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>"Only a man can beat a monster"
>Beats a bunch of monsters, as a monster
>Gets beat by a monster after a man failed to beat him
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>get beat
That is where your thread went to shit
He became the little girl.

He transcended both humanity and monster both and became something more.

Don't think too much about it, lest you forget to be the little girl yourself..
Did you even watch the anime or read the manga

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How many times has Ken masturbated while doing te past 3 chapters?
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He had his wife wear and Eva costume and suck him off all day round under the desk, while he was drawing this.
>his wife AND Eva

Ken is a lucky man.
He has his wife demanding hiatus, etc.

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Have you forgiven her yet? She has paid the price. How much longer does she have to suffer? Please let her have a main role again!
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Dead Poets Society
Who even is this? All you people look the same to me.

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ITT: characters you hate to an irrational extent.
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she did nothing wrong
My parents.
Shit char I agree. Funny thing is, I actually liked her prior to her route. She just turned out to be a miserable character. I was expecting her to be the normal girl dragged into the grail war to contrast Saber and Rin, who are both special.

God tier:

Touhu tier:
Urara Meirochou

Great tier:
Ai-Mai-Mi - Surgical Friends

Good tier:
Masamune-kun no Revenge

Meh tier:
Akiba's Trip The Animation
Youji Senki

Shit tier:
Schoolgirl Strikers

Dropped tier:
Spiritpakt (it was actually decent, but chinese shit gets old fast)
Yaoi no Exorcist
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Spiritpact is the only show I really liked.

Only other show I'm not dropping: Masamune-kun no Revenge (I hate women, and this has undertones of being kind of redpill/mgtow)

Watched the first episode and dropped:

- Urara Meirochou (garbage)
- Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu (The bike one)
- Akiba's Trip The Animation (garbage)

- Fuuka (Socially retarded loser beta archetype meets magic pixie girlfriend archetype. She's "not like other girls" because she doesn't own a smartphone and listens to physical CDs in public with a portable CD player in 2017)

- Schoolgirl Strikers (ULTRA GARBAGE)

Might watch second episode just because I like the nazi theme tier:

Youji Senki

Still need to watch Seiren and Demi-chan.
>Spiritpact is the only show I really liked.
>generic fantasy setting with fighting
>kill the loli
>no /a/ threads
>chinese animation
Genuinely Excellent Award:

Most Excellent Trainwreck Award:
Youjo Senki

/fit/ Award:

Most Likely To Be Dropped Award:

What The Fuck Are You Doing Award:

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There seems to be an astrology theme going on in LWA.
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Hentai doujin when?
Akko was made to be bullied!
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best girl when?

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So which episode do they start taking dopings?
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Power of friendship counts as doping?
This series should be interesting for people who do biking. Too bad, /a/ never leaves home
why would you leave home when everything you need is inside
maybe install a cycling simulator on your computer

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but he gets angry.. sometimes
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He is a groovy guy. Indeed.
I expected blue jacket to be shit like most recent Lupin III products but it was pretty great desu
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>I expected blue jacket to be shit like most recent Lupin III
There's never been a bad Lupin series and I don't understand how you can say any recent Lupin anything was bad when literally the most recent things that came out are the Fujiko spinoff, Jigen's Gravestone, Blue Jacket, and the new Goemon movie that comes out in February. All of those things were great.

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I can't decide, /a/, who's the bigger piece of shit?
This cunt? Or the violin faggot who abandoned a girl who visited him in the hospital constantly.
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Make a contract with me.
Hitome by default, because Kyosuke didn't really do anything wrong. Sayaka is a gregarious and outgoing girl with a ton of friends, and she never made it clear that her feelings for Kyosuke were different. Violin-kun probably just assumed that Sayaka visited him so often because she's a good friend who would likely do the same for all her other countless friends.
It's always the author's fault, never the characters' fault.

Is she the cutest girl this season?
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So far.
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akiba strip dead.jpg
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The most dame
Not even the cutest girl in her own show.

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How do you feel about meidos in anime?
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Much better than ones in real life. If you have a real life maid, it'll be a fat middle-aged Mexican lady, and she won't even wear the dress.

Sometimes I wonder how much I'd have to pay for a young cute girl to act as an anime style meido for me. Not like maid cafe, but 24/7. There has to be an amount that does it. Everyone's for sale.
More anime cosplayers have probably worn that stupid outfit than have real maids. It's time to give it a rest.

No. Fuck you. It's never a time to give a good thing a rest.

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Purest form of love not allowed.
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The purest form being akko ryona?
Why was the other thread deleted?
Just wait for the episode with the explicit lesbian sex scene and then you can post screenshots of it.

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find a flaw
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>steely resolve
>impressive with a sword
>great tits and ass

I literally can't.

You won, /a/non.
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ryuko (136).png
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man face

Imagine being so hot you actually deserve your harem.
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Yeah, I wish I looked like Aki too.
he took the iron pill
this makes sense

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Why do people pretend she isn't?
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Because you wouldn't fire an old woman from a job she's been doing half her life.
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Still better than Sean Schemmal, who's just a poor man's imitation of the Ocean Group's Goku.

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