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>trigger saves anime
>people still shitpost about it
Why is this allowed?
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sucy is best girl.
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Reminder that this is endgame.
I guess I'll maybe watch this.

I'll be okay if I skip the other episodes?

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This is a witch
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I'd fuck her real good
Shit show.

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Episode just aired, now waiting for subs
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The eternal anglo wins again

Our boy Gohan is back, 2017 will be a glorious year.
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Daily reminder that the quality of the anime has vastly increased because of the new Dragon Ball Room department.
Shueisha/V-Jump is now credited as Planning Coordinators at the end credits.
fucking space criminal think it can deal with mystic Gohan lol
I hope his bangs return next arc when he powers up or transforms.

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Episode in less than an hour

Akko is best
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>Akko is best
Damn straight. Get hyped, faggots.
Skirt physics.

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Sexiest JOKERS, but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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Why not? You can't possibly doubt Lady Pfle's abilities do you? Only someone like her could have risen so quickly to the top of HR!
>Sexiest JOKERS
That's not Tempest.
Nah man, Marika is definitely the sexiest.

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Videl is objectively the best girl and wife
You can't argue with this after the last episode
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>not superior Cocoa
Dear Diary,

Today OP was a faggot
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I put pineapple on my pizza becuase it IS a normal topping.
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>moe idol shit

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This will be the last Little Witch Academia thread before the new series premiers.

Are you ready for Trigger to save anime yet again, /a/?
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Gonna be shit and not worth watching for the animation either because at least 3 shows will be better in that aspect.

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>I was an average japanese salaryman, run over by a car and was reborn as the hyper powerful evil dragon!
>But I'm not actually evil I'm a super nice guy
>I killed the demon king in chapter 2
>Whoa who would have thought, I turned into a handsome human
>I'm going to buy a crippled slave to heal and resell her, because I'm suddenly not nice or something
>But I can't touch her, that'd be perverteeeeeed

Jesus christ, how does this garbage genre keep outdoing itself?
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>Someone out there unironically thought this was good writing.
Wish fulfillment is extremely successful in any form of fiction. Isekai just cuts the bullshit and gives us the opportunity to live vicariously through the relatable mc as he pursues fresh elf booty

Anime fans also tend to give less of a shit about repeated tropes than other mediums. Hell we like and expect that crap
>the relatable mc
There's the flaw in the formula.
The autistic motherfuckers who write the bottom of the barrel shit that makes a large portion of this genre couldn't write a relatable mc to save their lives.

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Let's all get comfy and draw waifus
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Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- wearing either of the three air-ship racing outfits in this album http://imgur.com/a/9l0Xg

- listening to, or singing, Love & Roll, by supercell. Maybe something cute of her dressed as an idol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVMGyjxW18Y – the song, if you care to listen to it

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Requesting Kuukaku Shiba
Larger Reference: http://imgur.com/a/Od5KU
-Dressed as Cass (http://imgur.com/a/rrTEd) while posing like Nobody (http://imgur.com/a/jrqdJ) with an amused look on her face.
Or anything is fine as long as she's smiling.
Have a nice weekend!
I would like to request Mai Natsume celebrating the new year by wearing a kimono (preferably with a floral pattern). E.g.:

Another suggestion is Mai in an open gift box wearing underwear or revealing clothes. Something along these lines:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

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You are now in a Holy Grail War, and have 30 minutes to find something inside your house that can be used as a catalyst to summon a servant.
What is the catalyst, and who's your servant?
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I could probably summon Medusa with my LoGH novels.
I can summon the Virgin Mary with my dick.
I have 4 Japanese swords so I guess I summon someone from the Saber class.

So maybe Musashi

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Let's put it to vote


I couldn't think of puns for a couple of names
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>using strawpoll instead of poal.me
You still voted for Mickey though
Witth 20 votes cast, Vitya has almost 50% of the votes with 9
Piggy is second with 6
Phichit has 2
There are a few stragglers and a Cao Bin hanging on at 1 each

Should we just call it now?

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Assume every school except Ooarai and Saunders (unless you count different iterations of Sherman as new) gets a new tank for Final, which tanks do you think they'll each get?

Surely helping defeat the university team is a noteworthy achievement and will see each school be granted some extra budget for a newer tank.

Let's speculate! We were told we'd see new tanks with Final you know.
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For St. Gloriana I'm expecting a cromwell or Valentine even though something more experimental would be way cooler
I want KMM to replace every tank with Maus.

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>it's a story about middle school lesbians divining the future using various fortune telling techniques from around the world

literally who is the target audience for this show?
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Me, specifically. I commissioned this show.
will this show teach me how to use the I-Ching properly?

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Help, every time I look at him I keep thinking of Ai.
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He's more cute than her.
Does your heart go doki doki?
It's ok. You're gay.
Why isn't he the MC?

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