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Watch out Anon! It's a Japanese truck! If you get hit you'll die and get Isekai'd! Or even worse.. SEEOOOO'd!
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Isekai me somewhere nice please.
>implying the Japanese Flu isn't more dangerous
Truck-kun is my waifu

*1. 7,940 43,393 Yuri!!! on Ice Vol.1
*7. *,958 10,818 Drifters Blu-ray BOX Special Limited Edition
*8. *,883 **,883 Flip Flappers Vol.1
*2. 3,855 19,280 Yuri!!! on Ice Vol.1
15. *,300 10,575 Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Vol.1
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Surprised it even sold 1frt desu
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>*8. *,883 **,883 Flop Floppers Vol.1
Truly a mastepiece.

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>Everyone talks about their seiyuu flavour of the month
>Everyone acts like Maaya Sakamoto still isn't the GOAT of GOATs
21 years mother fuckers, and she's still the best. Also, that heavenly voice is still heavenly


What's her best role? What's her best OP or ED?

Best role: Nino
Best OP or ED: Toss up between Down Town, Gravity or Million Clouds

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Forgot to post link

What I love about Maaya Sakamoto is that there is always excellence in her performance, whether she's singing or acting. And she never seems to use the same voice for a role twice. It's always a nice surprise to hear a great song or voice and I look it up to find that it's Maaya Sakamoto.

If being a seiyuu wasn't an idol business she'd certainly get more recognition.

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Was it nominated as an Oscar?
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for a*
Pretty sure the noms are announced on the 24th, don't get your hopes up though
Who cares, even if it gets nominated it won't win shit

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How dead on arrival is this show?
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I thought I would enjoy reading the manga I think the art style and the characters just made it very mediocre. Is it popular because of the yuribait?
Doesn't matter, it will be shit posted just like Hibikek.
It's not even popular, and it's yuri like Yuru Yuri, meaning there are gay characters but it never amounts to anything and just played for laughs.

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So how long until the LN is completely translated?

What are your thoughts on the advancements in the manga and pacing compared to the LN?
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>doom guy thread

Pretty sure we exhausted this already
I'm not saying it's goblins but...
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Someone in corporate wised up. Original 1995 movie shown with subtitles or dubbed.

>dat opening in a proper theater audio system

take my fucking money
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"Look here's the original, please stop bitching about the live action."
Can we just get a good blu ray release already? We're finally getting Innocence and both gigs of SAC so a blu ray with at least 5.1 Japanese and proper subs would be nice.
They've been having a showing once a month since December, I saw Mononoke in the theatre tonight and it was fucking great, I'll be seeing GiTS too hopefully subbed. Last month was Spirited Away

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ITT: Post characters who get unjustified levels of hatred from fans.
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Dude was a fuckup who decided to take the worst route possible and his inability to stay true to his beliefs led to Euphy's death because he knew he should've not left her alone with Zero in the first place.

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Well, it seems we already have our AOTS
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>retcons the originals
It's shit.
Great OP, fagtron

That being said
>tfw have to wait six more days for new episode
It's going to be a long wait.
Friendships sour and loves are lost in fewer days.
We'll have cabin fever by friday, be at each other's throats by saturday.
And by sunday, we'll be ready to do it all again. Buckle in for the ride.

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Is this the comfiest anime in existence?
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I want another season.
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It's either this or Non Non Biyori.

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Anne Happy season 2 when

please don't say never. That would make me unhappy
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Still waiting for manga raws.
It flopped, so never motherfucker.
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Why? It was wonderful. Why do the Japanese have such awful taste

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Just finished this and holy shit was it great
How could such a great and accessible anime be so far under the radar.

>different theme/genre/atmosphere each epsiode and each time it's done well
>different plot/scenarios each episode and each one is done well
>great characterization and variety/depth personalities making them all likeable
>not to mention the really nice stylized character designs, I feel like all the designs were MC designs, rather than side character designs which would of course make sense
>great art direction for each epsiode (the art and atmosphere in the Haiku and the four leaf clover episodes were perfect, not to mention a few others )
>variety in almost every aspect
>the subtle and (relatively)deep worldbuilding
>pacing is amazing in each episode, able to convey a coherent, COMPLETE (something 24 epsiode anime can't manage to do sometimes) story in all the episodes they intend to
>great OP's
>amazing EDs ESPECIALLY the first
>soundtrack isn't a masterpiece but it's still good and used really well

And then the littler things like
>the previews
>the eyecatches
>the title and end cards
>the little shadows symbols on the walls throughout the show
And I didn't even mention the references yet

I'll admit though, most of this doesn't apply to the first 3 episodes. The first epsiode is just okay enjoyable enough, the second is really off with it's pacing and characterization, and the third was really just shit. Everything after easily ranges from above average to amazing, however.
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It's shit. Watch Oda Nobuna.
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1. Roman Holiday
2. A Star Is Born
3. Wings of Desire
4. Female Convict 701: Scorpion
5. Bowling for Columbine
6. Back To The Feature
8. Alice in Wonderland
9 & 10. Volcano High
11. The Sting
14. Yappari Neko ga Suki
15. Hell house
16. Sleuth
17. Ladyhawke
18. Dancer in the Dark, 84, Charing Cross Road & Mary and Max
19. The Inugamis
21. 2001: A Space Odyssey
22. Zero Focus
23. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
24. DIVA
25.Tsurikichi Sanpei
26.Lake of Illusions

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Why is Ufotable such a party pooper?
Their fate adaptations don't have ANY fanservice, and it's an anime based off a FUCKING PORN GAME.
Even the harem ending of UBW (adapted in the OVA) was portrayed as "Let's forever be friends! :-^)".
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Because they're attempting to make anime that reach a wider audience than otakus. If that's good or bad is your own opinion, but you can't say they failed in that respect
Did nobody ever walk you home gently before anon
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The porn part was forced by Takeuchi so it could sell. It's never the main appeal.

Even people who played the VN agreed the porn scenes are horrible.

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>they had children
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Dragon cock.
Where's the page with all the cute little dragon girls?
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Mamori Slave.jpg
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Mamori is Kanoe's slave and yet I want to MARRY Marika!
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i hope we're not becoming a general. That never ends well
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Pfle Manga 3.jpg
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Will Mamori ever into free?

Or is she doomed to a live of living under the boot?
Pfle's biggest mistake is falling in love with a traitor.

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