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How do you think Yuri on Ice will influence the industry, if at all?
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I don't know if it will, but I sure wouldn't mind more upbeat homo shows.
I hope it shows production committees that they don't actually have to instantly turn down anything gay, and that a heartfelt work done right can take a series much further than something soulless but engineered for success.
If anything I'd like to see more shows focus on the technicalities that this show did.

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Choose one.
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Guide: buyfags.moe
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Are you buying anything at SPECIAL PRIZE anon?
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Finally have time to open things.

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"He still doesn't believe Joubin is the villain" Edition

I don't get why people think it's Kaato. I can understand the child murder and plotting for fifteen years in Stone Ocean, but so far she hasn't done much to convince me she's the big bad. If anything, she's just the messenger. But we're still probably going to get a fused King Crimson either way.
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It's Kars retard
so will he get some kind of time-related power boost, or do you think he has powers that we just don't know yet because he hasn't shown his hand, so to speak?
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which one
there are 36 of them

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Replace Mashu with Sakura.

You're welcome fatefags!
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I hate nu-fate

OG Fate > all the spin off and trash mobile game
At least it found a suitable replacement for Sakura while Nasu was making it. Mashu is literally Sakura done right.
>Replace Sakura with Mashu
FTFY retard

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Once again,
>Why did he spin?
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It's a good trick.

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Webcomic updates continue.

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Real smooth there

Bravo Saitama.

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Fucking Japs skipping a week, I wanna see the Great Saiyaman filler episodes
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Kill yourself stupid Ningens. Gods = Master race. Ningens = pathetic scum who should be purged
Shut the fuck up
Reposting from previous thread, as some people are still confused over it:

The Supreme Kais are the gods of creation, they belong to the Shinji race and they are born from fruits. The ones born from golden fruits are automatically given god status while the ones born from regular fruits will most likely become King Kais or just attendants (like Kibito and the U6 green guy). However as shown by Zamasu, a regular Shinji can still become a god if powerful enough (he used to be the Northern King Kai of U10 before being noticed by Gowasu).
The job of a Supreme Kai is to create shit, that's it really. They aren't very powerful but they have high magical powers including the ability to teleport anywhere in the multiverse.
There's usually a main one (the Dai Kaioshin) and the ''back-up'' ones, when Buu killed everyone except Shin he technically became the Dai Kaioshin of U7 on the virtue of being the only one left

The Hakaishins are the gods of destruction, it's not clear what race they belong to or how they are chosen but their job is literally just to destroy planets or individual beings so that the universe is balanced. Beerus in fact was supposed to take care of Frieza, the Saiyans and Buu for clearly being threats to the balance but he didn't do shit because he's fucking terrible at his job.
Because their job is to destroy they are much more powerful than the gods of creation but lack high magical power (Beerus can't teleport, he needs Whis for travelling)
The hakaishins also get an angel that trains them and watches over them.

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Is Your Name actually any good? I just saw this on twitter and it got me interested.
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Better question: is it good enough that I should watch that shitty leaked version or just wait 6 more months for the Blu-ray release?
that girl is way too old to be getting breastfed
This. It was highly memed (recommended) by my friend, but my theatre wasn't play it. Don't really want to see the 480p version.

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Let's play a game /a/

>go to akinator
>answer the questions trying to find yourself
>when he asks if the character is from an anime, you put yes
>find out which anime character you are
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You might also want to flip your gender or else you'll probably come out as Satou from NHK or Professor Layton.
>Yuzuru Otonashi
Fuck, there are even some parallels.
Nobita lol

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5th.)Hibike S2
2nd.)Re Zero
1st.)Flip Flappers
Source: >>151765421

I think we all agree now.
Where were you when based flip flap BTFO the filthy /v/ermin, /a/?
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>second place

Really makes you think
OP please, we can't handle another lengthy thread of whining and moaning.
>Flip Flappers

Yeah no.

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Only 5 more days!
Will Trigger be able to do itonce again?
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I'm feeling very hopeful for this, for some reason.
I'm gonna pinch Akko's cheeks!
Which ones?

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>Granblue anime soon
>Bahamut second season soon

Should we expect Shadowverse anime this year?
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I hope not all of the Hearthstone games are low IQ as shit compared to MtG and even Yugioh

MtG is insanely outdated and Yugioh was never very good.

And SV is many times better than HS.

Besides, game mechanics have nothing to do with anime.
SV is the exact same shit as HS, what are you on about? It's basically a reskin.

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How did she end up giving birth to three children? She still looks like a total bombshell. Do you think Nishizumi genes are that good?
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>Do you think Nishizumi genes are that good?
Just look at her kids. The Nishizumi genes must be a gift from the gods.
Did she reproduce via parthenogenesis?

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Sasuga best restart (although I still want to MARRY Marika)
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Why are people still into this when best girl is gone?
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