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Is this the meme girl of the season
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We're two fucking days into the season holy shit
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Her eyes are upside down.

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>if One Piece took place in the real world, luffy would be brazilian
>if luffy is brazilian, then ace also is
>if ace is brazilian, then gol d. roger also is
>tfw the king of the pirates is brazilian
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Why would ace have to be Brazilian? They're not real brothers.
They've lived together for a long time, it's not hard to tell where Ace is from. Or will you say that Ace is a Russian who went to fucking 100KM just to live with Luffy?

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Why are imoutos so great?
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Because they are cute.
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Yayoi a best.
Miku would never say something like that

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Everyone turn on your cellphone!
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A high school love triangle where the MC gets in a relationship with the Tsun girl early on. And we see how hard it is for the MC to maintain a relationship with a Tsun girl who never goes Dere.

In the end, the Tsun girl destroys their relationship. Then the male MC gets together with the other girl (who is ara) and they are perfect for each other.

The rest of the show is the MC and the ara girl going to college, getting married and eventually having a child. And the antics of their crazy extended family.
A businessman and engineer girl attempt to invent the first mechs for their nation's next great war.
Dis is the good shit ya

Flat > Big breasts

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Kyon agrees.
Flat is beautiful; flat is justice.

But big boobs are (probably) sexier to hold. For looks/visuals/general goodness, flat is justice.
Flat is love flat is life

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>Do You Like Your Mom?, slated for publication on January 20, has won the 29th Fantasia Grand Prize, an annual award given to novels published by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. The novel follows a high school boy who, like many others in his genre, is transported into a video game... but so is his mother, who not only is fiercely devoted to him, but is very helpful in combat.


Why does this art style seem so familiar?
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Now this is an isekai shit I would read.If mc is not a gary stu and depends on their teamwork it going to be even better.
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Same art style as Pochi, don't know his real name. Pic related
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Post yfw he doesn't fuck his mom

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What's Revy listening to?
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Linkin Park.
Is that an Eva reference?

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wow, this was really fucking good after just marathoning it blind after all these years

jeremiah is a fucking god. one of my favorite side characters.

how can R3 top R2? it's a tall order.
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R3 is going to be garbage because R2's ending was perfect for R2, the series and the Geass universe.
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I'm still amazed that there are so many people who only just decided to watch CG after the S3 announcement. The hell have you people been?

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Why they keep spamming the thrill and edgy harem genre instead of traditional comfy harem anime. I think the genre has become too convoluted because it's mixed too much with other genre. Harem genre become too shojoist day by day. I also hope this series not become too shojoist for harem tagged anime.
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Who cares. Harem is enjoyed only for the girls anyways. Like for pic related.
Stop thinking too much, your brain is barely functioning as is.
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Neko a best. A BEST.

Aki a shit. A SHIT.

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It's Takashima Yuna's birthday today, January 11th. Not content with having two girls per incarnation she now has two lots of birthday art per year as well. For those who haven't caught up or aren't following NoWaYu, it was revealed that her birthday is January 11th, she's from Nara and her blood type is A.

January 11th is 'Kagami Biraki', literally 'Mirror Opening' but usually called 'Breaking of the Mochi'. On this day, mochi which was placed on an altar over the New Years holidays as an offering to the Gods is broken up with a hammer and eaten. 300 years ago, the fourth Tokugawa shogun gathered his lords the day before war to break open a sake cask. After they won it became a tradition, but mochi began to be used more than sake somewhere along the way.

Speculation wise, there's a lot of things about the ritual which jump out as possibly being relevant to Takashima, but there's too much content for an OP, so look below.

All content is in the Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV
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YuYuYu series listed under promoted titles for Dengeki Bunko's annual Spring festival 2017. Guess they're going to push the series harder now.
Taken from: http://www.aikidoda.org/aikidowebpages/seminarpdf/kagamidoc.pdf

'"Kagami Biraki," signifies the unveiling, or rather "breaking out," of the mirror (kagami - mirror,
biraki - breaking out). The mirror, of course, stands for the reflection of our true nature, the real self. Our hope is that with
each new year, the reflection will become truer to the original.'

The kagami mochi set has several parts, two flat rice cakes stacked on top of each other, an orange, konbu (kelp), two fern leaves that have there reverse sides displayed and a white sheet of paper.

The two mochi represent the yin and yang part of the 'mirror'. The orange and the oranges green leaves symbolise 'the continuity of spiritual teachings as they are passed down from parents to children' and 'the youthful
energy needed to ensure a productive future'. The kelp symbolises 'happiness'. Ferns represent peoples links to the past and the reverse of the leaves being shown symbolises 'the principle of ura shiro - the need to keep our reverse side (the one we are sometimes reluctant to show) as pure as the one we like to present to others'. The paper symbolises 'a "cloud in heaven" that carries us forward through this existence and elevates us to the next'. The plums on the flower arrangement used in the ritual symbolise that 'gentleness is what gives birth to the "fruit of life."'
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Looks like a child found this page and thought it was a coloring book.
What a bitch
but enough about your life story haha

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What was his masterpiece?
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End of Evangelion
Kare Kano
Evangelion or Shin Godzilla

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Space Dandy sold 200 times more than Flip Flappers.

I'm comparing them since they both have a very similar direction and were made by the same people.

>high quality animation
>each episode is a new adventure

How do you feel about this?
Why did flip flop?
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should i like flip flappers if i really liked space dandy?
No, you should watch Flip Flappers and then judge on your own.
Same staff but not the same director.

Space Dandy was made by Shinichiro Watanabe.

Flip Flappers was made by a newcomer.

At the end it all comes down to the director's vision.

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I'm happy Gintama's back, but I'm kind of done with all these non-stop serious arcs.
Let's have a Gintama thread about the older seasons, where we still had a multitude of comedy arcs/episodes.

I feel like watching some comedy parts back, recommend me some. What is your favourite comedy episode or arc?
Let's remember the good old days
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I love the arc where Kyubei is introduced, the toilet/sandpaper scene is one of my favorites in Gintama. Toilet humor done right.
Yes back in the days where even the serious arcs had a healthy mix of action and comedy not like now with buzz killer Utsuro

I still hasn't lost faith in the Kagura's boyfriend arc.

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I want to die and touch fluffy wings
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You're in luck. One of the most popular theories is that suicide is one of the requirements.
What would sex with a haibane be like?
Probably like normal but with fluffy wings.

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