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Is there a more unlikeable character?
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At least she made this reaction image

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why is this piece of trash of a show so well liked? I somehow managed to force myself to watch the entire thing and it left such a sour taste in my mouth. A literal 22 minute episode was dedicated to that blue haired slut saying how she liked the MC... Basically emotional fanservice.

Is there anything in existence more overrated than this uninspired shit of a show?
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>why is this piece of trash of a show so well liked?

It's not.
>emotional fanservice
What a shitty criticism.
>going to MAL

Nice one reddit.

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Read the guide cunts.
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The last thread died with 46 posts. What makes you think this one is gonna be better?
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we're already 3 posts in in less than a minute. At this rate we'll be sorted in no time at all
When and were is this coffee rabbit being sold?

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How many years have you been faithful to your waifu, /a/?
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7 years and i'm 30 now
Is there anyone, just one, in this place that is so faithful that he can not masturbate with other girls, not even with his waifu?
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It's too bad she loves someone who isn't you, anon.

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You know those table saws with the sensor on them where if your finger is about to touch the spinning blade it slams to a stop, ruining the saw but saving your finger?
Put that tech on the front of trucks.
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Great Super STFU.png
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The only thing that can stand up to a Japanese truck is, of course, another Japanese truck.
What are anime writers going to do when self driving cars will auto break?

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This is my wife Fuuka

say something nice about her
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I bet she really likes Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, what a patrician.
I hope you enjoy your crush.
She's a bitch who assaults people and destroys their property, then invites themselves to a movie.

oh wow there's finally a black guy in anime and he's smug as heck!
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There have been quite a few black dudes in anime...
File: nichibros-09g.jpg (82KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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But why can't they stop drawing us with ridiculous lips.

Pic related is a passable example of black that doesn't look ridiculous and >>152022366
looks great because of accurate shading.

But what the fuck is the dude next to him supposed to be light skinned?

>he's smug as heck
Of course he is. If you meet a black man who isn't smug in his swagness, there's something wrong with him.

I should probably go before /pol/ decides to drop by.
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>there's finally a black guy in anime
Come back when you have watched more than 20 anime

File: C1p3jabUsAAigk5.jpg (361KB, 1613x1354px)Image search: [Google]
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This is the real list. Nips voted. How salty are you that your favorite anime isn't on the list
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I'm not salty because the nips generally have shit taste but I'd appreciate a translation.
They dont have shit taste. You just have neckbeard taste
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>we are going to be hitting the 2020s soon

Oh shit I feel old now

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Do you think they'll keep up the animation quality for the entire run? it's pretty solid.
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Well it's TRIGGER.
So... maybe.
stop making more threads when there's already two up
>2 cours
Of course not.

File: to waifu or not to waifu.jpg (51KB, 360x360px)Image search: [Google]
to waifu or not to waifu.jpg
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If this anime was released in 2017, would it achieve the same level of NOTORIOUS and Nice Boat?

Oldfags will know what I'm talking about
Newfags, time to learn your history
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chinatsu triggered.png
932KB, 1089x950px
>Oldfags will know what I'm talking about
>Newfags, time to learn your history
Mate everyone knows about school days ending and nice boat, even 9gag teaches you that much.

9gag.......and school days? wtf
Are the VNs any good?

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Is this the best romance anime of the past 2 years?
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no, because nothing happened between them
>Fall 2014
>Winter 2017
It's not even from the past 2 years, you faggot. It's also shit.
2 and a half years. Happy?
>noting happened between them
>Arima Kousei-kun, kimi ga suki desu

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Characters that look like they're straight out of a hentai.
I'll start.
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Any anime character
File: Mr_Badd.png (553KB, 570x1533px)Image search: [Google]
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him and noire together
File: 1406083499038.gif (996KB, 500x599px)Image search: [Google]
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File: haruhi-suzumiya-5-a.png (545KB, 477x593px)Image search: [Google]
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What's the medical term describing Haruhi's bizarre behaviour?
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File: killing-stalking-20433.jpg (24KB, 350x484px)Image search: [Google]
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Tell me about Killing Stalking, why does it trigger so many people?
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because it's not from nippon you uncultured fuck
also the art is eh and it's fujopandering
I think it's interesting and it's funny people are so upset about it.
Because sjw's needs something to bitch about

Akko sure does have a cute butt.
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I'd bully that butt
This is totally not a general
Akko's butt general.

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