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Hideyoshi is the hero we need but not the one we deserve
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This series deserves more enthusiasm.
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I agree
I need a Nobunaga no Shinobi Mini ninjas-like videogame.

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Did she go too far?
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Not far enough
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Are you supposed to take off the cap in Japan?

...oh damn, does that mean I've been a huge asshole during my exchange year over there?

You are worse than Hitler. The people around you were just too polite to say so but they talk behind your back about it. A lot.

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I have a question about Tomoyo Daidouji.

Her mother was stated to be in love with Sakura's mom, and is still single. Yet she has Tomoyo as a daughter. Was Tomoyo adopted?
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Well, Tomoyo and her mother don't look alike, whereas usually in the series children do look like the parents (sakura case in point)

However, if I remember correctly, Tomoyo does have a father somewhere in the picture, he's referred to once or twice.

Could be that she faced pressure from her family to have kids/married for beneficial family connections, or she may have just wanted a kid, despite liking girls, and chose to hook in a decent guy for that end.
File: vlcsnap-251883.png (633KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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She probably got some guy to drop a load in her so she and Sakura's mom could experience the joys of pregnancy together.

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Ghibli thread!

Post your favorite Ghiblis, anons!

1. Whisper of the Heart
2. Princess Mononoke
3. Only Yesterday
4. Kiki's Delivery Service
5. Spirited Away
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1. Princess Mononoke
2. Whisper of the heart
3. Garden of fire flies.

Everything else was just ok.
5 Majo no Takkyuubin
4 Hotaru no Haka
3 Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko
2 Kurenai no Buta
1 Omoide Poroporo

Whisper of the Heart was a straight 10/10 during its first half, like holy shit I couldn't believe how good it was.

Shame the second half lost quite a bit of steam, though. Could have been my favorite Ghibli by far. As it stands, I'd put Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away and Laputa above it.

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>Little Witch Academia
>Space Patrol Luluco
>Kill la Kill
>Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
TRIGGER saves Anime over and over, yet you don't apologize. Tsk.
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>alright but short
>flat-out bad

I don't see why I should
Man, will Triggershills ever stop?
I never understood the Trigger saving anime meme, most of their shows flop and they're not exactly doing anything transcendental. Is all of this ironic?

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I'm glad we all agree that Demi-chan is AOTS
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until maidragon
It has potential but one episode matey...
Tons of shows haven't even aired yet and people are already shitposting about AOTS

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Post Speed King or I'll spank you!
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just started reading pt 7

so is sandman's sister supposed to be an alternate universe of jolyne, or at least one of her ancestors (Irene?)

she looks too similar for it to just be a coincidence, and her attire as well as sandman's attire are very similar to jolynes
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I don't think so but get out before you're spoiled. I want you to enjoy it

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I thought this would be a boring medieval sol but it's actually action packed.
Korean slave labour paid off it seems.
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I liked it.
Reminded me of Joke Game.
But how could it? Joker game was shit and this is good.
You've got it the wrong way around.

That torture scene really was gruesome though. Nice voice acting.

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Is this the most kino of anime girl /a/?
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Kino is the one true Kino, and her anime is kino too.
Fuck yes, haven't seen a ConRevo thread in a long time. Jirou still best boy (or beast) and Emi best girl. Kikkofags can fuck off.

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Would you?
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stop shilling this Highschool of the dead rip off
Go back to /v/.
Does that girl hate the MC for no good reason?

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free pantsu.webm
3MB, 960x408px

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"you can fuck me when you get back"
You know I'm kind of glad this didn't screen in cinemas where I live
Allahu Akbar, Mahmud

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Remember just how amazing and magical the Haruhi franchise was? Well too bad. You will never go on another anime adventure with the sos brigade. Let's give that a moment to truly sink in.... yea that's real. Your life will play out like the disappearance but you will never find Haruhi anon. It's over. I've finally come to that realization and it hurts deep inside but in a way it takes some of the weight off of my shoulders. If there are any /a/non who have made it this far and still carry hope inside I encourage you to follow my example and set yourselves free and let the nightmare end already..
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No, they're going to announce season 3 any day.
Hibike is Haruhi S3.

Think about it!
No really, Tanigawa is at fault here.

The whole point of Haruhi was revisiting that Neverland which was his high school years where romance was always on the brink, fun was around the corner and the slave labour of office work a mere shadow on the horizon.

Trying to get Kyon to grow up defeats the point of the series, and is why he basically ran away from finishing it.

KyoAnus had its own problems but the decline and finally lack of novel was the real culprit.

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Is this Flip or is this Flap?
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Where were you when Flip Flappers saved anime?
Delete this right fucking now. Delete it.
Sold out on amazon, too.

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Why is the prison setting so underused in anime?

If done right (like pic related) it can produce a great show, filled with unique characters, many different sides to root for, constant danger, intrigue, double crosses and yaoi.

Here, I'll even write plot for you:
A japanese tourist gets arrested in america, for having some weed on him. He gets 10 years in the worst maximum security prison possible. He quickly joins an asian gang and decides to do everything he is told, in order to survive.
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There are no protagonists in prison, since it's filled with bad people.
that plot sounds your typical 80s hollywood trash
>If done right (like pic related)
Hey guys, we just discovered a new aging pill that makes inmates 20 years older in 2 years, and we decided that if you take this you get 20 years off your sentence because your body physically ages 20 years.
Bravo Oz, BRAVO.

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Are you absolutely fucking shitting me?

All that buildup to Izana x Nagate and I get this fucking BULLSHIT?!

Fuck you, Nihei. Go fuck yourself you pandering hack.
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That was a fucking 10/10 twist
This board is trash
No it wasn't, it was fucking stupid.

Izana and Midorikawa never showed any signs of affection for each other, Tsumugi should've never been a love interest either. Izana was there since the beginning, there was tons of buildup to their relationship and it ends with "lol and then he fucked an alien in the last 2 chapters the end".

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