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OVA 3 subs are out.

Come watch and celebrate New Year with Yukina.
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Did it get any better? The first OVA was terrible and really killed my interest in the rest of them.
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Yukina is mai waifu.

Downloading at the speed of light.
Sorry you feel that way, but I thought the OVAs have been good so far. StB II's OVAs aren't different from S1's OVA. In fact, the OVAs themselves aren't different from S1's tv arcs. OVA has higher budget though, so that's a plus.

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I'm going to dump some and you're going to enjoy it!
Author: Morioka Hiroyuki
Artist: Yonemura Kouichirou
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>Hey, did you know that there are (gasp) logistics in war?
>And there's economic impacts? And also social impacts? And dead people?
>Don't feel bad. Not everybody can be war expert like Carlo Zen.
Really now? Isekai has come to this?
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On the bright side, at least it isn't the usual "teenage boy is thrown into fantasy land where he finds his perfect waifu".
Why are her eyes so funky?
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This could be the hottest garbage and I'll still watch all of it.

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I want to FIGHT Marika!
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I want to be Pfle's househusband/slave.
Love elves.
Protect Shufflin.
Arrest Pfle.
Adore Pythie.
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>Top Girls is dead
>people still watch this trash

>people already forgot about this meme shitshow
I told you so.
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I didn't. It was the positive surprise of the season. Also kawai a best girl.
most of us fans are waiting for the newest chapters to come out. Those who aren't, haven't read the summaries and chapter dumps of the other threads.
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Keijo Iaido.webm
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I'll never forget.

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Succubus or vampire /a/? Also where the fuck are the drama CD subs?
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Meido or elf. Not sure.
The Yandere
Who's the sluttiest of the two?

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Alright, one more night of posting random oneshots or individual chapters in a longer series that can still be understood. This'll be the last one I'll do in a while since it's a hassle to dump so many pages.

Previous nights' threads are >>151730811 and >>151632364 so if you feel like reading some more oneshots, take a look through them too.

First one up is Hanshin by Hagio Moto.
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This show is a masterpiece.
When I finished this show, moist eyes became tears, then crying, then sobbing. Not in sadness or even just in happiness, the reasons I might usually cry. This was an emotional release directed at the overwhelming and joyous realization of the very existence of the thing. At the very fact that this show is real, exists within our world, and is now part of my life. That every single hope and worry I’d poured into it for 13 weeks had been accepted and rewarded tenfold, a thousandfold, a millionfold beyond anything I could have dreamed. I cannot do it justice in words. No show has ever elicited the same feeling. Perhaps no show ever will again.

This is it. This is my favorite thing. What a feeling. What a show. What an experience.
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So this is the new KLK that everyone likes ironically?
Not even that good outside the animation, sadly. Which means everything else in 2016 was utter shit since FliFla is AOTY.
>since FliFla is AOTY.
Said no one ever

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Why does worst girl ALWAYS win?
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Because you get best girl, OP.
Because you have shit taste
because anime is now a normie hobby

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Latest chapter was released today. Does crab realize all the new fetishes this chapter unlocked in his fans?
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And he's probably never going to bring these girls in again. Ever.

The Crab giveth, and the Crab taketh away.
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Fucking claimed, in like four fucking pages Crab delivered my favorite girl in years
hot fucking damn
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Some motherfuckers always tryin' ice skate uphill.

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Since there's a new YGO movie releasing next month here in the west, I thought it would be cool to dump the original manga which the movie is based off of. For those of you who only ever watched the anime, I highly recommend reading the manga as it's much darker and better written than the anime was imo. There's also none of the fillers you have to deal with. Since the movie is releasing on Jan 27, 2017, I will dump one volume a day leading up to its release.

Today we will finish Duelist Kingdom. The final match is at hand!
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Chapter 124
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This time we will discuss actual stuff which matters
no shipping, no shitposting, no waifus, no husbandus
we will discuss the manga/anime like adults
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MfA (Mineta for All [girls])
Finally caught up with the manga. I love how hori has given each character from class 1A a moment to shine and I genuinely care for them. Its gonna break my heart if reveals the traitor is from 1A.

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sweaty ping pong girls.png
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>Expect CGDCT
>Get we want the GuP and Saki audience
How could I have been so naive to not watch this sooner?
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Good show. Didn't fill me with butterflies like Anne Happy did though.
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What is the biggest problem with the NGE sequel films? Leaving aside the fact they are complete rehashes, why do they never even reach a single aspect of the originals in quality or memorability?
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Not enough of best girl Mari!
Mari is really hot I want to hug her
Because Eva was a product of the 90s from the beginning to the end. It feels out-of-place now. Everything changed

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Why are girls who used to be boys always the best girls?
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Guys know how guys want girls to be
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Best girls (males)
Boy mind + girl body = winwin

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