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Best girls who nobody remembers anymore.
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Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of it? Has it had an impact on anime as a whole?
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Good if not original premise.
Incredible pacing.
Urobutcher storytelling.
Homura has elder gods tier legs.
Watched it several times. No regrets.
An extremely negative one, yes.
It was great.

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Poor girl

Weekly Tawawa thread/image
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Himura followed up the pic on twitter by saying 'They're probably engaged or something'. So I guess Jitome-chan is properly paired up now and he'll be her salaryman/senpai.
I don't get it

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>tfw you will never know the joys of cooking with your cute daughter and mourning your dead wife
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>the writers had to kill her mom because otherwise he would have spent all his time "working" at bars and hostess clubs and never paid any attention to his daughter
Sasuga Nippon
It's fine. He'll get a new wife in a few years aka Kotori.
This is exactly what it looked like when I was getting intimate with my niece over christmas.

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What went wrong the animation was great the jokes funny, why did it flop?
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Because you sexualized the Nichijous
You didn't buy the BDs.

I think it went on for too long. Shoulda been like a 12 ep show then have another season some time later.
The show didn't really click with me until the second half

>harem MC
>accomplishes his goals
>BTFOs faggots
>fucks his harem and adds new members constantly

Aur is the hero we've been waiting for
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Go fuck yourself.
This manga is the single most pathetic piece of shit I've ever seen. The NTR is the only thing good about it and that's the reason why it's so unredeemably bad

It isn't even close to NTR. The best part was when the stereotypical adventuring party harem enters his dungeon and he makes cock slaves out of the women in front of the virgin "MC" of the group.

Go back to your re zero threads buddy
t. Fag

This has aged terribly.
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The music particularly. Anno's animation sequences hold up tbqhf
so have you, but only your parents care enough to complain about it
But Princess mononoke aged so well... what went wrong this two films aren't too far apart.

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He did it
He fucked the teacher
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Volleyball girl is next
I see women in charge got smarter and have taken different approach this time.
They didn't tell him about need to impregnate women and kept that part secret from him.
responsibility makes what fun a job and no one wants that what a twist if it turns out he grows up into the first male that was banging bitches left and right

Post requests, get stuff drawn.
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/r/ing some Nekojiru art
Requesting everyone have a nice week.
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Anchoring for >>152042172

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ITT: Underrated shonen masterpieces
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Why did it end so early? bad sales?
It sold pretty good but not by Jump standards. The anime ended and didn't increase the manga's sales at all, and it was obvious it was never going to become a huge hit so they just cancelled it.

So, Tatami Galaxy started airing again this season (leading up to the movie), but with a NEW OP/ED.

Have any of you seen the new OP/ED yet? How was it?
Like it/hate it?



Are you excited for the movie? Heard it was screening for GLAS animation festival in California when it's released too.
and yuasa is going to be there.
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Is this for real? The new ED fucking blows compared to the original
They both sound like shit compared to the originals.
To be honest, the original is a hard to match.

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Is she, dare I say it, our girl?
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no, I hate her, and her boring as SHIT anime
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Shit taste

Which one of the three was the least disappointing?
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KISAMA meme show, because it was the shortest
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Zombies on a train. It wasn't overhyped in comparision.

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Of course I'll watch it but I'm really not excited. Not going to anticipate it every Friday like I have past parts. Feel the same way about part 6. Are we just fucked until Steel Ball Run? We have to wade through the shit that is Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean before another good arc? What if they want to put some spacing between the anime and manga to allow JoJoLion time to finish/part 9 to get started and we get some spinoffs with Rohan or Dead Man's Question or a filler arc? What would a JoJo filler be like and could David handle it? Idk man, but it keeps me up at night.
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you're retarded. part 5 is great, only part 6 is shit.
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>I'm really not excited.
Why not?
>Hating on one of the best JoJo's parts
Heaven forbid Giorno actually have a longer non-interrupted beatdown on some clown than ANY other JoJo's

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Anime/Manga databese feature "psychological" as a tag or category. Movie and TV databases don't.

Why is that?
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Anine/manga databases are stupid

so you imdb
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Because they borrow heavily from Freudian Psychology, or the math of the brain: something that is in most cases scientifically unprovable.

To answer your question, there isn't any reason beyond those movie and T.V. databases simply missing it.

I'll give you 3 psychological movies right now
- Nightcrawler
- American Psycho
- Enemy

And there are many more, too. Overall, there isn't much of a difference between societies except certain sources they borrow from. Classic Japanese themes are Nietzsche and Freud.

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