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Let's not sexualize Latifa-sama in this thread.
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t. Kyoani staff member
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Okay, I will fap to her while having no sexual desires towards her underdeveloped body.

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What do you think of this anime?
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Nagi no Asukara is a masterpiece of the soap drama genre. The crying, the timeskip, Chisaki's sweater puppies. Everything was perfect.

I mean I knew Okada was good at coming up with drama bullshit, but Nagi no Asukara completely exceeded my expectations. 10/10 show.
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>Miuna monday was deleted
>not even "moved" to /c/

I genuinely think it's one of the best shows in terms of atmosphere.
One of my favourites.

Faggot mods can delete Miuna Monday, but they can never delete love.

Why hasn't the narrow af waist style been imitated by other artists? One piece is like the #1 manga, isn't it?
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Mangaka care about being able to draw attractive girls even more than money I guess
You wont make it to the top by mindlessly copying somebody else's story, unless you happen to be Anno.

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>You will never talk loudly about Akko's latest gaffe in class whenever she's nearby
>You will never write SHITTY FRAUD on Akko's ultra rare Shiny Chariot card
>You will never cast a levitation spell on Akko's lunch to steal it when she's not looking and watch her spend the rest of the lunch period desperately trying to find it
>You will never laugh at her with the other girls while she struggles to ride a broom
>You will never be congratulated by the girls on your latest Akko bullying attempt
>You will never put your ear against the bathroom stall and hear the soothing sounds of Akko's crying
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Give me 5 reasons why people should love this gloomy girl.
I want to bully someone weaker than me

Would you feel guilty if you bullied Akko and she killed herself because of it?
>'little' witch academy
>16 years old

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Find a flaw
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She'll be a school shooter in 2 years.
She's not with me.

Pro tip: you can, but she is best girl anyway

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Kuon: "I will become the utawarerumono"

yfw no S2 because both kuon and haku's VAs are dead
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S2 should happen since Futari no Hakuoro is a great game. Unless they fuck it up.

The anime will have some continuity errors, likes why Kuon is murderously angry at Oshutoru.
>haku va
Wait what?
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im not an expert, but can you survive when your throat is slit?
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Yes, you can tape it up with a packing tape ala Arcueid and you'll be fine.
Depends on what is slit but yes.
Just make sure you don't choke on your own blood.
If you get medical help immediately yeah

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Why does /a/ hate Light but love Lelouch?
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Lelouch had people he loved.
Light was working from his bedroom from a personal sense of justice.

Lulu was a fallen noble, fighting a Macaque war with the long view of redeeming his place in the world and exacting revenge against his father's tyranny.

Absurdity of setting allows for absurdity of plot device.
Light is edgy 14yo psycopath who wanted to become The god.

Lulu was seeking revenge and protection for nunnally and in the end just peace for world.

It looks like no one uploaded any record of the PV in C91, so this is mine.


The sound is terrible, but just deal with it for now.
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Thanks anon.
PA Works is going to win AOTS twice in one season
I wanna eat that tanook!

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Hopefully we'll get some reactions after the prescreening.
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When this is airing again? Last weekend seems empty as fuck compared to previous season.
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In 2 days.

God tier:
Nyanko Days

Touhu tier:
Urara Meirochou

Great tier:
Ai-Mai-Mi - Surgical Friends

Good tier:
Masamune-kun no Revenge
Idol Jihen

Meh tier:
Akiba's Trip The Animation
Youji Senki

Shit tier:
Schoolgirl Strikers

Dropped tier:
Spiritpakt (it was actually decent, but chinese shit gets old fast)
Yaoi no Exorcist
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LWA goes meh tier. Coudnt even make a decent OP. What a shame. Trigger just leeches that Neflix money.
What the fuck is forest fairy five?

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I wonder how this Gabriel announced to Mary about her pregnancy
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Is that a vuvuzela?
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Please don't bring up religious stuff, advertise your thread, and most importantly post hetshit like pregnancy.
Is she too evil?

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Your Name wouldn't have worked at all if either of them set a screen password on their phones.
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But, to be honest, most people don't.
and Gundam wouldn't have worked if they set a password on their giant killer robot
How the fuck do you not? If you don't and you stick it in your pocket you're gonna butt dial 20 different people in 5 minutes.

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I just finished season 1 and recently found out that season 2 is coming this April. What kind of game dev shinanigan drama can we expect for the next season?
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I can promise you a lot of garbage both in the show and in these threads
Megumi a s__t.
So I'm guessing that it's the usual waifu faggotry like Yahari and nisekoi?

>Plan 315
What the fuck is this static defensive war bullshit? What did that idiot von Moltke do to The Plan in this universe? Schlieffen is spinning in his grave.
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>German war plan
>uses Japanese tetris blocks to represent troop movements
File: Putin Balloon.gif (1MB, 200x200px)Image search: [Google]
Putin Balloon.gif
1MB, 200x200px

>Japanese Tetris blocks
>Japanese Tetris
Schlieffen plan was a bad one though.
Especially with no Belgium to invade.

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