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As a C.C.fag I'm so happy to have a based illustrator like CCreayus that give us beautiful C.C. art all the time.
I thank you, CCreayus, for being always there for us. I appreciate you so much.
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ccreayus appreciation thread? ccreayus is truly best girl
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ccreayus is so based

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emperor lelouch.jpg
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Was he really such a bad ruler? Besides the whole "take over the world" part, how was his reign not a massive improvement to those that came before him?
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He introduces the loli system, by which only little girls were allowed to take up positions of power anymore. So I think he was alright.
He literally enslaved his entire empire.
It doesn't matter because it was part of the keikaku anyway.

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Are you getting one, /a/non? Aren't you tired of the lonely nights?


The future of programmable waifus are here.
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The saddest yet cutest video Ive seen.
>can't fuck it
Can't wait for the male version.

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Will this also end up being a 50 episode piece of shit series like Twin Star Exorcists? What TV block is it airing on? It apparently teased an original character, so Sasuga Pierrot.
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Sounds like Psycho-pass with more self-insertion
I read the manga. It has a better story than Reborn for sure and the main character toughens up pretty quick. Even kills a dude in the latest chapter.
>Will this also end up being a 50 episode piece of shit series like Twin Star Exorcists?

I am happy we are getting 50 ep anime back

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Let's discuss DB stuff, like predicting Gohan's next power-up or which outfit was his best.
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reposting this because my dick love it

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Pretty good short but also very masturbatory

Mine's Haikyuu. 2nd place is Flip Flappers I thought FlipFlap would be my AOTY but it got kinda medioce with those last few episodes
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Not even best in its own season
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I could have.
I chose not to.

Best part of the doujin was the father rape, speaking from experience, its so hot. I'm a girl btw.
>I'm a girl btw.
hehe xd
more of a fucking (ugly) virgin than anyone on this board

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And this is what happens when you try to have friends
Never do it /a/
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jokes on you, I already have friends against my will
Implying that's not exactly what I want
Post the smiles you couldn't protect.

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How are kyoanuses still a thing when the studio has regressed so much since Hyoka?
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Hibike! was such a huge disappointment. Felt nothing in the end.
Aside from 2013 they've had at least one good thing every year, so I'm good.
Tamako Market is the last thing they've had that resembled a good show.

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2 new side chapters are out.

We have Vivian nipples
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Does she wear a bra?
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by the shape of those tits, absolutely not
She doesn't anon.
What a lacting harlot.

that's not how clothes work

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Bites the dust.png
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I'm glad Bites the Dust had such a trippy and cool looking effect.
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Part 5's translations updated again.

Green Day and Oasis is almost finished.

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>enabling ratings before it even airs

Truly the mark of a worthless website
>complaining about autism
>goes to a site to look at a score and posting a thread about it
It will have high rating regardless of the quality of work either way. Gintamafags always overrate their show.

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Earlier today, there was another fatal accident involving a truck.
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Yet another anime where truck-kun is best boy.
Is this Trump making Anime real?
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These Godless killing machines must be stopped

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What's the deal with the Gundam series?

Why are they all so dry and boring?

If someone on /a/ finds them entertaining, can you please explain the appeal?
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If you don't like them that's fine. This isn't /m/. Only the first one is a must-watch
>What's the deal with the Gundam series?
>Why are they all so dry and boring?
it's a toy commercial, nothing more
only autists are really into Gundam
That pretty much sums it up. It's fun watching people fling shit at each other over which ones are the best and how the recent ones are ruining the franchise when it's all garbage.

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