't play the game, yes.
If you play the game, there's nothing new.
he's a self insert phone game protagonist who doesn't even have a fixed gender. What did you expect?

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It's the start of a new year and I still want to MARRY Marika!
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I need an Episode where Pukin uses her sword to make La Pucelle be very vocal about everything she is thinking
Yeah, it really just depends on how you interpret it. I actually thought of both interpretations and picked the one that had her just met Cranberry in an unlikely encounter since Pechika as a character doesn't seem to be the person that would rely on violence and her stats are a bit too low to even compete and nonetheless win in one especially with a ability like hers.Maybe Pechika had her friend do the killing since she cant do ir and since Cranberry was the master they went to her to try and kill her to stop the test.
La Pucelle needs more love

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