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kira with kc.png
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What would happen if Kira and Diavolo switched parts? Would it be easier or harder for the respective groups of protagonists?
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doppio gets me uppio
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The bullying never stops
I love King Crimson's design, especially pic related
Duwang gang is fucked
Giorno and the rest rape Kira

What are some of your favorite aesthetics IN anime/manga?
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Aesthetics are a meme.
>not just using a picture of the typical anime school uniform
Stuff looks incredibly good, fits perfectly and is being worn by an attractive individual. Doesnt get much more aesthetic than that.
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The first thing that came to my mind.

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Ichiji will BTFO the big bitch.png
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When will best boy make his move?
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>doing anything
Good one
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2MB, 1419x1624px

Source: http://yonkouprod.com/one-piece-chapter-852-spoilers/
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>arc is nearly done, needs a big twist
>possible marine agents in vinsmokes
>winch green

Yonji is Green bull, screenshot this.

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Wait, what did he mean by this?
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That japs arent humans
this, but realistically speaking >>152000445
OP it comes from the popularity of cremation in Japan. No bodies to reanimate.
>That BGM
>The way he said it
> Knowing Izumo doesn't have a chance in hell of winning the best husbando ;_;

Can we all agree that second season seiren girls are more promising?
Only Hikari from the first trio feels like she can be interesting
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A whore can't be interesting.
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This is your whore for this evening.
>setting a world record for old men's dicks serviced
>not interesting
Hikari belongs in the guinness book of world records

Your thoughts on the new season?
OP1 > OP1
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First episode kinda weak.
>Rose was actually cool in this episode.
Her being a happy tomboy persona was pretty damn cute.
And they are already showing her cold blooded murder attitude in a bad light so they'll probably fix that somehow which I'm looking forward to.
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forgot my webbum

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15 minutes until new season.
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PV - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOdAAEJiebM

OP: Đ¯eaL - Kagerou
ED: RIZE - Silver
Eight minutes...
One minute!

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Waiting second trailer Edition

>Reminder that Eren's "conciousness" traveled back in time and told Kruger about Armin and Mikasa.
>Reminder that a Scouting legion victory would mean the destruction of the entire world.

Ymir is Literally Jesus.
Jean will be Hanji's new Moeburrito.
Annie is quite literally forgotten by the rest of the characters.

Eren Kruger>>>>>shit>>>>>>>>Eren Yeger

Season 2 trailer:
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First for LH
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What did he mean by this?
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Annie a love and life

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thats it.jpg
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Pls explain.
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love and marriage
love and marriage
go together like a horse and carriage
Looks like a thumbnail.
how is that conveyed in the words "how disgusting"?

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I heard you guys are good at this.
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fucking nerd gets his wish
>mc is a salaryman

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Every King needs a trusted subordinates

Which King would you serve, /a/?
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Crush or even priscilla, they are not complete fucking idiots when it comes to ruling a country.
>female rulers
What kind of statement was the author making here?
Every thread until Rem wakes up.

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Guide: buyfag.moe
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Say I have a preorder placed on Amiami, if I instead want to buy of the item, can I do this myself or do I have to contact Amiami and tell them I want two instead of one?
If it's still up for order just order another and combine the shipments.
Ah, thanks anon

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What do you want to see in Idols Make Japan Great Again?
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The threads for this are going to be so bad
We are going to build a Giant Onigiri and we're going to make Thailand pay for it.

Is this the best first episode so far?
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Vampire-chan is best.
Its shit.

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I like the action scene of this show.
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